Leah rolled her eyes, that was what she thought initially untill her manager called her only to inform her that she had a one week leave

She was shocked, who else would be the culprit if not Dylan!

“Gi, I’m on a one week leave”

Georgia was awestruck, it should be the handwork of Dylan, a model can’t get a week leave on a go, only Dylan would have the influence enough to make whoever was in charge to approve of it.

“It’s your opportunity to get fat Leah”
Georgia teased and Leah yelped

“Never Gi! Do you want me to get kcked out?

Georgia laughed, this was one of the reasons she admires Leah, she never makes use of her background to be arrogant and haughty

She follows the rules of the company she was signed under anytime and that was why she was loved and had much fans.



Georgia dressed in a fashionable milk coloured straight cut skirt, a White camisole and a milky blazer walked elegantly into the restaurant making anyone who she passes turn twice to steal a glance whether male or female

Georgia was led to the VIP quarter

Wasn’t it just to talk, why would Raymond book a VIP quarter?

Georgia thought puzzled.
wasn’t it all exaggerating stuff.

Nevertheless, she followed the waiter into the quarter and there Raymond was seated

More surprisingly for Georgia, it was just them in the quarter.
She felt something was amiss but too adamant to back out

Successfully leading the lady into the quarter, the waiter kindly bowed and left the two love birds together

The waiter thought this way because it was normally couples who book their VIP quarters and hence the reason for his imagination running wild.

Innocent Georgia calmly sat opposite Raymond

Now she was seeing him after a long time, he looked different from how he was before

He looked, stressed?
She wasn’t sure if that was the word but shrugged it off
It wasn’t her business anymore.

Raymond was overwhelmed by Georgia’s presence

He sized her up and she looked more beautiful and elegant with sharp features than before
She must be treated well as Dylan’s woman he thought
The thought made his blood boil but he calmed down

He shouldn’t do anything to scare her
He thought

“I’m glad you came Georgia”
Raymond said with a smile

If it was the past Georgia, she would have melted for the smile but not this Georgia, his smile made her stomach churn

Raymond was happy she came, he was actually surprised she humoured the invitation, was it because she hadn’t forgotten him and still had him in heart?

That must be it, after all, he was her fiance, they were about to get married

Why else would she agree to meet him after everything

It must be she still had feelings for him even though she had fucked Dylan

The thought brought happiness into his heart
It would make his plan easier.

But what Georgia said next shattered what he hoped for

“I only came to know why you did all you did, don’t get me wrong, I have moved on, I was only curious Raymond,

why didn’t you just cheat with my sister but had to set me up? What were you trying to achieve, what was your motive?

Raymond’s heart darkened
She had moved on? Ha! In her dreams

“There are plenty questions, I knew you would ask this and that’s why I decided we meet in a restaurant, can’t we eat first? I’ll tell you everything”

Raymond lied with a straight face

Georgia felt he made sense, to top it all she was also famished
Georgia nodded in agreement

She avoided the wine on the table, she didn’t want to get tipsy as she had low tolerance, going for the water, she poured herself a glass and gulped the water down

Unknown to her Raymond smiled mischievously when she drank the water.


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