Chapter 23

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I sat in the patio all getting prepared for the first phase of the advertising part of the resort.

I still couldn’t believe that the resort is pushing through.

It has been a week. A week the renovation of the resort have started.

A lot of people were coming in to the mansion and going out.

And due to this renovating stuff have met some few new people and each of them have been nothing but kind.

It’s been a week and I hardly always see Cade, I know that he is busy trying to get the company back on its feet but he should at least spare me some of his time.

The only time I get to see him is when he is about to leave the house in the wee hours of the morning.

And even then he would look so cold and withdrawn, though he doesn’t say it, I know that the resort renovation is getting to him.

I wonder what went wrong to have made him hate the resort itself.

Cade mom on the other hand keeps on complaining about the dust that the renovation is causing or the sound of the brick layer or the carpenter who are trying to put two and two together, she wakes up all the time ready to complain about one or two thing .

While Cade and his mom do all of this, his father and Isabel either lock themselves in or go out for a while.

Though his father doesn’t go that far, it’s either to the patio or to the fields to get some air and as for Isabel, I never know, she hardly tells me things and I don’t bother to ask her after all, we are not that close

I tried to dial my parents number again and it still won’t go.

Ever since Cade gave me back my phone, have been trying to reach them ,though he told me not to worry about them.

“They might Be enjoying their holiday so much that they don’t check their phone or try to call you back ,give them more time, they will call you”,those were his words each time I told him about my parents not picking

I sighed as they call didn’t go through, just what sort of holiday are they enjoying so much,I thought as I continued to work on the new laptop Cade had bought

He hadn’t gotten me some thing sparkly and expensive like Veronica had told him, he had bought me a laptop and I know that I will cherish it more than any expensive ring, necklace or dress.

But it feels so lonely with out him here, I don’t know why am feeling long when there are a lot of people here.

‘could it be that you miss him because you are finally admitting to yourself that you love him’ my conscience said to me as I kept on with my work

When I had this love thought about a week ago ,I dismissed it saying that I didn’t love, though he is kind and sweet when you get to know him,he also a jerk some time and that alone makes me so furious.

How can I fall In love with some one who makes me mad some times , so me loving Cade is a total rubbish ,I thought as I stood up flexing my muscles a bit by stretching.

When I heard some voices down stairs,I turned to look,only to see some teenage boys starring at me In awe.

The remodelling of the resort need more hands and a lot of people that needs money come here just to get a few part as long as it get them money.

The youth who were working always gawked at me each time I went there to check at their progress.

I always find it to be cute of them and I still find it .

I gave them a smile and waved at them and they gave me a smile in return and waved at me

“She is so beautiful”

“The boss chose right!”

“I wish I was a few years older and I won’t hesitate in going for her”

“She is just so beautiful”

Hearing their compliment made me blush all over


Just then arm was wrapped around me and though I was surprised,I looked up only to see Cade.

“Don’t you think it’s wrong to stare at some one wife?”Cade asked the boys who were gawking at me and quickly they walked off

“And you all are right? I chose right”He yelled after them and I blushed a bit

“And you aren’t you getting a lot of attention from this teenage kids, I think you should onlu be working inside from now on” he said as he still held onto me

I couldn’t say any thing because I was feeling great that he was here and that he had me in his arms.

For days now have been longing to see him and I hardly get that chance and now that I have the chance ,I feel so happy.

“Won’t you let go of me?”that was the only thing I could manage to say

“Relax,! You know I will only hold you like this if it weren’t for a show for some one”he whispered to me and before I could get what he was saying, he spun me around and I stood looking at a blonde beautiful lady.

She was all dressed smartly and she looked so beautiful,I thought as I stared at my own plain clothe

“My love”Cade called slowly and for a while I wondered who he was referring to as his love and when I realised that it was me, I also realised that the acting part has started.

“I want you to meet Stephanie Blake the interior designer”he said to the lady who gave me a false smile

I was able to know that her smile was false because of the way she kept on starring at Cade arms around me

“Nice to meet you”She said politely and i greeted her back in the same manner

“Since you are the one in charge of this resort, why don’t you tell her what you would like for each room my love”He asked using that same name to call me.

Some how I found myself liking it and i found myself wanting to hear him call me that every day

While Cade left to check on the workers, I stayed at the patio talking to Stephanie.

“So what do you think of these designs?”She asked showing me another picture for the fifth time

“I don’t like these either”I said

The only taste she have was of one of luxury and that is some thing am trying to avoid for the resort and the people.

I want them to think of the resort like their home, like when they go out,they should feel like they will be coming back to their home but if it’s giving a luxurious look, they will always be reminded that they are paying for it.

Stephane dropped down her phone in anger “just what do you want for the interior”She asked


“Look at you acting all big and mighty,don’t kid yourself about your husband, he might have married you but his wonamsing ways will still continue”

“I was once his lover you know and I know that him coming all the way to the city to get me so I can be the interior designer certainly means some thing right?”She asked as she stood up

“What do you mean?”

“That your husband still wants to have fun while he is married to you, I will go and see him, am sure that he will waiting for me already, I also want to know how he feels again'”She said as she walked off

Stephanie was his lover and yet he brought her here,how could he?”I thought as I packed my things from the patio and Went straight to my room.

Having taken enough time in the room, I went out to get some air.

I just got jealous, I was jealous and that was why I got hurt by what she said

Just knowing that Cade had brought his mistress home made me feel sad.

I know I might not be his real wife and he might not even love me but that doesn’t mean he can bring in his mistress or anyone else to the house.

Feeling so very sad, I head to the garden path only to stop when I saw Cade and Stephanie talking at a distance and they were far too close for my comfort.

I saw Cade taking Stephanie hand in his and then he pulled her into a hug.

I stood at a distance watching them and I felt like I was going to die with jealousy and what’s worse I felt that my heart was about to break to pieces.

Why am I feeling this way????.


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