Raymond carried her up to the couch in the room despite her struggles

“Don’t do anything you’ll regret Raymond! you know I belong to Dylan now, if he finds out do you think you’ll live?!

Georgia shouted, trying to instill fear in Raymond, hopefully he would reconsider

“Heh! I don’t care anymore, I’ll have you Georgia, you’re only mine! what right did he have to sleep with you before me, I was your fiancee!

Georgia thought Raymond had finally lost it
“You’re ¢razy, who was the one who cheated on me with my sister and set me up?! get off me you son of a bch!!

Georgia struggled under Raymond who was keen on having sx with her.

In her struggles, she kcked his gro!n, in hopes of hurting him but Raymond Chuckled darkly as his gaze turned darker and lvstful

He had just been turned on like ¢razy and Georgia’s knee that kcked him down there made him more dmn hard.

Maybe because he hadn’t been more intimate with her when they were together coupled with how alluring and sxy she looked right now under him, bI.ood pumped to his lower region.

Her skin looked pale and milky, lips pink, hair scattered around the couch and her cheeks that were flushed due to the effect the drug was having on her.

She looked so hot and Raymond swore he would have her to the fullest.

Seeing Raymond distracted, Georgia grabbed a bottle of wine and smashed it on his head without hesitation

“Ahhhh! Raymond rolled of her, clutching his bI.ood dripping head in pain.

Georgia used that opportunity to run towards the door, even though Raymond was hurt, staggering and weak Georgia wasn’t a match for him and Raymond caught up with her before she could even reach the door.

Georgia cried out in pain as she felt her scalp hurt due to Raymond grabbing her hair as he dragged her back to the couch.
Tears streamed down her cheeks

‘Dylan I need you, save me’
Georgia chanted in her mind

Raymond sI.apped her hard in anger and blood dripped down the corner of her mouth due to the impact.

She fell backwards on the couch htting her head on the armrest.
She saw Stars as black dots appeared in her vision

The drug was having a fast effect as she couldn’t even lift a finger
Her body began reacting strangely

She felt hot especially her in her core

Raymond smiled when she began squirming uncomfortably
The aphrodisiacs had began it’s work

“Don’t fight it, it’s of no use, don’t worry I’ll satisfy you”
Raymond said lustfully and Georgia felt like retching, she would rather die than have Raymond inside her!

Georgia screamed when Raymond tore opened her camisole exposing her milky peaches in a b.ra.

Raymond sI.apped her again
“Shut up you slvt, you don’t get to call his name while under me!

Picking a glass shard from the broken wine bottle, she got ready to sIit her wrist but Raymond snatched it away from her weak hands

“Fk you Georgia, would you rather choose to die than have sx with me?!!!!!

He boomed,
was he that disgusting to her?!

Dylan paced around the IT hall like a raging lion while the few workers remaining in the IT hall kept pvnching away on their keyboards

Garfield who had just dropped his phone warily walked to his boss who was like a ticking bomb at the moment

“It isn’t connecting boss”
Garfield said or rather whispered

Dylan’s eyes blazed
“I know that! I’ve tried so many times!
He boomed

The IT workers nearly jumped up from their seats in fear
It’s been over 20 minutes they had been tracking a location.

If they don’t get it, they were very.sure they would be fired before dawn.

“G-Got it Sir”
Buzz often called wizard in the company due to his hacking skills informed in nervousness

“Show me”
Dylan immediately rushed to his desk and almost pushed wizard off his seat

“Garfield let’s go!
Dylan ran out of the hall like a mad man while Garfield follows suit.

The IT workers Could finally breath!
They wondered who was able to bring out those emotions they hadn’t seen in their boss before.

Instead of Garfield driving the boss, it was the other way round
Dylan drove like a maniac on the roads, he drove past his speed limit not minding the level of tickets that would heap on him by tomorrow.

What is a measly ticket compared to His woman who was definitely in trouble.

Her phone couldn’t be switched off for no reason!

Dylan swore if anything should happen to her, he would kll Raymond then and there!


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