Pinky Preshy Chioma

Episode 72

Aliyah’s Pov:

Leo and I walked into the hospital ward where Arya was lying on the bed.

She was holding a teddy bear next to her chest and she was fast asleep.

“Where the fk have you been Aliyah?” Dora asked as she walked towards me.

I opened my mouth to talk but then I closed it back immediately.

What exactly should I tell her?

That I slept over at Leo’s and we pecked each other.

Then I found myself fast asleep on his bed then he came in with breakfast in bed.


I don’t think that’s a good idea!

“That shouldn’t be the issue right now…. How is she doing?” Leo changed the topic.

“She’s a lot better now” Dora smiled as we walked closer to the bed.

“I can’t wait for this bandage to be taken off her face” I started with a smile.

“Honestly I’ve missed her pretty face a lot! Whoever it was that wanted to ruin in her beauty face must be a de.mon” Leo said as we shared a laugh.

“All these wouldn’t have been possible if not for you Leo…. Thank you so much for making my daughter beautiful again” I thanked him immensely.

“She’s my daughter too have you forgotten?” Leo said as I smiled.

“According to the doctor before the week runs off her bandage will be taken off” Dora said as I jumped for joy.

“That’s a very good news” Leo and I chorused.


Stranger’s Pov:

I wore the Janitor’s dress as I put on a nose mask and headed straight to the hospital ward.

I hope no one sees my face….

Am sure they won’t see my face since I have a mask on my nose.

With the Janitor’s dress they will think am a hospital Janitor.

I have to very fast before they notices that Janitor’s absence.

With the mop and bucket I headed straight into the ward.

“Ward 178” I muttered as I walked straight into the ward.

Thankfully no one was inside the ward….

I saw the young girl lying on the bed unconsciously.

I smirked mischieviously as I brought out the syringe from my pocket.

I looked around to make sure no one was watching me.

I still didn’t take off the nose mask so no one would see my face.

Even if there is a CCTV camera in the ward…. They won’t be able to recognize me.

I brought out a small medicine bottle and inserted the syringe into the bottle as I extracted the medicine from the bottle.

I quickly injected the girl with the syringe…..

Then I hid back the syringe when someone walked into the ward.

“Who are you? What are you doing here?” It was a lady’s voice.

That must be the girl’s mother!

“Uhmm… Ma’am I was assigned to clean the patient’s room” I lied with my face bowed on the ground.

“What nonsense? Why then did you go close to her bed? Do you want to infest her with your disease?” She sounded so rude that I wanted to talk back at her.

But no! That will draw more attention thereby making them find out who I am.

“Am sorry ma’am” I said as I headed straight out of the ward.

What’s important is that I have done what I came here for.

“Mission accomplished!” I smirked.

I rushed back into the store room and took off the dress before leaving the premises immediately.

“Everything is done” I spoke into my phone hopping into the car.

“Good…. You can come over for your balance” She said as smiles escaped my lips.

“Right away ma’am” I chuckled before hanging up.


Mrs Roselyn’s Pov:.

“How did you find me Vanessa?” I asked Pearl’s Mom who came to see me.

“Come on Rosey! That shouldn’t be the question right now” She started.

“So what should be the question if not what I just asked you?” I said as I sipped my wine.

“Roselyn… I know how you feel based on your daughter’s death and….” she started.

“No Vanessa! That is where you got it all wrong” I scoffed.

“What do you mean Roselyn?” She widened her eyes in confusion.

“What I mean is that you don’t understand how i feel so stop saying you know exactly how I feel when you don’t” I sounded annoyed.

“You need to calm down Roselyn! She didn’t just pass away today or maybe last year! We are talking about thirteen years ago” Vanessa said.

“I don’t care how long it happened…. Infact I don’t want to know how long it has been what’s important is that we are talking of my only child here” I cried out.

“Roselyn she can’t be brought back to life again…. Aliyah is dead and gone for good and we can’t do anything about….” She said as I quickly stood up in anger.

“Shut up!” I shouted in tears.

“Roselyn?” She called me in surprise.

“You have no right to tell me how long I should mourn my child… You have no freaking right to tell me that I should forget about the only child I have in this whole world… You have no right to tell me that she should die in my heart as well…. You have no right to dictate what I should do with my life Vanessa” I screamed to her amazement.

“Roselyn please calm down…. All am saying is that you shouldn’t have left your husband all alone to himself” She tried speaking.

“Did he ask you to come talk to me so that I can come back to that miserable mansion of his?” I sneered.

“No he didn’t…. I was just looking out for you as a friend” She snapped.

“Go tell him that he should live with his fame and riches” I said.

“That’s too harsh Roselyn! No matter what happens he is still your husband and the father of your child” She mildly said.

“The child he caused her death?” I scoffed.

“He didn’t really do anything like that! He didn’t know she was going to die” She tried to cover up for him and that got me annoyed the more.

“Get out of my house Vanessa!” I screamed.

“What?” She widened her eyes in shock.

“I said you should get out of my house” I repeated yelling.

“You mean….” She stuttered.

“I said outtttttttttt” I yelled again as she quickly picked up her handbag and walked reluctantly out of the door.

“And slam my door close” I said as she walked away slamming the door.

Why would she speak of my only child in such a manner???


Gregory’s Pov:

I paced around impatiently waiting for Vanessa to come back.

Oh God!

I pray she’s able to change my wife’s mind so that she will come back to me.

I really miss her terribly.

The house have become my worst nightmare ever since she left.

How I wish I could turn back the hands of time then I wouldn’t throw Aliyah out of the house.

And she would still be with us today and her mother wouldn’t leave the house.

I was still waiting when a car drove into the compound.

I rushed outside immediately.

It was really Vanessa but she wasn’t with my wife and her face wasn’t bright as well.

“What happened Vanessa?” I asked anxiously.

“That was really tough and she didn’t even listen to me” she sadly said.

“What do you mean by that? What did she tell you when you talked to her?” I asked nervously.

“She refused to come back to you and she even said you should go live with your ego, riches and fame” She explained.

“Oh no! So she refused to come back to the mansion?” I cried out.

“She might even file for a divorce the way am seeing things” She added.

I choked immediately I heard her say divorce….

“Thank you so much Vanessa!” I said as she walked into her car and drove off.

I sat helplessly on the chair confused.


Martin’s Pov:

I walked out of my car and headed into the hospital ward.

I hope they don’t dare query me cos I’ve got no time to answer anyone’s damn questions.

I met Idris and Lucas with the two girls and they kept glancing at me.

“How is she doing Anita?” I asked not minding how she was staring at me.

“This is six days she has been in the hospital and I told you on the day one that your girlfriend was hospitalized” She started.

“Is this what we should be talking about right now? Or should we be talking about your friend’s health?” Idris cut in sharply.

“I can’t believe you went to see her in the hospital instead of your girl” Lucas stared at me in annoyance.

“This is still unbelievable… I thought you would be siding with your girlfriend” Olivia snorted.

“What girlfriend nonsense are you talking about?” I wanted to say but I held myself back.

“She’s awake!” We heard a nurse say as we quickly rushed into the ward.

“What?” We chorused as we followed her immediately.


Anita’s Pov:

We all rushed into the ward and found our friend already awake.

Her mom held her hand tightly as she smiled broadly at us..

She looked so ok and that made me so happy.

“So tell me baby who did this to you? Who $tabbed you?” Her mom asked anxiously.

We all kept calm to hear exactly what she wants to say.

I can’t wait to hear right from her mouth who exactly did this to her cos am sure if she dares to say who it is then consider the so called person dead.

We kept waiting but she kept silence staring at us like we asked her something she doesn’t understand.

We exchanged glances at each and hummed softly as I gulped nervously.

“What I mean baby is who was it that $tabbed you at the school that very day?” Her Mom asked the question again maybe she didn’t understand what her Mom asked her before.

She continued looking at her like she was lost and that got us all confused….

“Was I $tabbed?” She broke the silence as we pooped out our eyes in shock.

“You mean you can’t remember who it was that $tabbed you?” Olivia couldn’t control herself anymore.

“I just asked you guys a question! Why haven’t I gotten an answer? I don’t know why you guys are talking about…. I just want you guys to clear me on this cos am as confused as ever! Was I $tabbed?” She asked again.

“Baby you mean you can’t remember what happened last to you?” Her mom burst into tears.

“I really can’t remember what it is that happened to me? What happened? I can’t remember the last thing that happened to me and I don’t even know why am in a hospital” She started sobbing.

“Oh my goodness… How is this even possible? This isn’t amnesia so what exactly do we all this?” Was all I could say cos I was gobsmacked myself to think she doesn’t even know the reason why she was brought to the hospital all these while.

“What? How can you not remember how you got $tabbed?” Martin scoffed.

“But I really can’t… I can’t even remember how I got myself to a hospital bed” She said as her Mom burst into tears.

“This can’t be we are supposed to get hold of that animal that has the guts to lay a finger on my princess and bring him or her to book” Her Mom yelled in so much anger.

“I don’t think this is ordinary Aunt Felicia…. Why not talk to the doctor let’s see what he will say about this” Martin suggested.

” You are right…. The doctor should know what happened to her” Her Mom said and walked out of the ward.

We kept exchanging glances at each other in surprise….

“Please tell me what exactly happened?” She asked as I shook my head in disbelief…..


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