Chapter 18

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“Leave me alone you buzzing bee”she muttered and i found myself smiling.

Does she even know that she talk out loud when she is sleeping, I thought as I spread the covers over her properly.

I went to stand by the window and I thought of what I just did

Why the he.ll did I kss Emily, she is nothing but a friend and also the girl I had hired to help me convince my parents that I will be better off with out him.

I opened the door that led to the balcony and I stood there staring at the night and enjoying the chilling breeze

Just then I saw David and his father walking towards the back, seems like they were close for the day, I thought.

I still can’t believe that I had thought of these two as a family.

I had taken David like the brother I never had and it was painful when I knew what his agenda was.

My mind drifted off slowly to what happened three years ago



I walked through the path that led me to David and Silas house.

It’s been a heck of a week, being pressured all through by my mom to marry Isabel, I finally answered her and did as she said .

The party was still going on but I had left the hall to see my best friend

I don’t know why he never came to the party, maybe he is so busy with work, I thought as I got to their door.

David and I have been friends ever since his dad started to work for my father.

We did things together, went to the same high school and if it hadn’t been that he didn’t want to further his studies, we would have gone to the same school.

He has practically been the brother i never had, I thought as I knocked softly on the door.

There was so response even when I kept knocking.

I turned to leave only to hear his father (Mr Silas) yelling at some one

I moved towards the fields and saw both father and son and it looks like they have been talking

I smiled wanting to go to them but then I stopped when I heard what Silas said

“Stop sulking and just accept what is going on “he said holding David Cheek

“I can’t dad, why does every thing have to work out well for him, why does he have to have things under a silver platter, he is just adopted”David continued as his dad kept driving us

“That is the only benefit he has over you , he is only adopted, Mr Callaghan haven’t decided who his heir is going to be,so try to do your best when it comes to this”

“Your friendship with Cade is only to get his place with Mr Callaghan”

“So what about Isabel, you know that I love her but she is being given to that bastard”David said and I stood still listening to him

“Just forget her ,she was never going to be yours anyway”his father said

“But I love her and just knowing that she will be marrying some one who doesn’t love or cherish her makes me so angry” he said angrily

“Well for now she is none of your concern, your only concern there is you and your loved ones, So David for now,just smarten up , get Mr Callaghan trust and affection and you must get that at all “his father said said as he brought out his little pistol

“After all you have been the one here, to stay close to him, you skipped going to college, he left for college while you stayed , you have been the one by Mr Callaghan side and so he must certainly give you what he owes you”his father said

“Think about it, once you are part of the noble men, you can ask for Isabel hand, you don’t have to let him take what you like too”his father added again

“Just do as I have told you and all will be fine in a few days” he said

“Why In a few days”

“Well, Mr. Callaghan Is giving out his position as head of every thing to some one, all you have to do for this remaining days is to focus on getting his approval, if you get to get the position, every thing will be at your disposal even his daughter”his father added and that got him to action .

Slowly I watched the two walk off, so I had been nothing to David and his father

For once In my life,I had considered two people as my family only to be stabbed in the back this way .

Well they won’t be receiving any position or favours from my dad, I will make sure of that, I thought as I clenched my hands tightly and walked off.



And I made that possible, as soon as I got the spot from my father, the first thing I did was to stop them from coming to the house.

I would have cut all ties with them completely but dad just still thinks of them as our family and he still fancies Isabel

Who knows I might just help him with getting Isabel, she is also becoming a pain the neck for me, I thought as I stood by the window gazing out side.

I hardly treat him like a friend any more, though I never made it known to them that I heard his conversation with his father.

When they knew that I was the one taking the next seat, they began to act like a friend, wanting to get close to me.

They thought I was going to fall easily again but I didn’t and I made it known to him that I detested the fact that he was pretending to be a friend and then I told him to stay away from me.

Ever since then we haven’t made any close contact, he is just a worker and am the boss and that was why I had been shocked when I saw Emily in his arms earlier.

I thought he wanted to use her to get to me but when I figure out that Emily herself was just being helped I knew that I had to find away to keep him from getting close to Emily.

Once Emily is up by tomorrow,I will tell her that myself.

Its been a long hard day, I have to bathe and get ready for bed , I thought as I went to the bath room to bathe.



I woke up to find that Emily was not in the room, where could she have gone to, I thought as I removed the spread and went out in search of her.

Luckily I didn’t run into my mom or Isabel to annoy me early in the morning.

Where could Emily be? I thought as I went past the kitchen.

” Ma’am you shouldn’t be doing this, let us do it”I heard a maid say

Turning around, I went to the kitchen only to see Emily preparing breakfast herself

“Just let me do it, I need to get myself busy”she said to the maid who all stood aside to let her do what she wants to do”I said through the door way and when she looked up, she gave me a genuine smile.

It was hard to get a glimpse of her smile before but now here was sending her sweet smile my way.

Seems like since we have made up and have made a deal to start all over again, she is doing her best to make it work and I tray like that, I thought as I returned her smile

“I just wanted to make you some thing to eat” she said as she came to me

“Thanks, you look quite happy this morning”I asked

“Yes I am happy and that’s because you and I have made the proper deal on this whole Thing” she muttered the last part for my ears only

“Yes we have”I replied as i gave her a smile in return.

Just then the kitchen door opened and David walked in.

“Guys is there any thing to eat, am really starving”he said having not notice our presence.

“Why is there no……………….” He stopped when he saw Emily and I standing there

“Oh we meet again miss or no Mrs”He added dryly and I knew that he was having fun at my expense

“It’s my saviour”I heard Emily muttered and before I could stop her, she went to him,getting me angry.


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