HIS RUDE CHEF: Chapter 11 – 20

HIS RUDE CHEF: Chapter 11 – 20


By Naomi Cindy B


“I touched her again” Philip thought, still holding his chest after dropping the bowl of cakes on the dinning table

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He looked at his hand and sighed

“Dad?” Robin called

“Son” he replied, coming back to his senses

“Any problem?” Robin asked

“Oh… No boy” he replied

“But chef will never leave without putting me to bed, and besides, she ran” he said worriedly

” Stop worrying, she’s ok, maybe she’s just…. Tired, you don’t want to stress chef too much right?” Philip asked

” Yes” Robin replied

” Then let her be, you’ll see her tommorow morning” Philip said

” Ok dad, which movie are we watching?, It’s been long since you watched a movie with me” Robin said, sitting on the couch

Philip took the bowl of cakes and joined him on the same couch

“Let’s watch…. The little mermaid” Robin said

” Agreed” Philip replied, inserting the disk

He came back to sit and they sat back to watch the movie while eating pancakes…

Philip’s mind kept roaming around what just happened

He touched his chest again

“What’s this?” He asked himself silently

Robin is into the movie and won’t stop smiling

“Dad, Princess Ariel really risked her life to meet the human she loves, Ursula the witch wants her sweet voice before she can help her” Robin suddenly said

” Did she give it? ” Philip asked

” But we’re watching it together” Robin said

” Oh” he said, he’s barely concentrating

“I’m feeling sleepy already, dad let’s watch the remaining part tommorow” Robin said and yawned as his naturally long lashes hugged each other, he fell asleep Immediately

Philip carried him after putting off the TV

There’s only a piece of cake left in the bowl

They really ate a lot, he took him to his room and put him to sleep, he left the room after pecking him

He passed by Melanie’s room and stood for a while

He thought of asking if she’s ok but he decided against it and went into his room

He fell heavily on the bed…


Melanie tried hard to stop palpitating but it’s just hard too

She was really scared back then, scared about what she could have done to him if their eyes had met

She sat on her bed, hitting her chest then she remembered something

“Wait i dropped the pancakes bowl on his hand, on my boss’s hand?, I’m so dead, what if he gets angry cos of that?, What if he does?” She thought and knelt, dipping her face into her bed

“Melanie you’re done for” she lamented

She barely slept till daybreak, thinking if she’ll get fired or not

She got off bed early to cook breakfast and she decided to make the enchiladas very tasty

She cooked with all her experience and when it’s done, she waited for when they’ll come down

She stood in the dinning room and kept looking at the stairs

It was Robin who came downstairs first


” Chef you didn’t put me to bed last night, I missed you throughout the night” he said sadly

” Oh dear, I’m sorry, I was just too too tired” she replied, bending in front of him

” Dad said that too…so how’re you feeling now?” He asked

“I feel better” she replied with a big smile

He hugged her

” Please don’t get sick, I don’t want you to go to the hospital again” he said

Melanie smiled big

” I won’t” she replied

She heard footsteps coming downstairs and slowly broke the hug

Philip came to view and he strangely feels happy to see her

She took a bow

“Good morning boss” she said quickly

He’s about to reply when she went on her knees and bowed, making her forehead touch the ground

“Mr Albert please don’t fire me, I’m sorry for dropping the plate of cakes on your hand last night, I’m sorry for not putting Robin to bed, I’m sorry for everything Mr Albert” she said, still in that position

Robin and Philip looked at her in surprise

” Why will I fire you?” Philip said slowly

She slowly looked up

” Sir?”

” I caused it so you did nothing wrong, and you need to stand up” he said

” Can I really?” She said

” Stand up chef” Robin said

She stood reluctantly

“I smell something nice” Philip said, walking to the dinning

Robin followed him behind and she followed too

She served them and they ate with great appetite

“Chef, you can’t leave this house ok?” Robin said

Melanie smiled

” Why?”

” If you leave, I won’t eat, other food are tasteless” he replied amidst a mouthful of his food

Philip smiled

“I won’t” she replied

Her eyes met with Philip and she quickly entered the kitchen

“Coming” she said hurriedly as she entered

Philip felt his chest again

“I feel strange” he thought…


Lighthouse highschool**

Valerie entered her class and took her seat hurriedly beside Lillian as all the students stared at her

Thanks to her mum who washed her uniform yesterday

“Your line was not going through yesterday” Lillian said

” I caught the flu” she replied

“I knew it, sorry baby, fk Dwayne” Lillian said

Dwayne entered the class and took his seat grumpily as usual

Darien entered after him, seems they’ve been having a conversation before

He went straight to Dwayne’s seat and held his collar, making him stand

“A melodrama is coming up” Lillian said silently

“How dare you call my mum a bch!” Darien ranted

“Cos she’s a bch!, I don’t want to go to America but she’s influencing dad and telling him to send me there!, Why must my life always be lived for me!, Why is it that you and your mum are always after my joy!” He yelled back

” Cos you don’t deserve joy!, Do you get that?” Darien replied in same manner

” She wants me to go to America like an exile right?, An exile I’ll never come back from cos she wants you to be the only one who takes over dad’s company… and you know what?, I’m not in any way interested in the companies so just tell your bchy mother to leave me alone!!” Dwayne spat

That costed him a punch on his face from Darien

“Stop calling my mother bchy” he said angrily

Dwayne pushed him away from himself and touched his lips, it’s bursted already with blood on it

He left the class silently

“Fk you Dwayne!” Darien shouted after him, taking his seat

“It’s strange that Dwayne didn’t fight back this morning” Lillian said

” It seems he’s really going through a hard time” Valerie said

“Ion care” Lillian replied

Valerie stood

“Where to?” Lillian asked

“I’ll be right back” she replied and left the class..


Dwayne walked down the hallway with bursted lips and red eyes

He’s always miserable and he’s used to it

Whitney crossed his way

“Hey I heard you got punched by Darien” she said

He kept mute, staring into space

” Your lips” she said and tried to touch it but he slapped her hand away

He made to go but she pulled him back by the arm and brought out a patch from her pocket

She put the patch in his pocket

“For your bursted lips” she said

He brought it out of his pocket and threw it down

“Touch me again and it won’t end well” he said seriously and snapped his hand out of her grip before walking away

“Always harsh, I wonder why I fell hard for him, well he’s handsome” Whitney thought, going back to class…

Dwayne went straight to the school garden and sat on a fallen tree branch

He cried a lot and never bothered to wipe it as it continued falling, it hurts too much

To see your life getting controlled when you’re not dead

He heard movements behind him and looked back

It’s the retarded girl

Valerie looks shocked to see him crying cos he doesn’t look like someone who can cry

She came to his front and he tried to stop crying

“What?, Are you here to collect my tears?’ he said, sniffing

She kept quiet and continued looking at his teary face

“Go away” he said , wiping his tears with his arm

“You’re weak” she said

“I just told you to go away!” He yelled

“I’ll go away but after saying what I want to say….. If you keep going like this, you’ll end up hurting yourself, excess hatred hurts, stop transferring aggression on innocent people, face the real people behind your miserable life” she said

He stood and grabbed her arm, squeezing his hand round it

“Ouch!” She whimpered

“You’re not in the place to tell me what to do!, Fk off!” He said and left

She looked at her arm, the area where he held has become red as a result of the tightness

“He’s suffering, a lot” she said

She came out of the garden and entered the washroom to wash her hands

Darien sighted her and entered too

“This place belongs to the girls” she said

“I know, I’m not blind, I came here to get your number” he replied, bringing out his phone with a cunning smile on his face

” My number?”

” You heard me right, give me your number” he said, pointing his phone at her

” I’m not interested” she replied and tried walking away but he blocked her way

“I never take no for an answer” he said

“And I love distancing myself from je.rks” she replied

” That’s not true, if it’s true then why were you talking to Dwayne in the garden?, He’s a bigger j.erk” Darien said

“out of my way” Valerie said

“your number first” Darien replied

Lillian entered the place Immediately

“Bloody son of a dog” she said, pushing him away

Valerie went behind her

” Oh, the always stern Lillian, I was just talking to her and nothing more” Darien said

” You can go talk to your mother” she replied and pulled Valerie out of the washroom

” I told you to avoid him”

“Well I did that but he came on his own” Valerie replied

They entered the class and settled down for the day

Valerie concentrated this time around

“Melanie’s effort can not waste” she thought, listening with rapt attention…



Melanie felt so exhausted after the day’s class

She gets tired easily these days maybe cos of the three days rest

And also, she’s having a slight headache

She branched at the pharmacy and bought drugs for the headache before going home

She fell on the couch and rested for a few minutes first before going upstairs, forgetting her bag which contains the drugs…

She got to her room and took a quick shower first

She came out of the bathroom in only her towel and found out she had left her bag downstairs

“How will I go downstairs to take it?, I’m just tired” she thought, yawning and holding her head

Since she’s the only one at home, she head downstairs in only her towel which stopped just at the middle of her thighs

She got the bag from the couch and took the drugs

She went to the freezer and took a bottle of water

She gulped down the drugs with it and while returning the bottle into the freezer, the door pushed open, revealing Philip

His eyes took over his face at what he’s seeing and he didn’t realize when his phone slipped off his hand and fell on the floor

She looks like an hot model going for a cream advert in only that towel

And her hair is still wet badly, that added to the hotness and he can’t help but stare

He actually came home for his tablet since he forgot it but here he is, seeing something else

Melanie in turn can’t believe he’s here by this time

She stared down at herself and looked back at him, he’s still staring

She wrapped her arms on her chest and ran upstairs like flash

Philip dabbed his face with his palm

“What was that?”

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