Pinky Preshy Chioma

Episode 79

Martin’s Pov:

“Am so happy you are finally back to your senses Martin! This is the best decision you have ever made and am happy you made that decision” Idris said.

“Come on Idris you know is not going to be as easy as it seems right?” I said with a smile.

“What exactly is not going to be easy? What is going to make it tough for you?” He asked as he gulped down a glass of wine.

“You should know the kind of person Kimberly is and that she won’t take things easy when it comes to getting another person” I said.

“Well you are right but you are the one who owns your life and you should decide what you want and not the other way round” He said.

“You say it easily but believe me it’s not really as easy as you think” I snorted.

“If I were you man then I will go for what I want and not for what your parents want” Idris snapped.

“You know from the start I never really loved her but I just had to date her cos I really had no choice to choose what I want and what I don’t” I shook my head.

“It’s time you stand up for what you really love… Don’t let that little witch that calls herself Kimberly stop you from getting what you really cherish” He advised.

“I don’t think I can keep decieving myself again all in the name of dating Kimberly when I know I don’t feel a thing for her” I shook my head in disagreement.

“That’s the spirit! You have to end whatever it is that you have with her do that you can be with the one you truly love” He said.

“That’s my goal… I really love the new girl Arya and I won’t stop until she fall for me too” I said as Idris smiled broadly.

“Ever since I got to know you and become friends with you this is the very first time you are saying something so meaningful and something that is really making senses… You should put your feelings first before everything else” He said.

“On in it man!” I said as we clinked our glasses together in meeting.

My cell phone suddenly rang aloud and I quickly picked it up.

It was Lucas calling..

I took a deep breath as I showed Idris the screen of the phone.

“And you know exactly what he is going to tell you right?” Idris burst into laughter.

“What else if not that I should consider Kimberly or that I should stay with Kimberly” I snorted.

“You know sometimes I wonder why he likes that Kimberly girl so much.. honestly I don’t find anything nice about that rude and saucy girl” Idris spoke with annoyance.

“You can’t blame him.. he thinks of her as the nicest girl in the school but I don’t love her” I said as he smiled.

“Am going to help you correct that mistake you have been making staying with that girl when you shouldn’t be with and that you don’t love all in the name of your families are close” He said as I smiled broadly.

Finally I will have to let that girl out of my life for the one I truly feel something for.

I smiled broadly with me as I thought of her with me and all that.

You don’t know the excitement I feel right now cos I feel like my heart is going to explode.

Now it’s time to go for what I really want and not pleasing my family and displeasing myself.

What do you think about my new decision?


Mrs Natasha’s Pov:

I grabbed the door handle as I walked into the room and found him already fast asleep on the bed.

He must be really tired but he shouldn’t have done that to his son and I.

I walked straight into the bathroom and took a shower before changing into my nightie.

I know he doesn’t care about me but he should care about his son at least.

Isn’t that what a good father should do?

I sat on the other edge of the bed covering myself with the duvet still lost in my own thoughts.

I tried to touch him but he sIapped my hand off breathing heavily.

“Arthur? I missed you” I said with the most sedu¢tive voice I could ever use.

“Are you insane Natasha? Can’t you see am sleeping?” He glared at me as he sat up immediately.

“Am your wife Arthur and not some stature who lies beside you everyday” I started.

“I don’t know what you are talking about but I don’t want to repeat myself again… I don’t want any form of disturbance” He said with a harsh voice.

“Arthur why are you doing this? A woman and you know exactly what am talking about right?” I sniffed.

“I will so much appreciate it if you let me sleep and stop being a pin in the a$s” He said without remorse.

“You just got back and you are already being so harsh to all of us” I said with a teary voice.

“What in heaven’s name is wrong with you Natasha? Why are you being so unreasonable? Do you have a heart at all?” He stared at me with so much hatred.

“What are you talking about? What do you mean by that?”I furrowed my eyebrows.

“What don’t you understand? Your supposed husband just got back from a business trip and you can’t control your loosed libido knowing fully well that he is too tired for this charade of yours” He sounded so angry.

“Why didn’t you come to eat with us at the dinning tonight?” I asked.

“Didn’t the maid tell you what I told you?” He scoffed.

“What did you tell her to tell me that you think she didn’t tell me?” I asked.

“That I wasn’t hungry and that I already had dinner so there will be no need eating another” He said as I shook my head in disbelief.

“How could you do that Arthur? Why did you eat out when you know you are coming home for the first time in almost two months huh? You didn’t consider how we will feel right?” I asked.

He chuckled sarcastically.

“What are you saying? So why shouldn’t I eat when am famished just because am coming back here?” He laughed.

“Treat us with some love at least Arthur.. we are your family and we deserve that love that we are begging you for” I said with so much anger.

“So this is the reason why you decided to disturb my sleep?” He sighed.

“Why shouldn’t i? When you treat your son and I like we are totally useless to you and let we don’t matter when we do?” I cried out.

“Please Natasha just let me get some sleep then you can do your nagging in the morning” He sighed again.

“You didn’t even bother to tell me that you will be coming back today… You didn’t think it was necessary letting your wife know your plans huh? This is so unfair of you and that’s so heartbreaking” I continued sobbing.

He turned his face away to sleep but I wasn’t going to let him sleep if he doesn’t give me a reason why he should keep resting us like we are not family.

“Wake up Arthur and answer me” I shook him vigorously.

“You are trying my patience Natasha and you won’t like the outcome of that which you are looking for” he warned.

“Do that your very worst Arthur! I want to see you so your worst already” I continued shaking him.

“Let me get some sleep woman else I will leave this room for you to sleep” He said.

“You wouldn’t dare cos I will follow you to which ever room you go to until you give me an honest answer why you would do something like that… Is it because am not your Aliyah huh?” I said as he quickly sprang up.

My heart skipped a beat as he sprang up staring at me with so much hatred and anger.

My heart was racing as I gulped nervously staring back at him.


Arthur’s Pov:

“How dare you? Why would you involve that innocent lady?” I shouted at her as she flinched in fear.

“Arthur you are screaming at me”She managed to say still shivering in fear as I glared at her.

“I will scream at you the more if you dare drag innocent Aliyah’s name into your madness” I defensively said.

“Why? Why are you defending that lady? Why don’t you want me to mention her name?” She cried.

“Because you shouldn’t involve her in your madness any further cos she hasn’t done anything to you” I said.

“Is that really the reason why you don’t want me to talk about her? Are you really certain that this is the true reason why you don’t want me to talk about her huh?” She scoffed.

“What are you insinuating? If not for the reason I told you then which other reason do you think huh?” I glanced at her.

“Or is it because you still feel something for her and you still love her so much” She snapped.

“Just shut up and get out of here before I do something I might regret” I said as she laughed.

“It’s obvious already that the reason you don’t want me to talk about her is because you feel something for her still and you don’t want me to talk about her or blame her for anything am I right?” She said.

“I said keep quiet and don’t push me to do something I don’t want to do cos you won’t want that” I said threateningly.

“What else would you do that you haven’t done? You keep thinking about that lady instead of your family.. your son and I are the family you have” She burst into tears.

“I don’t want to talk any further about this so I don’t want to repeat myself again… Keep Aliyah our of this.. I wouldn’t want to repeat myself again” I said as she laughed crazily.

“Why should I keep her out of it when she’s the main reason why you keep on hurting your family for her sake huh” she screamed.

I couldn’t take it anymore… I tried to endure but I just couldn’t.

I got so annoyed that I gave her a resounding slap as she gasped in shock holding her cheeks with her palms as hot tears rolled down her eyes.


Kim’s Pov:

“Are you sure about what you told me Kim? Cos I still don’t believe Martin will do something like that” Mom said as I sighed in disappointment.

“Am telling the truth mommy and I got this information from a trusted source so this can’t possibly be a lie or a make up ” I said.

“What? Why would he be cheating on you? With someone who is your enemy and someone who humiliated him like you just told me?” Mom wondered.

“Am also astonished mom! Why would he do something like that? We are dating and he is cheating on me with that new hoer in school?” I gritted my teeth in so much annoyance.

“You have to take things easy my darling… Let’s not rush things cos that won’t help the issue” mom calmed me down.

“Mom you know how much I love Martin right? You know that I can’t afford to loose him right Mom” I started sobbing

“No one is saying that you are going to loose him or something cos I won’t let anyone harm my child not even that guy you called your boyfriend Martin” mom said.

“I just want that girl out and then Martin will be all mine and I won’t have any opposition” I said as Mom smirked…..


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