HOLLYWOOD WIFE: Episode 21 – The End


(She’s a crzy strpper)

From TC

?Episode 28?

(Final Episode)

Three Years Later

Jeremy’s POV

‘Sophie drop the glass down now!!!’..i screamed as I looked up from my laptop and saw my daughter holding my glass award for best Movie of the Year..

She dropped it slowly and then stared at me blankly..

I stared back at her and oh God here it comes..

‘Mommy!!!!’…she cried out and slumped to the ground crying vigorously…

‘Shhhh’..i whispered trying to make her calm down but instead she made things worse..

Okay I love my two year old daughter but sometimes she could be a royal pain..

‘Mommy!!!’..she cried out again and a sleepy Khris came out yawning..

‘Just two minutes guys,just two minutes of sleep that was all I asked for after a long night and this is how you guys are?!!’..she said yawning again. ..

I smiled as I gazed at her round figure with her big belly protruding…

Yeah we’re expecting our second child. ..

Well after this child I’m done with kids…

Sophie alone is enough to make a grown man cry..

‘Well your daughter started it she almost broke my award babe’..I muttered raising up my hands in defence…

‘It’s a lie mommy!!!,Dad slapped me’..Sophie lied and I gasped.

Before I could scold her she ran away laughing…

‘Come here you!!!’..I screamed and wanted to run after her but Khristine held me back..

‘Ohhh leave Sophie and her escapades come help me rub my feet,I feel sore’..she said and I smiled….

‘And then after that we could….

‘Don’t even think about it,come on superstar,your Hollywood wife and baby needs you in the bedroom now!!’..she screamed and tugged me …

Well our story was a rather short one…

But worth it anyway …



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