Chapter 6

By : Kebby NG

“Just give me an answer already” he said softly

“Look, Mr. Callaghan, I can’t. I can’t pretend to be your wife. I am someone who doesn’t believe in lies, I doubt that I will be able to keep up with the pretence.”I told him and turned to leave .

“What will you do about the eviction of your house? Where would you get the money ?”He asked

“I will find a way, a honest way at that”I replied

Just then Sally, our neighbour called my name.

“It’s a good thing you are here your Emily, your mom………your mom” she said breathlessly

“What happen to my mom?”I asked

“She collapsed right outside your home”She said and on hearing that, I ran off going straight to my house.

I got there only to see my mom on the floor with a lot of people around her.

“Mom!!!!”I yelled as I ran to her and held her Unconscious body to mine.

“Mom, am here! Please open your eyes” I begged as I began to cry

“Excuse me”on hearing that familiar masculine voice, I turned only to see cade.

He knelt in front of my mom and took hold of her hand to check her pulse.

“Her pulse is still there, have you called an ambulance?” He asked taking charge of the situation

“We did, A while ago” some one replied

“A while ago? And they are not here yet, this won’t do?”he said as carried my mom and took her to his car

“Get in with her, While I drive keep on checking her pulse and don’t try your best not to let her move”he said to me and I did as he said.

I kept on checking her pulse and I made sure she didn’t move.

Just seeing my mom this way got me feeling so scared.

I don’t want to lose her yet, not now or ever, I thought as the tears kept falling off my face.

“She will come out of this alive, don’t worry” he said softly and I tried to believe what he said.

We got to the hospital and as fast as they could, the doctors and nurses took her to the emergency room.


Cade and I stood at the waiting room waiting for any news.

“Does your dad know about her fall” he asked

“I haven’t talk to him yet, he wasn’t around and I don’t think I should worry him, at least I have to know what’s wrong before I tell my father, his heart can’t take any shocking news”I said to him and he nodded, respecting my reason.

Just the doctor walked out looking worried, quickly I went to him, hoping that apart from having this worried face, he will some how have a good news.

“What is wrong doctor?”I asked

“Your mother condition is worse?”he said

“What do you mean by worse”I asked

“Your mom is suffering from brain tumour and if she is not operated on as soon as possible, she will die”he said

“No, no doctor she can’t die, do your best to keep her Alive”I said

“An operation can be carried out but please you will have to pay if you want us to start with the operation” he said

“I said I will pay, just start with the operation” I yelled at him

“How miss, your mom have been here before and because she couldn’t pay, she didn’t take any drugs, neither did she want to get operated on” he said

“So you are saying you won’t do the operation until I pay you right?”I asked

“We are sorry but that’s out rule here?”he said

“Then I will get you the money”I said as I began to head out only to be stopped by Cade

“Where will you get the money?” He asked

“I have savings of my own, It will do”I answered

“It won’t? It’s your savings, let me pay……..”

“No, don’t you pay it, I don’t want to be indebted to you, I will pay the operation fee myself , So dont bother, you have done enough already”I said as I left the hospital

I got to the nearest bank and with drew all my savings.

I had made plans for this money but my plans would have to wait, my mother’s life is more important.

I head back to the hospital and I was about to get in when I got a call from an unknown number

“Hello?”I said into the receiver

“It’s me Emily” my father said

“What happen dad? Where are you and why does your voice sound like that?”I asked

“Have been taken as an hostage ”
he said

“What? ”

“I borrowed money from a loan shark and today is the due date, I can’t pay them back and so they have taken me “he said

‘”father why? Why will you borrow from a loan shark” I asked

“I needed to feed you and your mom, I couldn’t let you take all the responsibility ” he said

“But you brought more problem dad, do you even know what is happening right now?”I asked

“What’s happen………” He couldn’t complete his sentence because the phone was snatched from him

“Bring us the money your dad owes or we kill him and sell his organs out and believe me when I say that selling of organs bring a lot of money”

An unfamiliar voice said and then he cut the call.

I stood at the hospital entrance , not sure of what to do again.

Just then a bike rode pass me and snatched my wallet, which had the money for mom operation.

“Hey!! Give me my money”I yelled as I ran after him but the bike was far gone and when help arrived, it was too late.

I went into the hospital feeling lost, my mom needs an operation, my dad will be killed if I don’t bring the money he owes and my only hope has also be taken away, why is life so cruel?

“Emily!”I looked up only to see Cade walking towards me

“Have you gotten the money?”he asked and i Shaked my head

“What’s wrong? Have you been crying?”he asked as he cleaned a tear from my face.

” I don’t have my money, it has been stolen”I said


“As to top it all,Dad has been taken by loan shark and if I don’t pay them their money, they will kill him” I said to him as the tears began to pour.

“What am I going to do ,What should I do ?”I asked softly

“You know what to do Emily “he said and i stared up at him


“Accept my proposal and I will get rid of all your worries, just say yes”he said

“You are using my situation to get me to say yes to you,you really are cruel!”

“If it will get you to be my fake wife, then I don’t care, Accept me Emily and I will make all your problem disappear “he said

His offer is too tempting and I Knew that once I accept, there will be no turning back but I have to do this for both my parent sake.

“Fine you win, I accept your deal and so get rid of all my problems as you have promised”I said

“Right on it ” he said and immediately my mom bill was payed and while the surgery began, Cade went with the police to bring my father home.

I went to the chapel to pray and when I returned to the waiting room, it was to see my dad and Cade.

“Oh daddy!”I exclaimed as I gave him a tight hug

“Am sorry my child”he begged

“Why did you have to lend money, you could have asked me and the little I have, I could have given it to you”i said

“I didnt want to be a man who leech off his daughter”he said

“I would have chosen that you leech off me than to have been involved with some loan shark”I said

“Am sorry my child, have learnt my lesson , Soi won’t ever do it again”he said

“I hope so” I replied

The doctor gave us the good news that mom is now okay, the tumor have been removed and with the necessary treatment, my mom will be back to herself.

“We have to talk Emily” Cade said to me.

Have been avoiding this moment, I kept on wishing that some thing will happen and that will get me out of the mess that have fallen into but nothing happened.

Together we went out of the hospital to talk privately.

“I got rid of all your problem”he said and i nodded softly

“Its time for you to help me get rid of my problem”he said

“Mr Callaghan………..”

“Not Mr but Cade, After all our fake relationship have began, all you just have to do is to play the part perfectly and we will have no problem” He said

“And how do I play the part for it to be perfect?”I asked and judging from the look on his face, I knew I shouldn’t have asked him that question.

He moved towards me and pulled me into his arms.

“Like this” he whispered as he kssed me.


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