Chapter 19

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I watched as Emily limped towards David who was still surprised at seeing us at the kitchen

“It’s you!”she said as she gave him a bright smile

“I couldn’t thank you properly for what you did yesterday” she said

“Oh no,it’s alright, I did it out of good faith”he said starring at me.

“I doubt that ,you don’t look like some one who would help some one out of good faith” she said

“Ahhhhhhh…… what do I look like?”David asked and from the smile curving on his lips,I knew he was enjoying the conversation between the two of them and some how that made me furious

“You look more like the help them so you wouldn’t feel guilty about it later on”Emily said and he smiled

“But am glad that you decided to help me, twice at the most, let me some how repay you by giving you some thing to eat, you see am kind of making breakfast” Emily said

“Well am not sure, I don’t think the boss will want me to share your food”He said this looking at me

“Cade,it’s only to say thank you” Emily said and suddenly seeing her sad face got me feeling some how

“Fine he can join us”I said

“Great then,you can have your seat while I finish with what am doing” she said to David who went to sit in the kitchen little dinning table and chair.

It had been made in thought of the workers who have to rush their food some times so they wouldn’t be late for work

“Why don’t you just join him, you have been standing for a while now”Emily said to me

“You should worry about yourself, you are not suppose to walk on that leg ” i said as I went to her

“I will be fine Cade, just have your seat”she said and reluctantly I went to sit at an empty chair

“Seems like you got a lucky wife, beautiful, judging from her brightness, she must be smart too and she can even cook “David said softly

“Yes I got a lucky one”I replied

“Does she know the relationship we have together”he asked

“Forget I asked that question, If she had known ,she wouldn’t have asked me to join you for breakfast”he said

“Just eat and leave”i said

“Why? It’s been so long since we have catch up on each other”he said

“I have nothing to catch up on with you and what I will ask you to do right now is to stay away from my wife,You shouldn’t go near her”I said

“Why shouldn’t I?”he asked

“You have been warned David, stay away from my wife”I said

“You didn’t do the same thing, why should I listen to you now”he asked

“Are we talking about Isabel here?”I

“You very well know that I like her, I love her, but still you got engaged with her and put her hopes up”

“But I left and you had the chance to woo her yet you stood back being a coward, you still are” I said to him

“I did went after her but she had no eyes for anyone else, her only dream was to wait for your return and yet when you came back , you brought her here”he said looking at Emily

“I fell in love with her and I never put any one hopes up, Isabel knew perfectly well that I did not love her “I said

“But yet you got engaged, you should have sticked to your word but yet you got engaged and then let her down, isnt that being selfish, you have always been selfish”David said with a lot of feeling

“And what about you,if have always been selfish, what should I call a back stabbing friend like you”I asked

“What…………”he couldn’t complete his words because Emily came to us and set the food on the table.

“What are you waiting for dig in”She said to the both of us.

With David appearance I had lost my appetite and not wanting Emily to feel bad, I began to eat .

“This is great don’t you think so boss”he asked starring at me

“So David you have worked here for a long time right?”Emily said as she sat beside me to eat her own food

“Yes I have, you see my boss and I have been best of friends since we were little, we went to the same highschool and if it werent that I decided not to further my education we would have studied in the same college too”David said

“I have never seen a friendship that last that long”Emily said

“We are no longer friends”I said starring at David

“Really?”Emily asked

“You see it just so happen that I got to know who my friend really is and I didn’t like what I knew”I said getting the atmosphere intense

“You shouldn’t have told your wife that boss”David said looking angry .

“Let’s eat” Emily said trying to calm the situation

“And we can talk about some thing else right, well for instance while I was touring the house I saw a building which had a lot of room, what was it used for” she asked

I was glad that at least she didn’t ask about the old ruined house.

“It was an hotel”I said

“Hotel? Why was it shut down” she asked

“Back then the mansion it and the surrounding were always empty and father didn’t like that, so he decided to make a part of his land a resort for tourist but as time went by it didn’t go well and so we shut it down”I answered her question

“Why was it shut down?”she asked again

“I think only the boss will be able to answer that question because if the resort was shut down,it was his fault”David said

“What happened Cade? Why was the resort shut down”Emily asked

“We didn’t put much attention to it, so let’s just forget about it”I said

“But I…….”

“Ma’ am we are sorry to disturb you but the food is still Cooking and you told us not to touch it ” The maid said by the hall

“Am coming”she said as she excused herself

“Wow, one thing I can never say that you fail in is choosing your women, Just look at her curves”David said starring at Emily as she walked off

“Have told you not to mess with my wife”I said hitting the table in anger

“Sorry boss, all I was just doing is giving your wife a compliment ”

“Save your compliment for some one else”h
I said

“Why aren’t you telling her the real reason for the resort getting shut down”David asked suddenly

“It’s none of your business”I replied

“Right! After all you wouldn’t want her to know the kind of man you were and what happened years ago, Well don’t be scared, I won’t tell her a thing, after all I made a promise to your father, now I will get back to work boss”He said giving me a mocking bow before he left the kitchen

“Where is David?”Emily asked as she limped back in

“He has gone back to work, why don’t we go back to our room too?”I said looking at her body through the night wear she had on.

“But I……”

“This won’t do?”I said as I pulled off my robe

“What are you doing”She asked as she stared at my nked body

“Trying to cover you up,I don’t want you wearing this night mare,it’s too bad for my peace of Mind”I said as I pulled her off

I just don’t know why am feeling possessive of her Body.

Until yesterday I wouldn’t give a damn if he some one stared at her but now am very jealous and protective of her.

Just why am I feeling this way? I thought as we head to the room


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