Chapter 3

By : Kebby NG


I stood by the window waiting for her to get to my office.

I wonder why she came all the way to my company.

Is it to convince me to use their company as our advertising agency? I thought as I stared into the busy streets of London.

I won’t deny that their presentation was good and me refusing it, is only because of what Emily did and also because I find the presentation to be lacking something.

There was a knock on the door and with my command,The door opened and she walked in.

Still dressed in her simple plain shirt and trousers,She looked beautiful.

I wouldn’t deny that I find her to be beautiful, with just a little bit of makeup and all.She will look more beautiful, I thought as I kept on staring at her.

“Have a seat miss willburn” I said softly and she sat down while I stood up staring at her.

“You must have chased me as soon as I left your company,”I said.

“I had to,I just can’t let it go” She said looking determined.

“But you seemed resigned when I told you that I didn’t want your company, what changed your mind?”I asked.

“My family, my colleagues and boss and my job,I pursued you here only to make you give us another chance” she said.

“Really! After presenting me with something that I don’t like, what makes you think that I will give you another chance?” I asked

“Because I know that you are a fair person” she said and i laughed

“Fair? Did you just say that I am a fair person?”I asked .

“Am a good judge of character Mr Callaghan ” she added crisply.

“Well you judged wrongly this time, am not a fair person Miss Wilburn, I am someone who plays dirty when it comes to getting what I want”I said

“Dirty, as in illegal stuff?” She asked.

“Oh no, don’t get me wrong, I play dirty but I don’t do illegal things, I do my things cleanly”I said and that made her smile.

The first smile I see on her face and I won’t deny that she looks beautiful.

“What can I do to get you to give us a second chance?”She asked suddenly.

Is she crazy? Why would she ask a man that sort of question, doesn’t she know that it will get them to ask something big in return for her request to be fulfilled.

“I didn’t mean that I will give myself to you so you can give us a second chance, that is the last thing I will ever do”She said, making it known to me that she doesn’t find me attractive and that’s a first for me.

The girls have all fallen for me in an instant, why is she different,I thought as I kept on staring at her with intrigue.

I was about to give her a response when my secretary barged in without knocking.

“Am sorry boss but your mom is on the line and she said that you should pick up her call or she will take the next available flight”She said.

Knowing that my mom always fulfills her threats I quickly picked up my call not bothering to consider Emily who was still in the office.

“Hello Mom”

“Finally you picked, after your secretary told you of my threats right?”

“Mom am in a very important meeting right now,can y………”,

“Just hold it right there,what I have to say to you is very important too and you are not going to leave me hanging until I finish it”She said as she interrupted me.

“What now mom?”I asked.

“Come back home, your bride can’t tolerate the waiting any more” she said.

“I’m not ready for that yet!”I said.

“Why! Why aren’t you ready ? It’s been three years since you have put a ring on her finger, you rarely come back home to see her and when you do, you never treat her like your fiance”She said.

“That’s because I don’t want her! you have known all along that I never wanted her”I yelled into the phone angrily totally forgetting that Emily was still in the office.

“But she is your fiancee and you know that you are what you are today because of her father, you respect him and you treat him like your real father even though you treat me your Mom like your enemy”She said

“Don’t use him as a reason!”I said

“I will use him, that man that you are rejecting his daughter gave you his kidney when you were about to die, he enrolled you in one of the best schools and made you what you are today and just a little request that he asked from you, you refuse? How ungrateful are you?” She yelled into the cell phone.

“I love and respect him as my dad and I will forever be grateful to him but ……..”

“But what Cade? What is stopping you from doing so? Getting married to his daughter?”She asked.

“If you don’t have a reason, then get down to the island and do your duty to his daughter, you owe him that” she added when I wasn’t saying a thing

“Well I do have a reason mom and that reason is that I have someone okay,I love someone else ” I said without thinking.

“You what? That’s a darn lie, you have always told me that you will never love anyone , so how come?”

“I found her and she just melted me, she changed me and turned me into someone different.I love her and am going to get married to her and as soon as I can, I will take her back to the island with me” I said.

“You have gone insane Cade! I won’t let this end, I won’t let you marry someone who is not fit to be a Callaghan”she screamed at me

“Do whatever you want mom,I don’t give a damn”I added and cut the call

It wasn’t until I heard her voice that I realised she was still here.

“Are you okay!”

“Were you listening to my conversation?”I asked, still feeling angry.

“Am sorry but since you didn’t ask me to go out,I was in here till the call was ended”She said

“And so you heard it all right”I asked

“If you want I can pretend that I never heard a thing, am really good at that” she said

I stood thinking about what she said and just then I remembered something I said to my mom In a fit of rage.

“Well I do have a reason mom and that reason is that I have someone okay,I love someone else”

“I found her and she just melted me,She changed me and turned me into someone different,I love her and am going to get married to her and as soon as I can,I will take her back to the island with me”

Just remembering what I said made me sit back in shock.

What mess have I gotten myself into! How will I get out of this one now?

I will be heading back to the island in a few days and have got to show my wife to my parents. If I am not with her, they will certainly make me marry Isabel.

Though I am very grateful for what Isabel’s father did for me, I am not willing to marry his daughter just because of the gratitude that I feel towards him.

‘`Is anything wrong?”She asked and I stared at her.

Why am I feeling so agitated when I have this beautiful lady here, I thought.

She will certainly do what I want and in exchange I will give her company the contract, after all that is what she wants,I thought as I kept on staring at her.

“Have a seat Emily, you and I have to talk about a lot of things”I said and she eyed me weirdly before doing as I asked her .


I sat down feeling uneasy about what he wanted to say to me.

From what I heard about his conversation with his mom,I know that he loves someone and he intends to marry her.

This is coming as a shock to me because from what I have heard from the others, they said he is a well known womaniser and on my way to his office, I met a beautiful brunette and I am sure that she came to see him.

“What do you want to talk about sir?”I asked.

“About giving you that second chance you’ve asked for,” he said.

” Really? Are you willing to give us the second chance ?”I asked

“Yes I am”he replied

“But tell me something, are you single?”he asked


“Are you single?”he asked again.

“Why do you ask that?”

“Because I need you to help me with something and in exchange I will give you the contract “He said .

“And what will that be?”I asked, knowing that what he was going to tell me would be something that I don’t like.


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