Chapter 9

By : Kebby NG


“Legalise those documents,I want to have it with me,so that I can remind Emily here that she is now in this with me.” He said to his lawyer.

“Yes sir, I will do it right away, I wish you a quick recovery.” he said and left the room.

I was quiet for a while and it was because I had a lot on my mind.

What will happen during the deal and after it, I thought

“Stop thinking about that Brad, it’s for your own good.” he said

“Have told you, I dont have any thing going with Brad”I yelled at him

“And as have said, I don’t believe you, Brad played an important role in your life and I will hate it if he shows up claiming that you are his when have made you mine”

“First of all Mr Callaghan, am not yours, neither do I belong to brad and you stated quite clearly in the contract that you can do what you want and I don’t have to meddle, so I can also do what I want without you meddling”I said

“That part only goes to me and not to you Emily, you see I can’t trust you with other guys and so am taking a precaution”

“While I stayed locked up and stay away from other men , you have the fun of your life with all those blondes and brunette you take around right?” I asked and he laughed

“Are you jealous?”

“Is that all you have to say”I asked totally pissed

“Don’t worry, As long as you are my pretend bride, I won’t bring you any embarrassment by showing off my mistress to your face”He said

“So you will be having them in a secret place, you are saying you won’t show them to my face but you are going to keep on having fun with them?”I asked

“Why do you question me a lot Emily?”He asked

“That’s because you are not to be trusted, I don’t trust you Mr Callaghan and I don’t think I ever will”I said

“Am glad to know that because I also don’t trust you, all you need to do is to pretend to be my bride, that’s your job so focus on that alone”He said and I would have given him a reply if my dad hadnt shown up

“I heard what happened, are you okay?”my dad asked as he gave me a hug

“Am fine dad, how is mom?”I asked

“She is getting well as it is, what’s going on and why is this man here again?”He asked Starring at Cade

“Due to what happened yesterday I couldn’t tell you the real reason why am here”He said staring at me

“Mr Callaghan” I called softly wanting him to stop talking but he gave me a smile and continued

“You see sir, your daughter and I love each other and so we got married “He said and I stared at him in shock


“Am Emily husband now and soon we will be going to my island to introduce her to my family, I hope you will give us your blessing”He said

“This is all a surprise to me”He said as he sat on one of the chair

“We are sorry if we rushed things and didn’t tell you about it “He said

“Is all this true?” my dad asked starring at me now

I stared at Cade and he gave me a look which I knew that he wanted me to keep up with the lie.

“Yes dad, Am married to him”I said as I gave him a sweet look

“I still can’t believe this”My father said

Cade walked towards me and sat on the bed beside me hugging me

“You have to believe it, I love your daughter and she loves me too and as have said the only thing we need from you is your blessing and also my parents blessing”he said and did some thing that surprised me, he kssed my forehead .

“But why all this secrecy.” he asked

“That’s because we were carried off by our impulse, we just saw a church and did the necessary thing,isnt that right love?”He asked and when I didn’t answer, he put pressure on my arm and I stared at him .

“Yes dad,we just got carried away and married one another, just give us your blessing, in a few days time, we will be leaving for Cade island so I can meet his parents”I said putting my head on his shoulder

“Fine! There is nothing I can do, after all you are married to him and you love him, so I give you my blessings” he said

“Thank you dad”I said feeling so bad for lying to him but I know that some day they will understand why I did it

“Mr Cade, I hope you take good care of my daughter, she is a gem that I treasure so much so please don’t do any thing to hurt her ” he said and I felt touched by his words.

He really wants the best for me, I thought as I gave him a false smile.

“Don’t worry sir, Emily is more precious to me than my own life,I will take care of her “He said and for a while I thought he was sincere with his words but then I derided myself of that notion and focused on what’s going on.

“I hope so, Let me go and check on your mom, I will be back soon”He said and left the room.

As soon as he was gone,Cade stood up and took his position by the window

“You didn’t have to tell him now, you know we can wait”I said

“We can’t wait, time is not on our side” he said softly

“What do you mean by that?”I asked

“I just got a call that things on the island is getting worse, The company there is not functioning welll and my mom has started this rumour about me marrying Isabel, the earlier we get there to stop every thing, the better”He said

“So when are we leaving?”I asked

“Next week”he said

“What? But that’s too soon”he said

“That’s the time we have left here, so wrap up all you can and get ready before a week time”He said as he began to walk to the door.

Suddenly he stopped and looked at me “And there is some thing else too” he said


“You must never fall in love with me, I hate women, who are clingy, jealous and most of all I hate those who fall in love with me, keep that in mind Emily”He said and then left the room.



I sat in the plane beside Cade heading for his island.

Its been a long full week and though have tried to find ways to get out of these. Mess, it just isn’t working

Every step I took Cade was always ahead of me and that made me realise that there was nothing I could do to change or stop this from happening.

As soon as mom got a bit better we broke the news to her,though she was surprised too,she took it well as gave us her blessing.

Cade got all the fake document for our fake marriage ready and I was surprised when he bought us a wedding ring

“You didn’t have to buy us a ring”I said

“And let them notice that we are not truly married, just put it on, it’s not like am asking you to be my wife for real” he said as he put the ring on the table and then he left me standing there.

Looking at the ring now made me remember it.

He sat beside me immense in his work, he didn’t even spare me a glance and I didn’t want to speak to him either but I hate being quiet this way, I had to know some thing about the island

“You know you haven’t really told me about the island?”I asked

“Am busy now maybe later”He said still working on his laptop.

This same attitude, he has been giving me this attitude ever since he found Brad at our house.

I don’t know why but his indifference frustrates me, each time I try to get to know him, he shut me off completely.

Well not this time, I won’t let him keep up with this darn behaviour

“Look if we are to do this, we have to do it properly, you got me into this and so you must take charge of every thing, your indifference towards me is only ruining the whole thing, I don’t know any thing about you and I don’t even know the name of the island you are taking me to, tell me if this won’t cause suspicion from your parents”I yelled at him and he stopped what he was doing to look at me

“What do you want to know” he asked

“Am not interested in knowing again, once they ask me some thing, I hope I don’t ruin it by giving them a wrong response and if that happens, it will be all your fault” i told him and then stood up to leave but I stopped when I felt him hold onto me

“Sit down, let me tell you more about myself and my island”he said.

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