Chapter 7

By : Kebby NG

I can’t believe this! Am being kssed by a total stranger, I thought as I tried to pull away from him

But he pulled me back

I tried to think of some thing, some thing that will distract me, some thing that will stop me from responding to it but I found none and when I was about to respond to it he pulled away from me.

I tried to move out of his arms but he held me back

“Don’t move, not yet, the reporter is taking pictures of us “he said

It wasn’t until he mentioned the reporters that I realised that it was all for a show.

“He is gone now”he said as he let me go.

I tried to compose myself before looking at him again

“You don’t have the right to kss me”I said

“I had to, it was my reputation that was at stake”He replied

“Wow, your reputation right?”I said sarcastically

“Look we have both decided to play the part of being married ,we will have to start from some where”he said

“Wait! You only told me I had to pretend, you didn’t tell me that you would have to kiss me”

“You can’t expect us to pretend without touching one another”

“I don’t, I don’t want you to touch me at all”I yelled at him

“You have no choice Emily, we are to be a happy married couple, they have to see that we are happy together” he said

“We can do it with out touching each other”I said

“That’s impossible Emily”he replied

“You per.vert, I should have known, what was I thinking when I agreed to this” I said feeling flustered by his words

“But you have agreed and there is nothing you can do to change that”he said

“Really! do you think I can do nothing?”i asked giving him a mischievous smile.

He pulled me into his Arms ,it was so sudden that I didn’t brace myself for the impact.

“Listen up Emily, you agreed to this already, there is no turning back now”he said

“There is Mr Callaghan and I will take that path, I can’t seem to trust you from not wanting to touch me ”

“And what’s so bad with me touching you, am I that bad to you?”He asked

“Womanisers like you sicken me and I will prefer we end this sham before we take it any further, I will find a way to pay you for the money you lent me and……………..”I couldn’t finish my word because he pushed me to the wall angrily

“We Made a deal Emily, own up to it!” He yelled at me

“I don’t want to! I hate the thought of having to lie to innocent people”

“You will and there is nothing you will do about it, stop testing my patience Emily, you won’t want to see Mad, I will pick you up at ten tomorrow , get ready before I arrive” he said and stormed off.

I stood there, trying to calm myself down, I had thought that this deal of a sort will just have to be me pretending, I never thought that Cade would want it to be more.

What should I do? What mess have I gotten myself into,I thought as I head back to the waiting room.


“But why her, you could have chosen other ladies, ones that are willing to do any thing for you” Rose Emily boss asked as we stood in her office lobby

“Because she is the first lady who hasn’t tried to offer me her body”I replied

“And what makes you think that she won’t, she just haven’t thought of it yet?” Rose said wanting to destroy Emily image in front of me

“When that comes, I will know how to handle her, this is the money I promised for the buying of Emily house”I said and my secretary opened a brief case to show her the money

“But the house isn’t really that expensive?”She asked

“I know, am Just giving you for a well job well done” he said

“Oh thank you Cade, thank you “she said as she took the brief case.

“Just one more thing Rose, you must never tell anyone about it, most especially Emily “I said and she nodded in affirmation.

“She won’t know that you payed me to buy her house and to put pressure on her”Rose said

“I hope so, you wouldn’t want me as an enemy”he said

“Don’t worry I know how ruthless you are and I wouldn’t want to be the main focus of your ruthlessness” she said.

Together my secretary and I head to the car

“Where are we going next?”I asked

“To see the man you hired to take Emily money “He said

“We have to hurry, I have to be some where by Ten” I said as I relaxed a bit in the car .

I just can’t believe that to get a girl, I had to use my power and wealth.

If it had been any girl, it wouldn’t be this hard, I would have gotten what I want from her but Emily is a different case.

She is the first lady who hasn’t been moved by my wealth or by how powerful I am.

Other girls would have rejoiced at being my pretend bride but she made it clear that she isn’t interested.

“Sir we are here” my secretary said we he stood in front of a building.

A guy opened the car door and got into the car .

“This is her wallet and her money is still intact” the man said and I took Emily Wallet the from him.

“Give him the money”I said and immediately my secretary gave him the brief case filled with money.

“I will double that as long as you keep this a secret, no one, most especially the lady you stole from should know about this ” i said

“Yes sir, she won’t ever find out” the man replied as he left the car.

“We will be heading to miss Emily house now” my secretary said.

Emily! a strange name for a strange girl. I wonder how surprised my mother will be when she sees that have brought home the girl I supposedly love.

She will be shocked at first and am sure that with time, they would give up on me marrying Isabel and when am sure that I won’t be bothered by them again,I will just then end the farce between Emily and myself but not with out letting know what it is to have me in her bed.


While my dad took over watching my mom, I left the hospital and went back home to get dressed.

If it were up to me, I would end it all right away but I can’t do that.

One because I owe him and two because am scared of what he might do to make me pay for breaking our deal.

I got changed and was all ready when the door bell was rung.

Taking in a deep breath, I went to open the door only to find Brad there.

“What are you doing here Brad?”I asked gently

“I back for you my love, am back to get you ” he said and with out warning, he pulled me into his arms and kssed me.

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