Chapter 4

By : Kebby NG

I should have known that there would be a condition for him giving us a second chance.

After all he is someone who doesn’t play fair, he will play dirty just as long as it will benefit him.

“What do you want in exchange for us getting another chance from you?”I asked.

“You heard my conversation with my mom right?”He asked

” Well not all of it”I said and he started not believing the response I just gave him.

“Fine,I heard a bit, from what I can understand you have someone you love and want to marry “I said and he smiled.

“Just as I managed to fool my mom,I managed to fool you too?”He said, having a happy look on his face.

“So you don’t love any one ?”I asked.

“Am someone who doesn’t believe in love and I don’t think I will ever believe in it ” he said.

“So why did you lie to your mom?”I asked

“You see my mom divorced my dad and got married to James Drake, he took care of me and treated me like his own son, he did me a huge Favour in the past, I won’t go into the detail, but he did me a huge favour,I never thought that he would want some thing in exchange for it”

“What does he want in exchange?”I asked

“He has a daughter, Isabel Drake, we both grew up together and have always considered her as the little sister I never had”

“And???”I urged him, wanting to know more.

” Well he wants me to marry Isabel, while I was still staying on the island, they managed to persuade me to get engaged to her and knowing that they won’t give up until I do what they want, i decided to get engaged to her but they started with their persuasion again, they wanted me to Marry her and that is something I will never do, engaged to her I might agree but marriage to her is a no no for me”

“A problem occurred here in the capital city and so I had to return, I haven’t gone back to the island for the past three years”

“The call I received today was for me to go back and marry her but I don’t want that” he finished

“And that was why you lied to your mom “I asked

“Not really a lie,”He said suddenly.

“What do you plan to do and what does all this have to do with us getting the contract?”I asked.

“You see I need someone who will pretend to be my wife, who will come with me to the island and live with me until I convince my family that I am better off without Isabel ”he said.

“And? Do you need me to find someone for you? Cause let me tell you now that I don’t ha…….”

“You will do”he said that I stopped what i was saying to stare at him


“I said you will do,I will rather have you as my pretend bride than to have anyone else and besides you need the contract Right, just decide to be my pretend bride and I will give you the contract and if you behave well I might put more contract your way”He said giving me a sheepish grin.

I just can’t believe what he is saying to me,I thought as I stared at him.

“So what do you say Emily! will you accept my deal” he asked

“Not in your life”I said as I stood up.

“You really will decline?”he asked

“Of course I will,I won’t let myself be drawn into this crazy scheme of yours, If you don’t want to marry her then tell your family, why go through all these just to lie to them?”I asked.

“You are not here to question me Emily , Just tell me if you agree or not”He said

“I do not agree, am not going to do what you ask me and I suggest you get one of those brunettes to do it, they will be willing to do it for you”I said as I picked up my bag and began to head out.

I would have gotten out of his office if he hadn’t stopped me.

“Am I giving you a chance and you are throwing it away?” he asked.

“If it has to do with me lying and being close to you, then I will pass”I said

“What’s so bad with being close to me, what do you even think of me? ” he asked as he put his back against the door, obstructing me from leaving.

“You really don’t want to know what I think of you,” I said coolly.

“You made it clear to me when we were outside your company”He said.

“And you think that’s all, right?”I asked.

“Don’t tell me there is still more to know,” he asked.

“There is and it doesn’t matter, I won’t waste my time telling you what I think of you, it certainly wouldn’t make you change and so it’s better that I just leave”I said.

“You will leave knowing that you can get your company this contract?” he asked.

“If my boss and colleagues find out the dirty deal you are making with me just so we can get the contract, they will certainly support me and so it’s better you tick me off your list and start looking for a bimbo to get your work done for you” I said and his expression changed immediately.

“You will really regret your action “he said to me.

” I won’t regret it and I wish you luck on finding a girl that will play your Dirty role and if you keep on searching and still can’t find a bimbo, give me a call, I will connect you with a guy who deals with bimbo as their ……….”

“Just get out of my office!!” He yelled at me and I smiled knowing that I had pissed him off.

“Goodbye Mr Callaghan” I said and left his office.



“What !You couldn’t get it? But you said you will do your best”Rose said as she walked around her office.

“I did, i even went to his company but he still wouldn’t give us a chance”I said remembering the dirty deal he made with me.

“This can’t be! He was my only hope”she said, looking so desperate.

“He is not the only rich company, can’t we get another one, another company that will appreciate our work?”I asked.

“No one wants an upcoming company, he is the only one that accepted us and we need his contract or else we will go bankrupt”She said.

“What? But how come” I asked.

“I used a lot of money and I don’t know how to pay it back, the contract was what I needed”She said.

“And now that we don’t have the contract , how will you pay the money you owe?”I asked

“You will do something okay,You owe me that much Emily ” She said suddenly.


“Have you forgotten that I payed for your mom’s hospital bill, you still haven’t paid me back and I want that money now!”She said

“But you said I can pay that money any time”I returned coolly.

“Well I want it back and I want it tomorrow, give me back my money or you find a way to get the Callaghan contract” she said.

“You are being an unfair rose?” I said

“What ever,I need to live even if this company falls apart , so you need to get me what I want or else I will make sure you regret ever borrowing money from me, you know how I am when it comes to getting an unpaid debt, so it’s better that you think of ways to get us the contract or I get my money from you in full” She finished

“You are cruel!”I said and left the office in anger.

Where would I get a large sum of money for Mrs Rose,I thought as I went home looking moody and worried.

“My child you are back early”my mom said as I walked into the house.

“We got released early”I said as I took off my coat

“You look a bit worried or so !”my mom said as she came to me.

“It’s nothing mom”I said as I went to my room.

Getting mom involved with my problem will only make her feel sad and so it’s either I accept Cade deal or I find a way to pay for the rose which is something I can’t do right away because I don’t have a lot of money with me.

What am I going to do? What should I do to get myself out of this mess, I thought as sleep finally took over.

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