Chapter 21

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I went out of the room and saw Cade picking out some beautiful clothes.

HOT DEAL FULL OF SECRETS: Chapter 21 – 30.

“This will definitely suit her.” he said as he picked more

“I must say that this is the first time I’m seeing a man pleased to buy his wife clothes.” Veronica said to Cade.

“Of course a man should be pleased that he is getting some new clothes for his wife” He retorted with a smirk on his face.

“Not everyone sir, you are different and I hope you will keep on treating your wife like with this great care” Veronica said

“Is this being caring?”he asked as he picked more clothes from the rack

“Of course it is”Veronica replied

Watching the little scene some how made me change my mind on what I was going to say to him.

We had agreed to start things over and if I go to him now,it will only create more problems for us,I thought.

“And Veronica do you know a little gift that I can get “I heard Cade asked

“For your wife?”Veronica asked

“Yes, you see ever since I married her,I haven’t really gotten her a gift before “he said

It’s a thing to bring me here and buy me a dress

I must admit that while he was talking about the clothes to get for me,I felt touched.

Just as Veronica had said, a man hardly goes to shop with his wife but Cade is different, he had brought me here and had chosen the clothes for me and now he even wants to get me some thing

“What do you think she need sir”Veronica asked him

“Well there was a time I broke her laptop and she was to use to make a presentation,I remember that in order to make her laptop work, she had hit it on the head which made me wonder if that was my fault”

“Of course it is”I thought to myself as I kept on Listening to their conversation

“Should I just get her a new one?”he asked

“No! Girls don’t care for that kind of thing sir,I suggest you get her a necklace, a ring or some thing dynamic”Veronica said

“I will prefer a new laptop than any expensive ring or necklace”I thought again

“You are right and thanks for your tips, I will try to get her some thing befitting”he said

“Let me go and check on her “he said and quickly I ran back to the dressing, trying to compose myself before he arrives

“Are you okay now?”he asked as he walked in and I nodded gently.

I stood up to leave but he stopped me by pulling me back and holding both my hands

“It’s going to be Alright okay, as soon as my business is done, we will leave this place”He said and I nodded again touched by his gentleness

This is the first time am seeing this side of Cade and I won’t deny that I really like it,life would be great if he is just like this always

Together we walked out of the boutique.

“Why don’t we do the sight seeing on foot”I said to him

“You want us to walk around”he asked

“Yes or would that be dangerous?”I asked

“Except we don’t run into crazy Lucy there won’t be any danger”he said

“Good then”.

While he made arrangements with his driver,I stood starring at the surrounding

Just then I saw a little boy, he looked dirty and shabby

He ran towards a car,begging for money, I felt my heart go to the little kid and what hurt most was that the person he was begging, shoved him away and then drove his car off

Quickly I ran to the little kid and helped him up

“Are you okay?”I asked as I cleaned his body with my handkerchief

“Yes”the boy said as he tried to hold back the tears in his eyes

“What’s going on” Cade said as he came towards us

“He had been begging for money and was shoved off by the person in the car “I said

“But why is he begging?”Cade asked

“For my mom, she is sick right now and because she doesn’t have a job, she stayed home treating herself with the little she had but instead of her to get well, she is just getting worse”The boy said as he cried hard

“Why didn’t they take her to the hospital, bills are free for those that can’t pay”Cade said

“We did go but they told us that bills are now being collected” he said

“But That’s impossible, the Cain island hospital have always been free for the use of the people on the island” he said

“That’s a lie, every thing changed, that man Cade Callaghan changed it” the boy said and I stared at Cade

“Why do you say that?”I asked

“They are the leader yet they let the poor suffer, ever since my mom lost her job, we have been suffering, my mom and the others that had suffered from the loss of their job wrote letters this Cade Callahan but he never replied, they waited for months and when there was no response they all gave up” he said sadly

“Now my mom is sick and I don’t know if she will survive or not”He said softly

“Matthew come here, your mom,it’s your mom!”a lady said as she yelled for the little boy

“Let me go”he said as he ran after the lady and i went after him too

I didn’t know why but all I knew was that I had to help the little boy, not even Cade call could stop me.

We got to a little house and I stopped when I saw the mother on the bed,looking so pale and almost lifeless.

“Mommy please stay strong! I will get the money for you ” Matthew said as he knelt in front of her

“Plea……take….care…..of….my…….son”the sick lady said looking at the woman that had come to call him earlier

“No Clarise you will be the one to take care of your child yourself” the lady said holding her hand

“How did she end up like this?”I found myself asking

“Ever since we lost our job,we have been finding it hard to cope and then Clarise caught this flu and since the hospital system changed and we didn’t have the specified money they asked for, we began to get any drugs, cheap one at that but she never got well and it only made her worse”The lady said

“We need to get her to the hospital”I said

“But it’s very expensive, we can’t afford it”The lady said

“It is better than her dying”I said and just the some men walked in and judging by those clothes, they are paramedics.

Quickly they took over, taking the sick woman and putting her safe in the ambulance with the lady and Matthew with her.

“Get her to the hospital and tell the management there that she was sent by me”he said handling the situation with care.

As soon as the ambulance left,he turned to look at me

“You shouldn’t have ran off like that”He said

“Am sorry, I was just thinking of little Matthew”I said

“He is going to be fine now and am sure that with the right treatment his mom too will be fine”he said

“But Cade this is an issue, why are there poor people on an island where there is enough work”I asked

“It’s one of the reasons why I came back “He said

“Our company here suffered from bankruptcy,we are still trying to figure what caused it, the bankruptcy have made a lot of people jobless”he said

“I can understand that part but what about the free hospital turning into a private one where the poor have to pay before being treated”

“Well that is some thing I will have to ask my mom”he said looking so angry

“Tell me what you will do to help these poor people?”i asked

“I can’t do any thing for the time being, we still have a long way to go”he said

“What about what i told you”I said


“The resort, if we bring it back again then it will open doors for these people, they will be able to work and support their family”I said

“Have told you No! We aren’t doing that, I will figure out a way “he said and walked off looking angry

We got back to the mansion only to meet his parents in the sitting room

Cade mother expression still got me feeling unwelcome but the reassuring smile his father sent my way made me feel more than welcome

“Am glad I saw you here mom!”Cade said

“What happen! It looks like you are about to question me”she said

“Why did you change the hospital policy, you knew very well that it’s meant to be free” he said

“How did you find out?”She asked

“Was it never meant for me to find out?” He asked and when she didn’t answer he continued

“Because of you,the poor sick people will rather stay at home and treat themselves than to go to a hospital to get proper care, I know that there is an issue on ground but that doesn’t mean we should let the people of Cain island suffer for it “I said

“Then do some thing Cade, do some thing to stop this bankruptcy”His father said

“Am giving it my all dad”

“Not enough, I was the one who asked your mom to change the hospital policy”

“You what ?”

“Yes I did it and that’s because we didn’t have enough cash flowing in, I didn’t want to bother you with some thing trivial and you left this city Island not even wanting to come back to check on the company here, our neglecting caused the company down fall and so we must find a way to get it back on its feet” he said

A way the only only way there is what have suggested to Cade

But he keeps on refusing but I doubt if his father will refuse

“I know of a way that can get you out of your bankruptcy”I said to them and the three looked at me at the same time.


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