Chapter 30

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I stood along with Cade and his parents and all the workers starring at the resort.

A month of working on it really payed off, the house that had looked old and shackled now looks lively and am sure that with the right people,It would be a perfect resort.

“I can’t believe that the resort will be opened once again”Cade mother said as we kept on starring at it

“You better believe it because it will be open soon” Cade father replied

“All we have to do now is to get people to come to the resort”Cade said and they all looked at me

“Am getting that ready, you don’t have to worry”I replied

“That’s good then,we will be trusting you on that part”Cade father said and then he left along with Cade’s mom.

The workers began to leave for their work, leaving Cade, Stephanie and I.

Stephanie had been the one who did the interior design and she had done it whole being Cade mistress.

It’s been a week and Cade keeps on distancing himself from me, he had avoided me and have always been with Stephanie.


Though I feel hurt by his indifference,I didn’t let it show and have been trying my best to stop this feeling but it only gets worse.

I keep on loving him, even though he has been doing his best to show me that he will never feel the same way.

“It’s been a great job so far, nice work Emily”Stephanie said

“You don’t have to give me praise, the workers were the one who did it, am just about to start my part “I returned cooly

“If some one is giving you praise then you should at least accept it” Cade said

“Not when it is coming from your mistress, I won’t accept it”

“You know what! , am tired of you addressing Stephanie as my mistress, don’t forget that you are not my wife, we never really got married”He said

“You shouldn’t be saying that out here,people might hear you “Stephanie said holding his arm

“Then you should tell Emily here that she should stop deluding herself, i told her to leave but since she won’t do that, she should stay out of my life instead”he said as he walked off

Not wanting the conversation to end in that way, I went after him.

He had almost got to the house when I caught up with him

“You have rejected me and also the love I have for you, are you also going to reject my help, we both made a deal and I plan on fulfilling it”

“So when we are out side be civil towards me because your parents are suspecting, you are always with Stephanie and they keep on talking, you wouldn’t want that for yourself right?” I asked

“I Have told you Emily, If it’s the deal,I will deal with that, just leave!”

“I won’t leave okay, as I have said I have a reason to stay and I won’t leave until I find that reason out”I said

“You keep on saying you have a reason, yet you won’t tell me what it is, how do you expect me to believe you?” He asked

“Whether you believe me or not is your own business, all I know is that I won’t leave until my quest is over, so stop being a jerk towards me, as have said I won’t pressure you with my feelings, I promise”I said and walked off.

Trying to know the truth is all an excuse, the picture of my parents are the clue have got and though have tried my best to learn more, nothing have come.

Even the memories I counted on never came back to haunt me.

I should have leave Cain island but the thought of not seeing Cade again made me stay.

And even though he is being a jerk now, I know that someday my effort will pay and he will love me.

I went to the stables to see David, he has be teaching me how to ride a horse.

Riding is the only thing that makes me to forget my worries.

And that is what I need to do now, I dont want to cry, not again.

Cade has been hurting me with all his actions and have been crying a lot

I don’t want to do that now and I don’t want to give them the satisfaction of seeing my eyes red and puffy from tears.

“Are you here to ride ?”Mr Silas, David father asked as he saw me going to the stables

“Yes sir, I just need to relax a bit”I replied

“Well you will have to wait for a while, David just went to run an errand”He said

He that David is my mentor and with out him following me,I can’t be left alone with the horse.

“Don’t worry Mr Silas,I will just get some one else to come with me”I replied

“Why don’t you wait for David?”He said

“Don’t let me count on David too much sir, he is off duty today”I said as I waved him off and went to find my horse.

The horse itself is very beautiful and its the only horse that welcome me well on my first day that is why I chose it and also named it after myself.

“Why don’t we go for a little ride today Emily?”I cooed softly and taking hold of his rope, I pulled it out of its Cage.

As soon as it was ready I hop on it like David taught me and ride it out of the stables into the field.

I found myself taking the route to the house which is at the back.

Though Cade have warned me to stay away from the house, I just can’t do it.

I know that there is some thing about the house that pulls me to want to unravel more of it

Could it be that it’s the house my parents lived in while they were working at the resort.

I haven’t been able to get through to my parents, seems like they are still having the fun of their life.

Just then a gun was shot from afar and it got the horse scared.

It began to whine and it wouldn’t listen to any of my instructions.

I began to get scared and I held the rein tightly and at the same time,I kept on whispering to the horse wanting it to calm down a bit but again a gun was shot and the began to run fast

Feeling scared I held onto its neck and prayed that nothing bad will happen.

It rode me past the house and I could hear some yelling out my name.

I was so scared that I didn’t even look back to see who had called me.

It got to a point that the horse stopped and rose up, I fell down and due to the impact and I was sure that I had fallen on a rock.

The pain from my head was too much and my body hurt too.

Just then I heard the sound of a horse and a while later David was beside me.

“Emily! Emily ! Are you okay?”he asked as he lift me up in his arms and took me to his car.



“Aren’t you being hard on her?”Stephanie asked as we both stood by the patio gazing out at the field and surrounding

“Don’t start Right now, I don’t want to talk”I said

“But I want to! You are being hard on Emily, very soon I will be leaving, you won’t have any one to help you lie again, what will you do then?”she asked

“Don’t worry Stephanie, I will make sure she leaves on the day you leave”I said trying to convince myself that sending her away is the best thing.

It’s been a week now and have been trying my best to get her to leave but she wouldn’t budge.

She keeps on saying that she is waiting for another reason but I don’t buy it , I know that she is waiting for me to change my mind and that will not happen.

Not when I still have this secret haunting me all the time, I won’t let her life be ruined by some one like me.

“Why do you keep on persisting that she leaves when you know that you don’t want her to, you know that when she leaves she will be taking a part of you “She asked

“Stop your analysis Stephanie, have made my decision and that is it?”

“Okay just a question, the last one, if Emily and I was in danger, who will you save first?”She asked and I didn’t get to answer the question because we heard David calling out for help


Still standing upstairs we saw him Arrive with Emily in arms and she was Unconscious.

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