Chapter 12

By : Kebby NG

I stood by the window staring out at the beauty of Cain island.

This is the only thing I can think of to help me forget what happened a while ago.

I don’t know why but Cain island makes me feel whole and somehow it makes me feel that I have been here before.

I have known this place all my life and that’s what surprised me the most.

Why do I feel this way about a place that I have just seen for the first time? I thought as I hugged myself.

There was a brief knock on the door and a girl dressed in the maid uniform walk in

“Good day Mrs Callaghan, am Tracy, your personal maid ” she said

“I don’t need a personal maid, I can do things myself “I said

“Please ma’am please accept me, don’t send me away, if you don’t accept me, I will be fired and I need this job “she said as knelt in front of me

“Why will you be fired?”I asked

“It’s just that I happen to be on trial, for all the time that have been working here, have been on a trial, something that I did got the madam angry and she fired me but this is the only place on this island that pays well and it have always been my dream to work in this place, so please Mrs Callaghan, accept me to be your personal maid, you are my last hope” she begged

I wanted my privacy to be for me alone but it turns out that that will not be happening now.

I might not know this girl but I felt pity towards her and I might as well have a company, she can fill me in on Cade family and also on the island.

“Fine then, I accept you to be my maid”I said feeling like royalty.

If someone had told me that I will be living in a mansion and that I will be waited on by a maid, I would never have believed it.

But now thanks to a deal am here now,I thought sadly

“Why don’t I help you put up your clothe”Tracy said as she took it from me

I went into the bathroom to run a bath only for Tracy to take it from me.

This is quite new to me, I have always been doing all this for myself and having someone to do it now only makes me feel restless.

I went back to the bed room to arrange the sheets and I was doing that quite peacefully until Tracy came to me ready to help

“You are doing a lot of work already, let me do this one, you see am not used to being idle”I said

“But that’s my work you will be doing Mrs” she said

“I can do it Tracy, okay why don’t we do this, go and get me some thing to eat”I said giving her something else to do so I can do some other things for a while

“Fine Mrs, I will be right back”She said as she left the room.

Finally! I thought as I sat on the bed.

The door opened suddenly and Cade’s mother walked in.

I didn’t expect our meeting again to be so soon

“Hello ma’am”I said

“It’s madam, MADAM!!!!!!!”she said and I corrected myself

“You must be quite glad that you have hooked my son but let me tell you that it won’t be for long” she said

“Why do you say that ?”I found myself asking

“Do you think I will tell you why? You must really be a fool” she said

“Madam, I know that you don’t like me but can we at least be civil to one another?” I asked, wanting to create peace for the time I will be spending here.

” Never! I don’t like you, just the mere sight of you reminds me of someone that I hate so much and I don’t like you for my son,I never will”she said

“Then you have no option Madam, I love Cade and I won’t leave him just because you say so”I retorted

“You even have the guts to talk back to me, how dare you”she said lifting up her hand to slap my face, I turned expecting a lash of her wrist but It never came.

“What are you doing Cade?”she yelled suddenly

I looked up only to see Cade holding his mom hand

“I didn’t bring my wife here to be slapped by you “he said as he pushed her hand away

“What has gotten over you Cade, what does the girl have that Isabel doesn’t have?”she yelled at him

“You better stop this mom, dad have accepted Emily, so you better accept her too or I will leave this place and never come back”

“Fine then, you win, I accept your darn wife but don’t expect me to be civil to her, that is the one thing that I will never do” she said as she left the room

Cade went to close the door and I sat down on the bed feeling tired.

“If I hadn’t come in, you would have let her hit you!”he yelled at me

“Cade this is all a mess”I said

“Is that all you can say?”he asked

“Let’s end it before it becomes worse, your mom hates me, I can feel it with every glare she sends my way and though your father is sweet and accepts me, I don’t feel comfortable lying to him and there is Isabel, that girl loves you, just by the way she has put up with you having mistress and leaving her here on her own, she truly loves you, I on the other hand can tell you that if you did the same thing to me, I will certainly leave you, Cade let me go and marry someone that loves you”I added hoping that I can get to him somehow

“You are really getting me angry!”he said

“And am getting sick of this already, it’s only been a few hours here and It’s been unbearable”I yelled at him

“What has been unbearable uh?”

“You and your family, I don’t think I can cope with this, take me back to the city”I said

“Don’t be ridiculous, we both signed a contract?’ ”

“To heck with the contract Cade, If I should live here, my life will certainly never be the same again” I said

He walked towards me and pulled me by my arm

“You have no choice In this Emily and let me make it clear to you that as you long as you are on this island, you will never leave ” he said


“You came here for the deal and you will leave that deal is over”He said

“You can’t do this to me Cade, am willing to go to jail, send me to jail and end this”I said

“Never, have come this far Emily and i won’t let you destroy it”

“Fine then, I will just tell your family the whole truth and who knows your father might help me leave”I said as I began to walk out of the door

“One more step Emily and you will never see your parents again”He said and i stopped

“What?” I asked as I turned to look at him

“You heard me right”he said

“What do you plan on doing to my parent?”I asked

“Don’t worry my love, I won’t kill them if that is what you are thinking”He said, getting me more scared.

I went back to him and pull him by his collar

“What are you going to do to my parents” I asked

“Have booked a plane ticket for them, to them it’s like an holiday and it will keep on being one, only that you have to make a decision about it , if you walk out of that door and tell them the whole truth, I will make it so that you will never see your parents again, as soon as they get to their destination, I will make sure that they stay in that particular place forever without any hope of return and you will never get to see them again.”

“If you choose to stay here and keep up with the deal, they will return from their trip and who knows, I might even invite them to the Island to see you, so what do you say Emily, Be on bad terms with me and regret it or be on good terms with me and live with no worries” he asked.

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