Chapter 2

By : Kebby NG

“Emily!” Gracie called and I got out of my reverie

“Oh yes,Mr Callaghan, It’s nice to finally meet you”I said, moving back to being professional.

I walked towards him and stretched forth my hand for a hand shake.

He stared at my hand at first and then he smiled and Shaked it.

I would have pulled my hand out immediately but he stopped me and pulled my hand to his lips and then he kssed it.

“Nice to meet you Miss Wilburn”He said and quickly I pulled my hand away from him.

“Oh Mr Callaghan” Our boss said as she walked in to give Cade a hug.

“Look at her! she has started her OPERATION GETTING A HUSBAND ” Gracie whispered as she stood beside me .

I couldn’t answer her because I was thinking about what happened earlier. Will it affect our work? What will happen to our presentation?

I had been rude to him and I had even pushed him,it won’t be a surprise if he declines our presentation,I thought, feeling scared.

“Let’s get started “My boss said staring at me and quickly I went back to my laptop to begin the presentation.

I just hope that he wouldn’t use what I did against us and refuse to give us this contract.



A while later,I finished the presentation giving everyone a look,Most especially Cade Callaghan.

I intentionally didn’t add the dancing part,I didn’t want to look stupid dancing in front of a stranger.

If he had been a total stranger to me, I might have done it but he is someone I met and insulted a while ago. I can’t do it, I thought as I fought hard to hide my nervousness.

“What do you think Mr Callaghan?”Our boss asked him.

He stared at me and then at Rose again.
“The concept is to make the image of my company look good.”

“I won’t deny that I have been introduced to a lot of concepts by other companies and if you want me to tell you the truth,These other companies have done a lot better than you guys”He said.

“But we’ve put all our best in this”Gracie said

“Your best isn’t just enough,I want more and you wouldn’t give me that,Sorry but I will just pick a different agency”He said as he stood up.

“But Mr Callaghan,Can’t you give us another chance” our boss begged.

“Sorry but once i’m finished with someone,I don’t tend to accept them again”He said this looking at me directly.

“So then have a lovely day,You all”He added and then left with his secretary.

“That was our only chance at becoming known,”Our boss said.

“But we really did put in our best this time”Gracie said again

“I guess we’ll just have to forget about this project, ”Micheal added sadly.

I stood listening to them and it made me feel guilty.

This is all because of what I did. The presentation was good itself but he refused because of what I did,I thought sadly.

I can’t let us lose this opportunity,I can’t let this happen because of me.

“We won’t be losing this contract”I said to them and quickly I ran after him.

Taking the lift,I got down stairs as quickly as I could and I ran out of the building only to see him about to get into his car.

Quickly I ran to him and held him by his arm.

“What happen?”He asked as he stared at me

“I need to talk to you,”I said to him.

“Have already told you what I have to tell you, there is nothing more for us to say to each other”He said as he gently pulled off his arm.

“Please Mr Callaghan just give me a while”I begged and he turned to stare at me.

“What do you want to say to me?”He asked

“That presentation was good enough, My colleague and I spent a lot of hour and time just to prepare that presentation”

“Don’t turn It down because of me”I said.

“And why would I turn it down because of you”he asked

“Because of what I did earlier”I said

“And what did you do earlier?”He asked

“Look am sorry,Am sorry for having pushed you and of having been rude to you”I apologised and it’s only for the sake of Rose and the others who feel disappointed, that I decided to do this.

“Me rejecting your contract is not because of what you did earlier,I simply don’t find it good enough for me”

“Then give us another chance, give us another chance to prepare another presentation”I begged.

“By giving you another chance I will be wasting my time”He said.

“You won’t sir, I promise you that”I said.

“Am sorry but it’s a no,I don’t want your advertising agency,You are now off my list”

“Please Mr Callaghan”I begged again.

“Sorry Miss Wilburn,have already made my decision, you are now off the list”He said and got into his car and it drove off.

I stood watching his car leave and I knew that I blew this chance up because of what I did.


” Welcome back Sir”My secretary greeted me as I walked into my office.

“Any message for me?”I asked.

“Well there is, Your mother called and also Miss Jessica is in your office”She said.

“What? Why is Jessica in my office”I asked.

“She said you were waiting for her”.

“Fine,I will go and see what she wants” I said as I went to my office.

As soon as I got in,Jessica came to hug me.

“My love,You are back”She said

“Why are you here Jessica ?”I asked as I pushed her away

“I came to see you” she said

“Didn’t you receive my flowers and letter yesterday” I asked as I went to my seat

” I received them and I am telling you right here,right now that I won’t accept it ”

“You only give those flowers to your mistress if you are breaking up with them and am not about to lose you”she said

“I made it clear to you before our relationship started,I told you that am only looking for a bed partner not a life partner”I said

“Because of that girl, the one on that island who is supposed to be your wife” She asked.

“I made everything clear to you Jessica,so don’t make a fuss about it”I said .

“But you don’t have to leave me Cade, we can continue our secret intimacy while you make that island girl happy, she need not know that you have me as a mistress”Jessica said.

“Would you be happy if the same thing was done to you?”I asked, getting angry.

“This isn’t about me, don’t try to change the subject, just keep on having me as your mistress”she begged.

“Sorry but your time is due, i will try to remember what we shared together”i said and that finally made her explode.

“They were right about you, I should have never gotten involved with a womaniser like you” she yelled at me.

“Whatever Jessica,you only got involved with me for my money and now that I am letting you go,you are angry because you won’t be receiving anything again right?” I asked.

“You bastard,I hope you rot in hell”She said and left the office.

I sighed as I sat on my chair, one mistress gone,I thought with satisfaction.

Each time I take a mistress,I always make it clear to them that I already have a fiance and that I won’t be staying long with them and they all accept.

But when it’s time to break it off,they start to get clingy and that’s because they don’t want to lose what I always give them.

With my money and living in luxury, Jessica and I have been having an affair for a while now and I won’t deny that she has been a great bed partner for months but when I start to get bored, I get bored completely.

Jessica started to make me see that she wanted more out of our relationship and am someone who has decided not to get married.

Have watched my parents together and I know that marriage and love doesn’t last and so I won’t be a victim of it, no mistress of mine and certainly not my fiancee who is waiting at the island for me will make me fall into it.

Just then my phone rang and it was my secretary.

“Sir, Miss Wilburn is here to see you”She said.

“Wilburn,”I asked surprised.

I only met one Wilburn today and it was that rude girl from earlier.

Have made it clear to her that I don’t want them and if she is here to persuade me, I am not going to accept.

“Tell her to……..”I stopped having a new thought ,I smiled to myself

“Tell her to come in,”I said and cut the call.

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