HIS RUDE CHEF: Chapter 1 – 10

HIS RUDE CHEF: Chapter 1 – 10


By, Naomi Cindy B.


Philip Albert…a handsome man who just clocked twenty eight…CEO of AR group of companies in Paris

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He’s also a singer who performs alone, he gat the voice!, His stage name is Magic Voice (MV)

He wished for nothing than to live a happy life with his seven years old son .. Robin who was left for him by his wife

Stella is his wife’s name, she left Phil a month after she gave birth to Robin, no one knows why she left or where she went, not even Phil

And since then, Phil has been doing a great job in taking care of Robin till now, giving him everything he demands for which turned him to a rude spoilt brat even at seven

And because of what his wife did to him, he has this burning hatred for women, he believes they’re all betrayers and can’t be trusted..

Robin as a spoilt kid got tired of all the maids in the house one day and told his dad to fire them all

Phil carried out his orders by truly firing all the ten maids

Then he decided to hire only one chef, a competent one from the school of nutritionists

A competition occurred between those who are interested and only a person got picked by spoilt Robin

Her name is Melanie Fontana…a girl with a gorgeous tempting body but she gat much hatred for guys and men…. even everyone

Why is she like that?

Let’s give a tip… it’s because she was a victim of rappe when she was sixteen, making her life miserable

People who are aware of the rappe case make jest of her behind her back, they dare not speak in front of her.. she hits

But still, she’s the most miserable girl you’ll ever find on Earth, never smiles, hates being around guys or men..

She gets violent anytime they’re close to her cos she imagines all guys as rappists so guys who know about her stay away from her

Her mum (Susan) works as a cleaner at AR group of companies, her dad has been in a vegetative state in the hospital since six years ago, he hasn’t woken up since then..

He’s living with the aid of a life supporting machine and Melanie works hard in her various part time jobs, spends a lot monthly just to stabilize the machine..

She has a pretty sister, her name is Valerie…an high school student

Will Melanie last in the house of Phil with rude Robin?

Will she get over her miserable life?

Will Phil’s philosophy about women change?

Are all women really betrayers?

What will happen next?

Wait…. better get your popcorns..

This story will be a blast..

You have to read it from the beginning to the end.

Naomi Cindy 💜


HIS RUDE CHEF: Chapter 1 – 10


By, Naomi Cindy B.


Philip Albert’s mansion**

Philip came out of the bathroom, wet from the bathing water

He has only a white towel wrapped on his waist

Some of his wet hair sticked to his face, it made him look more hot!

And his abs is one of a kind, the kind any lady will want to sleep on every night

He dried his body with another white towel before creaming gently with his special skincare products, making him glow more

He proceeded to drying his hair and styling it without bangs…

He entered his dressing room and opened the big closet, he thought of the colour combination that’ll make a hot swag

He closed his eyes and opened it

He picked a blue shirt and black trousers…

He dressed up and picked a pink tie, striped blue

He put on the shoe that just arrived this morning from a Craftsman in Dublin

Worth millions of dollars

He came back into the room and sprayed himself with cologne, his favorite perf

He used lip balm and checked out himself in the mirror

Handsome!, No, more handsome

He smiled lightly and is about to take his phone when he started hearing crashes from Robin’s room

He closed his eyes and opened it again

“I thought this morning is gonna be peaceful” he mumbled before going out of his room

He walked to Robin’s room and Immediately he entered, a pillow landed on his face

It’s Robin who’s at it again

He’s busy throwing things across all angles of the room

Four maids are in there with him but they can’t even seem to control him

He’s wearing only a singlet and a short knicker…

“Robin” Philip said but he kept throwing things

His whole room is a mess

“He says he doesn’t want to wear uniform to school today, he says he wants to wear anything besides uniform” one of the maids said

Philip sighed and walked closer to Robin

“Robinson” he said calmly

“No dad, I won’t take any cajoling, I’m not wearing my uniform to school today but these maids won’t listen!” He cried

” How many times do I have to tell you not to use swear words again, Rob you’re still a kid” Philip said, bending in front of him

” I’m not a kid anymore, I’m an adult, I’m seven years old so you can’t address me as a kid” he yelled

“That again….I’m going to go crazy at this rate” Philip said , breathing hard

” Dad do something, I can’t wear this tacky uniform to school today” Robin pouted again

” But nothing is wrong with it ” Philip said

” It’s outdated already, you can talk to the school management to change our uniform right?, And also, I really need to change my style today , I have a crush in school already” he said

The maids giggled

” Crush?, What do you know about crush?” Philip said

” I’m not a kid so you don’t expect me not to know, so will you let me dress casually to school today?” Robin asked cutely

” Daddy…..

“Ok fine” Philip said and faced the maids

“Dress him up…

” No, fire them dad, they disobeyed me” Robin said

The three maids gasped and went on their knees immediately

“Young master please” they pleaded

” Robin..

“Dad you promised to do whatever I want” Robin said, pretending like he’ll cry

Philip breath hard again…

” You three are fired” he said

The three maids stood and left quietly

“I’ll call another maid to dress you up and rearrange your room” Philip said

” No, I want you to dress me up daddy” he replied

“Can you stop being one little trouble?” Philip said

” Dress me up already” Robin replied and widened his arm

Philip smiled

No matter how troublesome he is, he’ll still remain the source of his happiness, he pecked his cheeks

He opened his closet and brought out a white shirt and a red coloured trousers with same colour of jacket

“No, I don’t like the combination, I prefer gold coloured trousers and jacket, that’ll be more fashionable” Robin said

Philip picked the colour he wanted and dressed him up

“All done” he said after spraying him…

“No” Robin said, picking his face cap

Philip helped him wear it to the front but he removed it and made it face the back

“This is what I’m talking about” he said and winked

“Just don’t kill me before my time” Philip said, leading the way out of the room

The three maids are gone already, leaving twelve maids in the house

“If anyone fucks up , firing follows” Robin said as he settled down for breakfast with his dad…


“Miss Melanie, why are you doing this to yourself?, You should just let’s disconnect the machine, he has been in that state for six years, haven’t you lost hope?* The doctor said to Melanie who’s standing some meters away from him

Distances from men and guys matters a lot to her

*No doctor you can’t do that, I still have a lot of hope left, father will still wake up even if it takes ten years, the money for this month stabilization, I’ll make sure to pay it on Friday, please don’t disconnect the machine I beg you” she said

She doctor sighed…

“If you insist” he said

“Thanks doctor” she replied gladly

She came out of the office with an heavy heart

It’s not sure if she’s gonna get the money before Friday, in fact, she has no hope but she still hopes

She’s a student of Unique school of nutritionists, a finalist and one of the best students

Today is Sunday, that’s why she’s not in school

She has three part time jobs

A server at a coffee shop from twelve to two, an attendant at a gas station from two to four,…then a store attendant from four to six….

A hard miserable life is what she’s living, together with a stigma that has refused to go…

She entered her dad’s ward and Valerie rushed to meet her

Valerie is her sis…

“What did the doctor say?” She asked quickly

Melanie smiled lightly

“He’ll give us till Friday to pay for the machine stabilization this month” she replied

” Friday?, How will it be possible?” Valerie said

“It’ll be possible” Melanie replied

“I can just get a part time job too Melanie, I’ll work at a saloon or a drycleaner shop to help save up the money” Valerie said

” I said it’s ok, isn’t it enough that I’m already doing three part time jobs together with my school work?, Isn’t it enough that mum is already working as a cleaner?, And you’re saying you want to work part time too?, No Valerie, you can’t do that” Melanie said

” But…

“Valerie!!, I said no!!!, Even if it means giving my life, I’ll provide the money and also provide for your needs, I promise, just trust me and concentrate on your books” Melanie said, tears brimming at the corner of her eyes

” Sis” Valerie said and hugged her, crying too

“I wonder when all this will end, I can’t stand you suffering anymore” she said

Melanie glanced at their dad who’s sleeping like a corpse on the bed, the machine is beeping silently

“When will you wake up?” She thought, finally letting her tears fall..


Philip got down from his car in front of his company and eventually went in, his guards trailing behind him and his manager beside him

Well a female is her manager, her name is Kat…yes he dislikes women since Stella left, but maybe they’re close because she has been his manager even before Stella left him

“The Current gists magazine printed something about you” Kat said

“What again this time around?” He asked without looking back

“Asking when you’ll perform on stage again…. singing” Kat replied

They entered the elevator

The guards are gone now

“I have no plans to sing again, they should better scrap the shit” he said as if singing has done something bad to him before

Since Stella left, he lost his inspiration for singing…

“But it’d really be nice if you can sing again” Kat said

He faced her

” Don’t expect too much” he said as the elevator got to their floor

He entered his office, ignoring the greetings of his staffs as usual

Kat smiled admiringly

“How mean” she said before entering her office…



Melanie entered the store, her third part time job everyday

“Always at the right time” the store owner said

She’s a plump woman who’s too stern, she’s sitting on a chair with a bowl of noodles in front of her

Melanie only bowed in greetings

She dropped her bag in the locker room and came back, wearing the shop uniform already

The other two attendants stared at her as she stood at her own stand , attending to customers

“This will be ten thousand dollars” she said, ringing up some items

“I hate her, she’s too proud for my liking” one of the other attendants said

” I wonder how she still manages to be proud and rude despite the fact that she got raped at sixteen” the other one said

Melanie heard it all

Her whole body is already shaking in anger

“If I were her, I’d be using a shawl to cover my face everywhere I go, how shameless” the first one said

It got to the peak, Melanie can’t take it anymore…

She dropped the scanner and rushed to the two girls

She grabbed their hair and pulled it hard

She hit their heads together and they winced in pains

The customers in line gasped

Madam plumpy stood, finally leaving her plate of noodles

“Melanie!” She shouted

But Melanie is not ready to stop

” Is it my fault that I got raped?, Is it!, What if it was you guys?, What if!, I don’t care if you lose your hairs, it’s unfair to taunt other people with their flaws… and it’s not even my fault you useless bitches!” She yelled and hit their heads on each other again, pulling their hair more

Madam plumpy finally got to her

“Let them go or I’ll call the cops!” She yelled

Melanie let them go reluctantly, breathing heavily

“Now get out of my store and never come back!” Madam plumpy said and went into the locker room

She brought out her bag and threw it at her…


With tears in her eyes, Melanie walked home, even when it started raining, she never hid from the raid despite the fact that she easily gets cold

“I’m just….. useless” she kept saying till she got home, shaking badly..

” Melanie!” Her mum said immediately she entered their small house

She ran to her with Valerie

“Mum” she said slowly

“Daughter, why did you enter the rain?” Susan said , looking at her face

Even when sad, she’s still so pretty…

“I got fired from the store” she said slowly..

“Come with me sis, I’ll help you change” Valerie said

“No, I can manage” she replied, entering the room she shares with Valerie

Valerie looked at Susan

“They must have gossiped about the case again and she must have beat someone up” Valerie said sadly

” My poor daughter” Susan said pathetically…


Philip came back from work with Kat and immediately Robin saw her, he rolled eyes at her

He just hates her, to him, she looks like an owl

“What’s she doing here dad?” He asked, standing up

Philip carried him and pecked him

” I forgot some files , and I need to give it to her to work on” he replied

Robin looked at Kat again and smirked

” Eaten?” Philip asked

“You know I’ll never eat alone without you” he replied

” Alright boy, I’ll go change upstairs and come back so we can eat together” Phil said and dropped him

” Kat, I’ll be back with the files” he said and went upstairs

Kat sat and looked at Phil till he’s out of sight

Robin kept looking at her

“I feel uneasy with that madam owl-eyes around” he muttered before rushing upstairs


Philip got changed and is about to grab the files when his eyes caught something on the bedstand

One of the stickers stickers Stella loves collecting when she was still here

It’s sticked to the stand

He went there and almost cried but stopped himself

He removed the sticker

“Since you left me without any reason!, Then I have no reason to miss you or remember you!” He said and tore it to pieces

“Yes, all women don’t deserve trust, and they’re the same” he said seriously and stood

Robin came in immediately

“Do you like madam owl-eyes?” He asked Straight

“Madam owl-eyes?”

“Kat” Robin replied

“Like?, All women are same just like your mum so I have no reason to like anyone” he replied

” Yeah, all women are like mother who left me, I forgot your philosophy… thanks for reminding me” Robin said and rushed back downstairs..

He kept looking at Kat

“Any problem Robinson?” She asked

“I just don’t like you, I’ll rather like my dog” he said


” Don’t be surprised, but I know what you feel for my dad, I know you like him cos anytime you both are together, you’re always staring at him with your owl-eyes” he said

” You’re still a kid Robin, you know nothing” Kat said

” You just made a mistake cos I’m not a kid, I’m seven years old, and for calling me a kid, I hate you more” he said

“I’ve heard of your rudeness but I never knew it’s as bad as this” Kat said, feeling embarrassed

Robin sighed and dipped his hands in his pocket

“If you open that door and walk down the corridor, you’ll find numerous toilets” he said

” Meaning?”

” Enter anyone you like and vomit all the feelings you have for my dad” he replied , raising a brow

” What!, Robin!” Kat said…

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