Chapter 5

By : Kebby NG

I woke up feeling bad.I had slept late last night because I kept on thinking about what to do.

When my mom had been confined in the hospital, needing a large fee for the surgery, I didn’t know who to go to for help.

But Rose had offered me help and she had made it clear to me that she will get the money from me when I can pay in full.

If I hadn’t been paying for the house bills and all,I wouldn’t be in this predicament.

I would have paid her the money I owed her.

Rose can be very scary when it comes to getting her money from someone.

Have seen her being ruthless to someone just because the person couldn’t pay her back.

I won’t be an exception ,I thought as I used the covers to cover myself.

Just then the door opened and my mom rushed in.

“Emily, you have got to see this”She said as she gave me a sheet of paper.

I took it from her and when I read it,I stared at her again.

“Eviction notice? But how come?”I asked

“That’s what I want to ask you too,haven’t we been paying our house bills?”she asked

“Of course we have! I just paid her last month”I said

“Then we ought to pay her a visit,What’s with this sudden eviction notice?”She said angrily

“No mom don’t! I will go to her myself,Let me talk to her myself” I said

“But why don’t you want me to come with you?”she asked

“I have to talk to her alone,let me face her myself”I said as I got out of bed.

Quickly I changed into a short Jean and into an orange crop top.Brushing my disarrayed hair,I left the house and went into the house of our landlady.

It wasn’t that far and so she and I got there quite quickly.

I knocked severally before she finally answered.

“Oh! it’s you?”she said

“Yes it’s me? What’s this eviction notice?”I asked

“It’s what it is, i want you out of my house as soon as possible”she said

“But that’s not right,we never owe you money for rent and you just can’t evict us without proper warning !”I said

“Well, I have given you the proper warning you need, Have given you two days’ warning,So if I were you,I would start packing,”She said.

“We aren’t going to leave,I pay you every month, have never owed you a cent in my life,you don’t have the right to kick us out”I said

“Well if you choose not to leave then so be it, once the new owner of the house arrives, you will surely be thrown out”She said.

“You sold our house?”I asked shocked by her news

“Yes I sold it and the owner wants immediate eviction”

“Who? Who did you sell it to, give me his or her number and let me speak to them”I said

“Do you really think I will do that? Well am sorry, i won’t be giving you any number”She said

“Madam Nina! You can’t do this to us, you just can’t evict us”I said in frustration.

“We can and we will, Madam Rose made me promise her that I will………..”She stopped when she realised her mistake.

“Madam Rose?”I asked

“It’s not what I meant to say”She denied quickly

“My boss bought our house from you?”I asked again.

“Look, all I can tell you is to vacate soon or else you will regret it”She said and went back into her house.

Feeling sad,I began to head home.

Rose had bought the house and it’s all for me to choose in helping her get the contract or in returning her money back to her.

I would rather die than to go back to that horrible man, I thought.

Turning to the other street,I went to the nearest ATM machine and withdrew all of my savings.

Even though it’s not all that I owe Rose,I will give her these and ask her to give us more time,I thought as I headed back home.

“Mom I’m home”I said as I opened the door with my own Key and walked into our own house.

“Come in my child”I heard her call from the kitchen.

“You have a guest”she called out again and I knew that it must be Gracie or Micheal.

They were the only friends I have in the city, we three went to college together and we also got a job in the same company but that will end now cause I plan to resign from Rose company.

I walked further in only to stop in my tracks when I saw who the visitor was.

It was none other than Cade Callaghan himself.

“Here is your visitor my child, he says he is a very good friend of yours that was why I let him in”my mom said as she served him his tea

“Really ! It’s a surprise to see you here Mr Callaghan”I said as I went to sit on one of the empty chairs.

“I had to come see you, we still have to talk about the conversation we were having yesterday”He said

“But have finished discussing it with you”I said

“But I haven’t that is why I came here to see you”He said

“I would leave you two alone,once you are done my dear,Come tell me what happened with the eviction notice”She said as she walked off..

“Eviction? Are they evicting you!”He asked

“It’s none of your business,Common we are going to speak somewhere else” I said as I pulled him by his hands and went outside with him.

As soon as I got outside I dropped his hand and gave him an angry glare

“Why the he.ll are you here?”

“To see you!”


“To know if you have changed your mind”

“Look Mr Callaghan I told you what my decision was yesterday and I won’t change my mind”

“Not even when you are getting evicted?”

“I told you it’s none of your business”I said

“But I can make it my business, I can help you Emily , just accept my deal and what ever you want will be yours” He said

“No! No Mr Callaghan,I won’t do it”I said

“Why! Why do you even want me to do it, am not In your Caliber,am not one of those brunette you take around,Can’t you even choose them “I yelled at him

“That’s because I find you intriguing and you are the only girl who haven’t jump on me for my money,You will make a perfect bride for me and you will do the part easily”He said

“Just accept my deal Emily and all your problems will be solved,I promise you that!”He said, having a mischievous look on his face.

“I can’t do it, it’s against my principle, you lying to your parents is something easy for you but I won’t be able to look at their faces and pretend right through”I said

“Am not asking you to do this for a lifetime Emily, it’s just for the time that I will be returning to my island”He said

“It’s still a no Mr Callaghan, have you even thought that we wouldn’t be compatible together”

“You don’t suit me and I certainly don’t suit you, how will we make your parents believe our lies if we can’t stand each other”I finished

“We can start from somewhere Emily, we can start by getting to know each other and am sure that we will pull it off together”He said

“Mr Callaghan……..”

“Just call me Cade, am already addressing you by your first name, can’t you do the same with me”He asked

“We aren’t that close for me to address you by your name”I said

“But we can be if only you will agree”he said

“Look Mr Callaghan, Am not one of those bimbo that you do your dirty stuff with ……..”

“And that’s the main reason why I chose you Emily, I want you to be my pretend bride, We won’t have to get married, we will just pretend to them and am done with my business, we will return to the city and you will have the contract while I go back to living my life with my bimbo as you call it ”

“What do you say Emily?” He asked, waiting for me to give him an answer.

I stood thinking about his proposition, I just had to pretend and nothing else, he wouldn’t go far with me and am sure that he can be a gentle man if he chooses to be.

And I have to think about my parents being evicted, the money I have with me will certainly rent us another apartment but I know that it won’t last us and I will still have Rose as a threat In my life.

She won’t stop until she makes me suffer because I didn’t go with what she asked me and she will find a way to collect her money in full.

I stole a quick glance at Cade and saw him watching me.

Should I just accept his deal, I thought as I kept on staring at him.

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