Chapter 8

By : Kebby NG

Shocked at seeing Brad again made me stand still like a statue.

It’s been a year, a year since he left me for his rich boss’ daughter.

Why is he even here? And what is he expecting from coming back into my life, I thought as I kept on staring at him.

“My love “he said and before I could stop him, he kissed me.

I tried to pull away from him but his hold on me is too strong.

He let go of me and took both my hands in his.

“Have missed you, you don’t know how much have missed you”he said and feeling so angry with the darn way he kssed me, I pushed him away

“Get out of here before I do something bad to you”I said

“You can’t still be mad at me, I only left you to make money for us” he said

“And did you make that money ?”I asked

“Yes, I did, I got a lot of money” he said

“Really? Then it’s best that you spend it on someone else, cause I don’t think I want you or your darn money “I said

“Please Emily, you have been the only girl have ever loved”he said and I got so angry that I slapped his face

“Get out of here before I do something worse to you “I yelled at him and headed back in but he wasn’t about to let things go.

He came in after me and held me tight in his arms.

“Let me go!”I yelled at him

“No, I love you and I won’t let you go, have realised my mistake Emily and I want you back ” he insisted

Just then a memory came to haunt me, I saw myself, a teenage me yelling for help while a guy who was wearing a mask tore at my clothes and he…….. he……….I couldn’t get to see what he did because the door barged open and Cade walked in.

“What the he.ll is going on?”he asked looking so angry

Cade’s angry face was the last thing I saw before fainting.



I woke up to find myself in an unknown room, what happened and why am I here ?

I sat up only to see Cade by the window looking at me.

“What happen and where am I “I asked him but he didn’t answer and he kept on staring at me with an angry look

“Who is Brad Clifford?”he asked and suddenly everything that happened came back to me

“Brad?”I said softly

“Yes Brad! The man I saw had you in his arms “He yelled at me

“It’s not what you think, I can explain”I said

“You better!” He replied as he sat on the only sofa in the room.

“Brad is my ex, he left me for a wealthy lady a year ago, I haven’t seen or heard from him until today “I said

“I got a different version from him” he said

“And that is?”

“The both of you never broke up and that you had given him your consent to get married to some else and that in a year he will come back to you ” he said

“What! That’s a lie”I denied immediately

“Am not sure about that, is he the reason why you were hesitant ?”he asked

“He is not the reason why! Ever since I found out that Brad was having an affair with his boss daughter I left him, I hate cheaters and liars”I said

“Really? Are you sure”

“If you don’t believe me then get the hell out of here, I don’t want to have a deal with a man who mistrust me”I said

“That will be impossible my love?” He said softly

“What do you mean by that?”I asked

“You have agreed to pretend to be my wife and I will see that you own up to it”he said and went to open the door.

A man with a briefcase walked in giving me a wide smile

“Who is he?”I asked

“He is my lawyer, Mr James meet Emily”he said introducing us

“Why is your lawyer here?”I asked interrupting him

“He brought our contract”

“What contract?”

“A contract that bonds you and I together”he said

“Bonds us ? I thought you said it’s all going to be fake?” I asked

“And it will, believe me when I say that I also don’t want to be tied down by a woman”

“Then what’s this contract all about?”I asked seething with anger

“Its a contract that will legalise that deal we made, a contract that will have a consequence if any one of us breaks it”He said and I stared at him in horror

“What will this consequence be?”I asked

“For the benefit of you two, Mr Cade has decided to pull up a contract and this is what the contract says” the lawyer began

“Party B which is you Miss Emily must never break her word, she must do as party A which Mr Cade says “.

“Party b must never resist any of party A advances, she must play her part dutifully and under no circumstance must she question party A for what he does outside of their deal”

“That’s absurd?”I yelled at him

“Let him finish” he silenced me

“Party B must never be seen with other man apart from Part A, If any of this fails to be done by Party B, Party A will take all get back his money and if party B can’t repay him back, she will be sent to jail ” the lawyer finished staring at Cade to give the final verdict

“Now is time for you to sign”Cade said

“I won’t be signing, That is not a contract, it’s a blackmail”I said

“Call it whatever you want but all I need from you is to sign it”He said bringing the paper to me

“I won’t!”

“Then you leave me with no choice, James stop the financial help we are giving to Emily mom and throw Emily father in jail, His daughter owes me a large sum of money and right now she is Ill and she won’t be able to take the blame herself” he said having a smirk on his face

“What are still waiting for James, go and do what I asked you “he yelled at James and James began to walk off.

Feeling totally defeated , I yelled at James to stop

“You win Mr Callaghan,I will sign the papers” I said and immediately it was brought to me and I signed it .

“Now all we have to do is to go to my island and start with this charade,”he said, giving me a smile.

I gave him an angry glare in return and I knew that my life will never be the same once this charade begins.

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