Chapter 17

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“It hurts a lot”I kept on saying as he carried me towards the house

“This won’t do”he said suddenly and dropped me on a rock which was fit enough for me to put my leg on

“What are you doing? “I asked as he took hold of my leg

“Am trying to set back the dislocated bone, it’s out of order that’s why it hurts you so much” he said

“Don’t do it! It’s going to hurt me a lot,,,,,,I,,,,,,,,ahhhhhhhh!!!”I yelled as he got the dislocated bone back in place

The excurciating pain was gone,All I was left with was a sprain

“How about that? Does it still hurts you?”he asked

“Not that much but it’s still hurting me a bit, how did you do that?”I asked

“Just some few techniques that I know “he replied

“Common,let me carry you to the mansion, we can’t risk you walking with this leg until the doctor check up on it” he said as with out waiting for my answer, he lifted me in his arms again

“Thanks”I whispered softly


“I said thank you, you helped me from the horse earlier and now you helped me with my leg,You are always helping me”I said as I remembered what he said about Cade while he came to my aid a while ago.

He stopped suddenly and when I looked at what he was looking at, I saw him staring at Cade who was being accompanied by Tracy.

Out of all the people to ask for help, why did she choose to get Cade, I thought as I looked away from him.

“Guess he is angry again” he said as he kept on walking towards Cade.

“I see you saved my wife again”Cade said as he got to us

“Yes I did, I happen to find her on the floor, having an immense pain, I couldn’t just leave her and so I decided to help “he replied

“Thank you, now you can give her to me, I will take it from here”Cade said as he moved to take me from him

“I would prefer to walk”I said quickly not wanting to be in his arms

“You can’t walk yet, even if I manage to set your dislocated bone, you still can’t walk on it “He said

“You did what?”Cade asked

“I set back her bone, she was saying that it hurt so much, so I had to do it” he said

Cade was quiet for a while and then he looked at me and without warning he carried me into his arms

“Thanks for everything David, you can go back to your work”He said coldly and turned with me, heading back to their mansion.

He wasn’t saying a thing and I knew that it was because he was angry and am sure that as soon as we get to the to, he will pick a fight with me but he surprised me by putting me gently on the bed and then he brought out his phone and dialled for the doctor.

As soon as he finished talking on the phone, he looked at me

“Does it still hurt that much?”He asked and I Shaked my head

“Where does it hurt?”he asked as he moved towards me wanting to take my sprained leg.

Quickly I pulled away from him and he gave me a surprised look

“You don’t have to check it, the doctor will be here soon and you don’t have to wait, what ever the doctor tells me,I will do it”I said wanting him to leave

“Am going to stay, I also want to know what the doctor to say?”He said

“For what? Is it to confirm if I really sprained my leg,you really are something Mr Callaghan”I said

“Don’t start with the Mr Callaghan thing again”he said

“And am not staying back to confirm if what you are saying is true”he added

“Then why the hell are you here?”

“Whether you believe me it not, I do care about your health”he said

“I do not believe you Cade and I want you to leave, I don’t want to argue with you” I said

“this is hopeless,trying to show to you am also caring is hopeless” he said

“But doing it will certainly change your mind right?”He asked suddenly


“I said by doing it will certainly you make you see that I do care about you”he said And I got quiet just staring at him

“After our discussion this morning, I realised that have not been fair with you ”

“First I brought you here forcefully and I was nasty to you and as you said this morning, Have always insulted you and for that am sorry “he pleaded

I sat in shock feeling surprised by Cade’s attitude, what has gotten over him? I thought as I kept staring at him

“I judged you this morning, am sorry for that but I was just angry with seeing you in David arms, I thought you went to him just to get him to give you what I couldn’t finish this morning” he added sheepishly

“I think have heard quite enough Cade and since you are apologising, I accept,now Please get me the doctor cause my leg still hurts”I said looking at my leg.

I was so occupied with checking my leg that I didn’t realise that he had come over to my side

“Emily!”the soft call of my name made me look at him

“Please Emily forgive me for all the bad things have said to you”he said

“Cade I………..”

“This is the first time am apologising to a girl Emily and you are the first and I know that it’s because have been nothing but a jerk towards you “he said as he put his head on the bed beside me

I stared at him and I felt that he was being sincere with his apology.

I found myself patting his head softly and saying to him

“Okay have forgiven you Cade, now please get up “I said as I helped him to sit on the bed beside me

“Tell me what have made you to apologise to me”I said wanting to know his reason

“Because I misjudged you and also because I want some thing from you” he said

“And what will the some thing be?”I asked

“Can we start over” he replied softly

“What do you mean by start over”

“I brought you here forcefully, I threatned you with your parents life and also I tried to ruin your life too and for that am very sorry and I want to make amends”

“With us starting again”I asked

“Yes with us starting again , let’s forget about the contract and the deal we made and just try to get along with each other, don’t think of this place as some sort of a cage, think of it as some where you came for your vacation”he said

“Cade do you know what you are saying to me right now?”I asked softly

“I do ,Let’s start again, am sure that we can be best if friends if we try”he said

For a while I thought of refusing his offer but then I thought better and accepted it.

It’s better to be friends than enemies,I thought

“Fine then, I accept to be your friend and in return, you won’t threaten or force me to do something that I don’t want”I said

“I won’t,I promise”he said and I gave him a smile.

“Do you know that this is the first time am seeing your smile”he said

“What? You would have seen me smile “I said

“No this is the first time and I hope that as time goes by you will always smile like this”he said softly

Just then the door opened and the doctor walked in interrupting us from saying anything more

This is a new Cade I am seeing, I thought and I hope that he will keep on being this way until the end of our contract.


It took a while for me to finish the last paperwork.

Emily must have been asleep by now, I thought as I stood up leaving the study room I share with my father.

The doctor had diagnosed her injury to be a minor sprain, he knew that it had been dislocated but when we told him about David part in this, he made it known to us that David did well and that we should be very grateful for his help.

As soon as the doctor left, Emily told me of how David had helped her twice and how she owed him.

I didn’t want to destroy our friendship mode by telling her to stay away from David.

But soon I will make it known to her that I don’t want to see her with David.

He might just try to steal her away from me, after all he has always been converting my place, he and his darn father.

I thought as I headed to our room, I walked in slowly so I wouldn’t get to wake Emily up.

She was laying like a log as usual but she had her injured feet propped up on a pillow.

I went to her bed and stood staring down at her

She always looks beautiful when she is asleep,I thought as I found myself tracing her face.

Wanting to know the shape of her lips,I found myself tracing it with my finger

It’s very sensuous, I thought as I kept on touching her lips.

She won’t know if I gave her one or two ksses right!

Without further thinking, I bent and gave her the kss .


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