“Did you notice our tycoon boss’s mood today?

A worker asked her colleagues as she shut down her system

“Don’t mention, I nearly peed on my pants when he came arrived looking like a grim reaper”

A man said as he recalled earlier in the morning where they were more scared of their boss than usual

Not only did he arrive late, something he never did before, he also looked as if he couldn’t wait to slaughter someone.

Ever since they had known their boss, though he had a cold nature, he never reveals his emotions this way. He was always calm and collected.

“Maybe his woman made him upset?
Another man said with uncertainty, he wasn’t really sure about his boss having a woman, even though he does, he doesn’t look like the type that would be affected by a woman. That’s ridiculous

The lady who brought up the topic snorted at her colleague’s statement

“Mr Donovan is still single, which woman would be able to get him? Boss must be mad at something else”

At her words, the two other colleagues rolled their eyes,

“you’re just jealous boss doesn’t notice you”
One said

They knew she had a secret crush on Mr Donovan
Actually, which woman in her right senses wouldn’t?

I mean, the man is handsome, well built, rich and at the same time cold and reserved.

He was literally every woman’s dream in LA.

Vanessa’s eyes dimmed
A woman in love truly can’t hide her feelings for so long
In one way or the other it would manifest, either through eye contact, actions and words.

She had had a crush on Dylan ever since her college days, she was from a wealthy background that could be counted as one of the top notch families in LA.

To what could be believed as a coincidence, she studied in the same college with Dylan but only she knows the real truth

After trying to get noticed by him during highschool she failed miserably, Dylan didn’t even look her way and only interacts with her when necessary as they were classmates

After graduation, she stalked him and made her parents send her to the same college as Dylan

As the only child of the Dereks, they made sure to spoil her so much that she never gets a no for an answer.

Her attempts to make him look her way were all pointless but the only hope she had was, in all her pursuit, she hadn’t seen him dating a girl and so she consoled herself that after all, nobody was more special.

Even after school, when she heard Dylan had taken over the Donovan enterprise, she quickly applied as the chief Secretary to Dylan.

She got the brains and with the help of connection through her mom’s friendship with Madam Viola, Dylan’s mom, she was immediately employed.

“Vanessa you’re daydreaming again”
The voice brought her out of her thoughts as if she was been splashed a bucket of ice water

It was Sarah, her friend in the company
“Let’s pack up fast, it’s getting late, we gotta movie to stream!

Sarah said as she crashed on the seat opposite Vanessa’s.

“Sure but first I need to give Mr Sterling these documents”
Vanessa uttered as she started gathering some documents together hurriedly

Sarah shook her head
“Vanessa you know this isn’t your job right?

“I know but I have to do it to avoid mistakes, this documents worth a fortune you know”
Vanessa made up a lame excuse, even if she had given the documents to someone else, it would still be the same thing. There was nothing to be cautious about.


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