Raymond occasionally stole glances at Georgia as they ate

Discreetly he flipped his wrist over gauging the time

He knew it would take at least 30 mins for the aphrodisiacs to start working and he was growing impatient already.

Georgia took her time eating, she confidently was at ease because Raymond wouldn’t try anything stupid in a restaurant

Even if it was a VIP quarter, the public quarter was not far from where they were and one single scream would alert them.

Calmly but not slowly, she ate her meal, she still needed to get answers and leave early if not, Dylan would tick off like a timing bomb for sure.

She was about grabbing a glass of water when her hands shook making her spill the water on the table

She apologized and tried to steady the glass but it spilled more with the glass falling with a crash sound

Gasping, she quickly stood up to avoid getting hurt by some shads but staggered

Raymond smiled inwardly, the long awaited moment was finally here

He feigned concern as he too stood up coming over to her side

“Are you alright Georgia”
He asked as he held her arm in concern to steady her movement

Georgia pulled her arms from him
“I’m fine” I guess
She whispered the last part as her vision began to go hazy

Raymond kept holding her as she swayed but Georgia pushed him away forcibly, she was beginning to get irritation by his concern.

Something was happening to her, she knew it, she felt it

“Let go of me!
She said harshly when Raymond tried to hold her for the umpteenth time

She needed to leave here right now, anywhere but here would be fine.

Raymond was beginning to get irritated at Georgia’s resistance

“Georgia for once stop being stubborn and let me help you with your body’s reaction!

Georgia froze as her brain shut down
He must have done something, his words says it all
This was never meant to be an innocent dinner.

With red and fierce eyes she turned to Raymond with a hateful glare

“What did you do, you bastard?!!
She shouted.

Raymond snorted as he watched her

He definitely did something!

“Help me!!! Anyone out there??
Georgia screamed with all her might disregarding her energy being drained

She heard Raymond chuckle
“It’s proof darling no one would here you”
Raymond informed

The VIP quarter was designed in such a way that the doors were proof, in order to give couples hundred percent privacy in case they decide to do naughty stuffs.

Georgia felt dread rise within her!
She shouldn’t have come here, why didn’t she listen to him!

Raymond right now looked menacing, she totally didn’t know this Raymond.

She tried to grab her phone and dial a number even though she knew it was almost impossible because Raymond watched her like a hawk right now.

“What do you think you’re doing?
Raymond boomed as he snatched her phone hurling it to the ground to Georgia’s ho..rror.

“Are you out of your mind?! Why on earth did you do that?
Georgia screamed as she swayed to the floor.


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