Pinky Preshy Chioma

Episode 18

Aliyah’s Pov:

I was still fast asleep when I heard her tiny voice crying.

How cute…

You know sometimes I really love hearing her cry but you know what I said right?

Sometimes not all the time cos she’s fking giving me issues right now.

She won’t let me take a goodnight rest at least.

I glanced at the wall clock.

It was past 1am in the morning.

Arya was still crying and kicking her little legs.

I quickly carried her out from her cradle bed and she stopped crying and smiled even if tears rolled down her cheeks..

I smiled too.

She’s such a naughty baby girl.

I picked up her feeding bottle filled with baby milk and fed her as she suckled the milk.

“You really have to go to bed Arya so Mom can get some sleep to be strong in the morning” I spoke to her like she could hear me.

She only looked at me and continued suckling her milk.

Then I noticed a birthmark on her neck….

It was a dark spot just on her neck.

Tears circulated in my eyes and poured down slowly.

Actually Arthur too has the same birthmark on his neck.

So much resemblance….

I quickly wiped off my tears.

I have to be strong for my baby girl so I shouldn’t even shed a tear for Arthur cos I don’t think he is worth it.

Not after betraying me.

Should I even call that betrayal?

I think my dad is the betrayer himself cos he architected all this….

He was my dad but not anymore.

The only family I have left is my little Arya and myself.

“I will surely give you a good life that you desire my princess” I planted a kss on her forehead.

She was already fast asleep so I covered her feeding bottle and laid her back in her cradle before turning off the table lamp and snoring off.


Arthur’s Pov:

I walked into my room and saw her already lying on the bed giving me a seductive smile.

I sighed as I kssed my teeth before taking off my wrist watch.

“Baby you should refresh so that we can….” she licked her lips.

“in your widest dreams” I clicked my tongue before walking into the bathroom.

“What does she think in the first place? That am going to come close to her?” I snorted within myself.

My mom forced me to marry which automatically means that she is married to my mom and not me.

I took a quick warm shower before walking out of the bathroom with a towel tied around my waist.

I didn’t even look at her as I got dressed..

She must be nursing some stupid ideas that am actually getting prepared for her.

She must be such a joker!

The only reason I even said I do with her at the church is because of my child else…. Heck no! I wouldn’t dare do that.

Immediately I was done dressing,,, I walked closer to the bed.

“Baby when and where are we going for honeymoon?” She shrieked in excitement.

“What honeymoon?” I replied her with a hoarse voice.

“Don’t you know what honeymoon means?” She asked.

“For your information young lady there is no honeymoon as a matter of fact if you are so excited then you can go ahead and go for honeymoon alone and by yourself I don’t give a fk” I groaned as I quickly picked my pillow up.

She arched her eye brows in confusion.

“Where are you going to?” She asked sharply.

“To bed Natasha….I hope you do same” I advised.

“Bed? But this bed will be able to accommodate both of us like you and I” She cried out.

” I’d rather sleep at the guest room…thank you” I said slamming the door noisily.

Gosh….. She’s so desperate!


Natasha’s Pov:

I burst into tears as he left the room.

We just got married and am already crying huh?

What kind of marriage is this?

Hot tears pricked my eyes and rolled down.

This is worst than he.ll when will he ever forget that crazy girl.

Am carrying his child too but he can not even take good care of me and the baby.

I hugged the pillow as I cried bitterly.

The worst wedding night ever!..

This was never how I dreamt my wedding night will be….

So boring!



“Are you being serious here girlfriend?’ My girlfriend asked as she sipped the orange squash.

“Am so worried girl…. He doesn’t even care about me neither does he care about the baby in my womb…. Worst still he even sleeps at the guest room” I cried.

“What? This is really getting out of hand my dear friend” She clapped her hands in a gossip manner.

“Honestly I don’t know what else to do cos am so confused and I feel so rejected” I cried as she hugged me tightly…

“You shouldn’t stress yourself out” She consoled me.

Unknown’s Pov:.

“Boss the stuffs are ready’?” The boys told me as I nodded my head with a smile.

I was putting on a golden hat.

I took off the hat and scratched my head a little before putting it on again.

“I will be giving you her address…. I want you guys to deliver this stuffs to her” I ordered.

“Anything you say boss” They chorused.

“Good and please don’t ever tell her who sent those else you will all pay with your lives” I made my empty threat.

They nodded as they carried the stuffs away.

Do you wanna know who I am?

Don’t worry I will definitely tell you….




I am the UNKNOWN!


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