Chapter 14

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I woke up to find myself in a beautiful garden, the garden was full of white roses and I was even putting on a white gown.

Barefooted, I began to walk around, feeling happy and free in the garden of white roses.

Just then I heard someone’s voice and I turned only to see a little child.

She was pretty and very lovely, her beauty will outshine all if she will just smile a bit.

“What’s your name” I find myself asking but she didn’t reply

Instead she took my hand and pulled me towards a little grave.

“What’s this?”I asked again but she didn’t reply instead she kept on staring at the grave

It was then that I realised that the grave belonged to her.

“Did you die?”I asked softly and the child Shaked her

“If this is not yours then why is it there and why won’t you say anything?”I asked again .

The only answer she could give me was to point towards a house.

It was the same house, the one I had gotten to, I turned only to see the child running off

I wanted to run after her but I stopped when I saw a shadow holding a knife

I couldn’t see the face clearly but I knew that it wanted to kill me

Quickly I ran off, feeling scared for my life.

I ran towards the house and I would have made it inside if I hadn’t tripped over a stone.

I tried to stand up but I found that I couldn’t because my leg had been injured and it was pouring out a lot of blood.

I turned only to see the shadow over me, I begged him not to kill me but he only laughed out loud and then set the knife straight at me.

I screamed out only to find myself in my room, it took me a while before I could recollect myself

“Are you okay Emily, are you okay”Cade’s voice was the first thing I heard when I opened. I could hear the things around me.

I turned to look at him and for the first time I saw him looking worried.

“Are you okay Emily,Please talk to me or no it won’t do, I need to get a doctor for you” He said about to stand up but I held his hand

“You don’t have to, I’m okay”I said.

The last thing I want is to be a problem on my first day here.

“You aren’t okay Emily, you need to be checked on by the doctor “He said again

“Am fine, please don’t make a fuss”I retorted angrily

“I should not make a fuss! Really?” He yelled at me

“You don’t have to be concerned about me and I don’t have to be concerned about you too, so please just leave me be” I said feeling so angry

“Am just thinking about your health, am not really concern about you, even though we made a deal, you still have to go back home in one piece “He yelled at me

“Don’t worry, I will get back home in one piece,so just leave me and go back to Isabel, she will be dying for your company”I said

“So we are on finally on the topic, have been wondering when you will have it out with me”He said

“I don’t care with what you do with Isabel, as have said that girl loves you and am sure that if you give her a chance,she will treat you like her king, just look at what she did just to get your attention, I don’t think I will ever be able to do that for any man” I said

“Whatever and as you have said you don’t have to care about what happens between me and Isabel, I will handle Isabel myself”

“I know how your type handle ladies”I said seething with anger


“The only way you handle them is by sleeping with them, Am so sorry that I had ruin your only moment with Isabel, if I hadn’t walked in a while ago, you would have been having the greatest sex of your life right?” I asked

“Yes you came late and let me tell you, you ruined it all, you ruined my night with Isabel”

“Then leave, get out of here and go to her, I don’t want to see your irritating face”I yelled at him

“Fine, I will gladly make that possible for you”he said and walked out of the room.

I sat by myself, looking at the door thinking that any time he will come back but he didn’t and knowing that he went to Isabel somehow made me feel hurt

We might not be In Love with each other but he should at least be discreet about it.

Why I had ran off earlier was because i had felt hurt by what I saw

He had a naked woman in his arms while he made a deal with me, such a louse!.

Just then my mind drifted off to the dream I had just before waking up

What was that shadow with the knife? Who was that child and what does that house have in it? Why do I feel like something is in there! I thought as I remembered what happened when I saw the house.

If I want to find out more,I better get more info from Tracy, yes she will know something, I thought as I called for her.


I stood on the patio thinking of the fight that ensued between Emily and I.

How does she manage to get on my nerves, I thought as I hit the wall angrily.

I would admit that when she walked into the room and found Isabel and I together, I was worried about what she would think of me.

And when she ran off and kept on running towards that house, it reminded me of what happen years ago

That girl had also run like that ,she had been scared for her life and she had run but with it all she had died.

Seeing Emily run like that reminded me of her, it’s been so long since have been reminded of that girl

But today I had been reminded of her, I have to finish my business in the company and leave this place.

It has brought me nothing but pain and sadness, I have to leave before Emily knows the kind of demon that I am

Why am I even bothered by what Emily thinks, she is just a pain in the neck, I thought as I went back to my room

I won’t give her the satisfaction of sleeping in another room

I walked in bracing myself for another fight but she was already asleep.

The covers were off the floor and she was sleeping like a log.

Seems like she is someone who moves around the bed, I thought as I picked up the covers from the floor and spread it over her.

She turned at that moment hitting my leg and I fell over her

I stayed still on her, hoping that she wouldn’t wake and she didn’t.

I looked up at her and tried to stand up but I found myself being distracted by her beauty.

This will be the first time I see her hair loose, black and very long, she always told me to seek out my Brunette and blonde bimbos and I won’t deny that have always preferred those type of ladies,I never went in for the dark haired female

But I went for Emily, I thought and still can’t understand why.

Have tried telling myself that it’s because she intrigues me or that she is the first lady to reject me but I know that those are all lies.

I don’t know what drew me to her and I don’t think I will ever know.

I stood up from her and put the covers around her only for her to push it away

“Get away you je.rk'” she talked out still asleep

I stood still thinking she was talking to me but when I saw that she was still deep in her sleep, I smiled

“Handsome but a total jerk”she said as she scratched her head still asleep

“I can barely lie to my parents and now I have to lie to his parents too” she said out still asleep

“I hate you cade Callaghan” she muttered lastly before shutting off completely

Her last words got me feeling strange, what does her hating me got to do with me, I thought as i threw the covers over her head and went to take a shower




I woke up to find myself in a strange room. I was about to scream out thinking I was kidnapped when I remembered yesterday’s events.

Yes, I am at Cade island and in his bedroom at this particular moment.

I tried to move only to feel a pair of arm around me

I turned only to see Cade sleeping beside me with his arms over me

What the he.ll is happening and how come he is on the bed with me.

Did we………..did I……oh no,I thought as I pushed him away angrily

He woke up and gave me a smile.

“I can see that you are finally up”he said as he stretched

“Why did you come back and why are you on the same bed with me, we didn’t…………”I stopped when I couldn’t complete the sentence

“If you are trying to ask if I we both had sx then yes we did, you were quite fascinating in Bed and you were so wild, I couldn’t get enough of you”He said giving me a sheepish grin

“You ba$tard you took advantage of me when I was asleep”I said

I knew that if I was asleep I would only wake up the next day, even if there was an earthquake.

It’s the one weakness that have been unable to get rid of

And if Cade had taken advantage of that and had slept with me, I………I would really kill him.

“You are a total sx manaic Emily and I loved every of our time together”he kept on saying

“We might as well have more fun this morning too”he said

“You touch me and I will kill you “I said as I began to hit him

He lost his balance and fell back on the bed, I was over him, hitting his chest and pulling his hair

“How dare you touch me! How dare you !!!”I kept on yelling until he took hold of my hand and turned me on the bed with him over me

“Have always wanted to give myself to the Man I love and now all that is ruined because of you, get off of me, I hate you” I kept screaming as I tried to push him away

“Shut up and listen! “He yelled and I stopped to stare at him

“Nothing happened between us, NOTHING! I too wouldn’t want you even if you were the last thing on earth”He said and that calmed me down a bit

“Get off of me!”I said as I tried to stand up but he pushed me back,having a dirty smirk on his face

“But you are the next desirable thing next to me right now and I found that I am in need of someone, so why don’t we just get started, you can think of me as the man you love” he said and before I could stop him, he kssed me .

I found myself kissing him back,though I wanted to resist, I found myself wanting more of him.


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