Chapter 16

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As soon as we got to the mansion, I saw that some maids were outside along with his mom and Isabel

Ever since what happened last night,I haven’t seen Isabel

She stared at Cade and then at me, the hatred in her eyes was so much for me to bear that I had to look away.

All my life I have never been looked at like that before, have never made any enemy, My parents and I have always been easy going and have always made friends but being here changes all that.

“So you found her” Cade mother said as we got to the entrance

I would have gotten down but Cade still held me tight in his arms

“As you can see mom, I found my wife”Cade replied

“You heard your boss, he found his wife, you can all go back to your work”His mother said and soon all the workers scrambled off to their respective jobs.

“Well it’s a good thing you found her, For a while I thought she had been eaten by the wild animals on the island “his mom said

“As you can see mom, she wasn’t eaten by the wild animals, she is perfectly okay and have returned to her house” he said

“I hope she doesn’t leave the house like that again, who knows she might run into a wild animal then,let’s go Isabel”She said as they both walked off.

“Put me down already”I said to him but he kept on moving with me in his arms

As soon as we got to the room, he threw me on the bed like I was some rag doll

“You brute!!!”I yelled at him

“What were you doing on that worker horse and why was he holding onto you when I arrive” he asked

“I don’t have to explain anything to you Cade, you never explain to me, so why should I?”I retorted

“Is it because I rejected you this morning?”he asked suddenly


“Is it because I didn’t satisfy you, is that why you had to go to that worker for more”he said suddenly

“What rubbish are you saying?” I asked

“You can stop with the pretence now, i brought you here, Thinking you were different the rest but it turns out that you ……….”he couldn’t finish his word because I slapped his face

“Ever since we got to this island, you have always insulted me but this Cade is the worst insult of them all””I said with tears in my eyes and not wanting to break down in front of him,I went to the bathroom.

I won’t cry, I kept on muttering to myself and it’s best that I get a bath before going out again.

I have to face him again but that didn’t happen when I got out a while later because he had left the room.


Still feeling angry at myself for how I handled the situation with Cade, I left the room and Went out for a ride with my horse.

Could I have made a mistake by thinking that Emily went out to look for fun.

It can’t be a mistake, seeing her being held by that guy has made me see that she is nothing but a flirt.

After riding for a while, I took the horse back to the stables

Seems like no one have noticed my return because there was no one there to take my horse from me

Having kept my horse it his rightful place, I turned to leave only for me to hear Silas calling me, I turned to see the aged man with his hat with him

“Sorry to disturb you boss but I just wanted to know if your wife is okay” he asked

“Yes she is fine”I replied

“Thank God,it had been quite scary when I had seen the horse running towards her, I tried warning her ahead of time but she didn’t hear me at first but when she did,she began to run but am glad that David was there to get her back to safety”Silas said

“You mean my wife was almost trampled by some horse”I asked

“Yes, if David hadn’t been there, she would have been……….am sorry boss”he said when he saw the look on my face.

“Am glad that you two have seen my wife and just as have asked you to stay away from me, stay away from my wife too”I said

“Are you still going to keep up with what happened between you and David, can’t you just forget it and move on “Silas said

“Do you think my indifference to you have something to do with what happened in the past ,Well you are wrong Silas, my indifference towards you have nothing to do with what happened in the past, now head back to work and one more thing, I don’t want you to ever talk about this with me again”I said and he nodded gently.

I left him standing there and headed back to the house.

What happened between David and I is something that can never be mended.

David took my friendship for granted, his father and him made me look like a fool and that is something that I will never forgive.

“you have always insulted me but this case is the worst insult of them all”

Remembering Emily’s words made me realise that I had judged her wrongly.

I don’t know what came over me but when I got to the field and saw the way David was holding onto her,I let my head think of a lot of things and In anger I had said things to her that I regret now.

Since seeing her with David and thinking the worst of her,I had been thinking that I chose the wrong girl,that I had let myself be blinded by her resistance to all my charm but knowing that she didn’t have the intention of seducing anyone I know now that I chose the right girl and right now that girl is so furious with me.

The last expression she had given before going into the bathroom was quite sad and angry.

I have never seen that expression on her face before and I blame myself for putting it there with my doubts and insults.

I will need a lot of persuasion to get her to give me her forgiveness.


As soon as I got dressed, Tracy brought in my breakfast .

And while she rearranged the bedroom,I munched on some toast bread.

“What would you like to do today Mrs Callaghan”

“First of all Tracy, just call me by my name, judging from your look we might be the same age and I don’t like it when someone my age refer to me in a formal way, let’s be informal with each other”I said

“I can’t possibly can’t call you by your name, you are my bo…….”

“Wrong! Am not your boss, Cade is your boss and his parents and Isabel are your boss, am just your boss wife, so just call me by my name Which is Emily”I said

She looked doubtful about it but then gave me smile in the end and called my name softly

“That’s great, we are getting somewhere” I said as she gave me a smile

“So Emily, would you like a tour of the ranch?” She asked

“I don’t think I want to, I will prefer staying in door”I said to her

“But you should get to know more about your new home”She persisted

“Sorry but not today”I said

Just then the door to the room opened and Cade walked in.

I had been expecting to see him some time later, I didn’t expect that he would be coming back soon.

“An glad you are still here Emily, I want to talk to you”he said

“I think I will do as you say Tracy, tour me around the Cain Mansion”I said as I stood up

“Emily I want to talk to you”

“And as you can see, Tracy and I have something important to do, so I think our discussion will have to wait a while more, See you later Cade ”I said as I took Tracy’s hand and left the room with her.

“I don’t even know where to start from”Tracy said nervously

“Just start from somewhere”I said non excited at all

“Well then we better head to the main rooms first”Tracy said as she led me through some rooms.

It took her an hour to show me the house and from what I have learned, The Cain Mansion was built during the time of a drastic war, it helped protect the people who were alive at that period.

The house itself has fourteen rooms, six bed room each plus the guest room added to it

Two kitchens,A big one where they cook for parties and other occasions and then the small one is used to cook for the family.

Then there are two sitting rooms and the two of them are quite enormous.

Then there was the exercise room, the laundry room, the study and also the party hall. I never thought that the house could possess so much room..

“I think that should be all “Tracy said as we headed out of the house.

As soon as we got outside, I was saying something and wasn’t watching my way when I tripped and during that impact, I knew that I had sprained my ankle.

“Are you okay Emily?”Tracy kept asking and I Shaked my head.

The pain to my leg was just so painful, it kept hurting a lot

“Get me some one, get help for me Tracy,it hurts so much”I said

Tracy ran off to get help and while I was on the floor, tolerating the pain to my leg, I heard some one foot step and I looked up only to see the guy that had helped earlier

“Should I just leave you as your husband have requested or should I help you”He asked staring down at me

“Help me!”I begged softly and without waiting for any more pleas from me,he carried me bridal style and headed to the mansion.


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