Chapter 15

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“Are you sure that you hate me Emily”he whispered into my ear softly

“I….I ….oh my God !!!!” I muttered softly when he kssed the pulse beating at my throat, have never felt this way before, I thought as I dug my hand through his black thick hair , wanting more

But suddenly he pull away from me, having a smirk on his face

I knew then and there that he was just playing with me and the stupid gullible me had to fall for it.

I sat up and used the covers to protect myself from his scrutiny

“Trying to salvage the rest of your pride?”He asked

“Get out!”I said softly

“Seems like your hating me melted straight after I touched you”He added bitingly

“Go away Cade”I said again

“Not until I make one thing clear to you, you don’t get to tell me what to do, I think of Isabel as friend and as a little sister, I don’t see her as anything else, so stop with your blabbering about her love for me, it sickens me to hear about love and also don’t try to fool yourself that you are that desirable, you are not Emily and I don’t think I will ever be attracted to you, put that in your head each time you melt In my arms”he said and head to the bath room.

Feeling suffocated a bit, I put on my night gown and went down stairs.

I kept on hoping that I wouldn’t see anyone and i didn’t, I didn’t meet up with anyone until I got outside

Fresh air at last, I thought as I began to stroll around the house

I wanted to give myself time before heading back to the house.

I didn’t want to talk to Cade when he leave the house.

I should have known that he was just punishing me for what I said and how I reacted after thinking that he had slept with me.

I shouldn’t have succumb to his ksses or his touch, After what Brad did to me, I was never interested in any guy, though they were some who wanted to be more than friends with me but I rejected them wanting to focus on my career and my family.

But every thing changed when Cade came into my life.

His touch makes me lose my sense of reason and it makes me do some things that I will regret later on.

Just like what happened a while ago, I will have to keep my distance from Cade and if we have to pretend to his family, I will have to tolerate his touch and ksses.

I was lost in thought that I didn’t realise that I had walked into a big field.

There was no sign of the house and I had walked a long way.

Just where am I, I thought as I turned back, wanting to follow the same path that I came from

“Get out of there Miss!!!!” A man at the other end of the field yelled out at me

Just then I heard the sound of some horses and I turned only to see a lot of them running towards me.

“Run Miss! Run !!!!”The man yelled and I began to run but who was I kidding.

I knew how fast an horse was and am sure that I will be trampled on by them.

Is this how am going to die? I thought as I kept running for my life.

Just then I saw a horse coming in front of me and before I could call for help

The rider swopped down and lifted me up onto his horse and he did that on time to move away from the other horses.

As soon as we were in safety, he stopped the horse and asked

“Are you alright Miss”

“Yes……..”I said as I finally look up at my saviour

He was handsome, very handsome but though his beauty is some thing,it can’t be compared to Cade charisma and toughness.

Why am I thinking of that brute, I thought as I looked away from the stranger.

“”Are you okay Miss”The older man that had been warning me earlier asked as he ran up to us

“Yes am fine “I replied wanting to get down but he held onto me

“Let me help you down”he said as he got off the horse and stretched his hand up at me

I got off gently and I thought he was going to take me by the waist and put me down but instead he carried me bridal style and put me on the floor gently.

“What’s going on here”on hearing Cade voice , we all turned to stare at him

“Oh it’s the boss”the older man said to the guy who saved me and he let go of me

“I just ask a question, what’s going on?”He asked again

“Cade I……..”

“Am not talking to you, am talking to him “Cade said as he stared at the guy who saved me

“I was helping this young miss”the man replied

“Miss! And who told you she is a Miss?”Cade asked

“I don’t know her name and so I referred to her as a Miss” the guy replied

“She is not a Miss, she is my wife”He said as he pulled me away from the guy

“Oh we are so sorry ,we didn’t know” the older man replied

“Now you know and why are the horses on a loose”he asked

“They were let out to excercise a bit”The older man replied

“Get me my horse, am taking my wife home”Cade said and the older man wanted to do it but Cade called him back

“Let him do it!” He said starring at the guy who saved me.

At first the guy didn’t want to do it but then he walked off and the older man went to get the other horses

“What the he.ll is your problem”I said to him

“Let’s save our arguments for indoors, now that we are out side, let’s maintain peace”he said

“I don’t think I want to maintain any peace with you Cade, just get lost”I said in anger and began to run off.

“Emily! Emily!”he called for me but I kept on running off.

I got to no where exactly because I didn’t see the mansion

Once again,I am lost, I thought as I turned to leave only to see that house.

The same house that I had dream about, have been wondering since yesterday why I had a dream about the house.

It must certainly mean some thing to me and that’s why I dreamt about it

I went towards the house and touched the door

It feels strange, like have been here before but that is impossible right!

I was born and brought up in the city by my parents,so why do I feel like have been here before.

I moved to the door and tried to open it only for me to find it lock.

“Emily!!!” Cade call made me stop from trying to find a way to get the door open.

“Why are you here?”he yelled at me

“It’s none of your business,pretend you didn’t see me and go your way “I said as I turned to the house again

“You can’t go in there”he said

“Why? Its old and grey,it’s not some thing you would be interested in “I said

Just then he walked to me and pulled me by my arm

“I said you should not go in, can’t you listen to me for once”He yelled at me looking so angry

“But I just want to see what’s in the……….”

“Don’t see it, it’s none of your business”he said and began to pull me off

“Let me go Cade, you are hurting me, let me go”I said and he stopped only to carry me in his arms

“You are going to listen to me and if I say that you should stay away from that house, you will”he said as he carried me into the house.

I stayed silent in his arms and as he carried me off,I kept on starring at the dillapitated house.

Just what is about this house?, why do I feel that there is some thing about it?, why? ,I thought as I buried my face on Cade throat.


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