Leah immediately pulled out the sandwich she brought from the fridge discreetly

‘Not hungry? Ha! who was she kidding

Leah happily ate the sandwich
It wasn’t that she had a bad relationship with her mom, it was just that when their dad passed away, they were raised by nannies and never really enjoyed home,that didn’t mean they weren’t spoilt with whatever they wanted though.

It was only Dylan that grew up far from home.

“Young miss had refused to come Madam Viola, she claims she’s not hungry”

Vikki informed politely as she watched her madam calmly sip her tea unaffected and indifferently but the twitch of her fingers gave her emotions away

“I would go back and persuade her”

“Let her be Vikki”
Madam Viola stopped Vikki who shook her head inwardly

Her Madam had all it takes to bring her family back together but she just watches them drift apart more and more!

Vikki was sad
Madam Viola was a good woman, she deserved to be happy.

“I’m sorry Leah, I put you in trouble”
Georgia apologized sincerely
they were currently on a phone call

Leah giggled
“Gi it’s only been night and I’ve missed you a lot, don’t worry, I’m fine, it’s my fault for not being a professional robber”

Georgia laughed at Leah’s remark
Her best friend was such a vibe giver

“You need to start taking classes Maybe”
Georgia said

“mmm hmm, and who would be my teacher?

Leah asked and there was silence for a while

They both said and burst into a fit of laughter

In a game house, Ryan sneezed
“Who called my name?

“So Gi, my brother must have figured out you planned this, what did he do?

Leah asked feeling tensed but also waiting to hear

“Yeah he knows I’m the one”
Georgia said and Leah was filled with anticipation


“So nothing” Georgia uttered

“What do you mean nothing? He must have done something Gi”
Leah couldn’t believe it was as simple as that

Georgia rolled her eyes
‘of course there was something, Dylan made sure to exhaust her completely last night but she wasn’t about to tell Georgia that she had sx with her brother

Leah would tease her to de..ath before dusk!

“He did nothing, Leah”
Georgia stressed the ‘Nothing’

“Oh, is that so?
Leah was still doubtful but decided let it slide.

“Don’t worry Leah, you wouldn’t stay a week there, after all you have shoots to attend right?
Georgia consoled Leah with that and it was true

Leah was a model and there was no way she was going to be absent for a whole week without being called for a shoot.

She won’t even be staying there for a whole day.

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