Chapter 20

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I walked into the room still wondering why he gave me his robe while he walked half naked.

Quickly I took off the robe and threw it at him, doesn’t know what he is causing by walking like that

“You should put on your robe”I said

“You shouldn’t be walking around In that flimsy thing, it will call the attention of the wrong people”he said

“This has been my night wear for a long time now”I replied

“Don’t tell me you have been walking around in that flimsy thing?”He asked

“Of course I have, it’s the only night wear I have and saving money is all I thought of ,I never spent money on my self or on the clothes I wear “I said

“That’s why your ward robe looks horendous”he said

“Have some respect for my clothes”I replied as I went towards them

“This won’t do, get dress We are going out for some shopping “he said

“I don’t want you to buy clothes for me”I said

“I have to, it’s to keep up with the appearance, don’t forget you are now my wife and so you must reach up to our standards in looks and every thing else”He said

“Fine then, I will go with you only if you tell me more about the resort that was once here before”I asked

“Why do you want to know more about it ?”He asked

“Can’t you see that If there was once a resort, there can be another one again”I said
Already thinking of new ideas

“What are you saying? The resort has been closed down for years now,how will we be able to start another one”he asked

“It can be done Cade, the house can be redone again and the interior and all that can be done with the necessary people”I said

“And what about the people that will live in it, just forget about this resort thing”He said

“Don’t forget that I was working for an advertising agency when you met me, with the necessary material, I will make people come here,to the resort” I said already imagining it

“I don’t think it will work Emily,so it’s best you forget it”He said

“Cade don’t do this to me, this will be my job since meeting you, let me do it , let me bring the back the resort again”I said

“Am sorry but that can’t be done, so it’s best that we forget this discussion”he said as he went to his seat


“Just the thought of her being here makes me angry” I said as I stood in the patio with Cade father

“You will have to put up with her some more, she will be here for a while”He said as he sat on his chair ,going through a magazine.

“What? But you said that soon enough she will be out of my son life”i said angrily

“And she will, I told you that you will have to wait a while, I can’t just start getting rid of her, it’s just too soon”he said

“But if we don’t do some thing too soon,she will definitely bewitch my son forever”I said

“Your son has not been bewitched yet, so wait patiently” he said

“Why are you so calm about this? Aren’t you scared that he will never marry Isabel?”I asked again

” Have never been scared in my whole and this little thing won’t get me scared at all, so just relax my darling wife, your son will be doing what you want him to do soon enough”He said and feeling a bit dehydrated,I went back to my seat to drink a bottle of water.

Wanting to get my mind off things, I took a magazine only to see a picture of Cade and another lady.

Quickly I read what the content was about

“The great model Jessica Freeman
Claims to have been in a relationship
With Cade Callaghan, the multi- Billi
Onaire who we have just found out
That he got married recently, what
Jessica Freeman claim is that Cade
Callaghan never got married to his new
Wife Emily Wilburn because he was still
Dating her, what we are trying to find out
Now Is if Jessica Freeman claim is true
Or not”

“I knew it! I should have smell some thing fishy”I said as I went to show my husband the magazine

“I knew that my son would never have chosen a bride so low and unclassed”I said

“But they are married”he said

“Didn’t you read that lady claim, she said they are not married, my son never married that girl”I said

“So you are saying that Cade lied about his marriage to this girl” he asked

“Yes,what happened in the past has scarred him so much, that’s one of the reason why he didn’t want to marry Isabel and i knew that with enough persuasion I could get him to marry her but then he came back saying he has some one that he loves and is now married, I didn’t believe it at first but when they showed their seriousness in it, I felt that they were saying the truth and that I should leave them but then this article showed up,it solely means that my first assumption was right”I said feeling good about solving the puzzle

“Let’s not jump into conclusion yet, I will get my men to start the investigation, they will also have to talk to this lady and when we have confirm every thing,We will make it known to them for now they mustnt know that we suspect them” he said

“Good idea, though I will like to go to him right now,I must wait”I said and went to stand by the patio

Just then a car stopped by the entrance and Cade along with Emily got into it heading to God know where.

Very soon Emily Wilburn, you will be leaving this place and also my son life for good, I thought happily


“Common Cade just accept already”I kept on begging as the chauffeur drove us into town

“Why don’t we just watch the scenery outside,it’s beautiful”he said trying to distract me

“Why do you keep on fobbing me off,common let’s do it “I said again

“Emily it’s a no and please no more questions”He said and just then the car stopped in front of a famous boutique on the island

“Just get some new clothes and try to forget the resort thing”He said.

Just then a man called him and he recognised him to be his friend.

While he was taking to him, I was walking into the boutique when a woman came to me.

She looked dirty and smelly and quickly I moved away from her

“You should have never come back! You should have never come back, you coming back here will only make all the secrets known and you will regret it, you really will regret it!!!!” She said as she danced around me

What is this lady talking about, I thought as I tried to move away from her

She suddenly move in my path and due to the shock, I fell on the floor.

“You can’t run away this time, you can’t run away” she kept on yelling

“Emily”Cade called and suddenly he was beside me on the floor

“No! No! It’s him,it’s the wicked soul”The crazy lady yelled and ran off.

“Are you okay!”Cade asked as he held me in his arms

“I Am”I replied shaking

“You are not”he said as he carried me in his arms and head into the boutique.

Quickly the workers found a place for us and I sat in a room trying to get myself.

“Are you feeling okay now?”he asked as he gave me a cup of tea

I took it from him and zipped it gently “who was that lady?”I asked

“She is known as crazy Lucy, she got crazy after she lost her family, people are saying they were murdered right in front of her and some were saying she killed them herself and after all she went mad, we are really sorry that this happened in front of our boutique and it did not happen to anyone else but to the owner of Cain island wife, we are so sorry” The owner of the boutique apologised to us

“It’s okay Veronica but please my wife will be visiting here frequently,I don’t want the same thing to happen again”He said

“Dont worry,it won’t happen again sir “she said and left the room.

Cade knelt in front of me and held my hand “we can cancel the shopping if you don’t feel up to it?”he asked

“It’s okay I will be fine, I just need some time to get myself in order”I replied

“Fine then,I will leave you and once you are ready, Veronica will come to you”he said and left the room

I sat there alone thinking about what that lady said to me

“You should have never come back! You should have never come back, you coming back here will only make all the secrets known and you will regret it, you really will regret it!!!!”

Why did she sat that to me and why would she approach me in the first place.


Until I met her, I had liked this place some how but now am feeling Scared,all I want to do now is to leave

And Cade won’t possibly deny me that right, he can’t possibly want me to stay here knowing that I don’t feel safe right?.


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