Chapter 25

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I tried to walk on ,to walk into the house but I stood back in fear starring at the house and at the Cade mother who stood there looking at me

“Where is Cade?”She asked as she moved towards me and In fear I put out my hand to ward her off

“Don’t come close!”I yelled and she stopped to stare at me

“What is wrong with you?I only want to know where my son is” she said as she walked towards me again

“I said you shouldn’t come close!!!”I yelled and fell on the floor staring at her

“Are you okay?”She asked as she tried to touch me but I moved back in fear.

The memories still kept flashing over me and somehow it felt bad.

“Emily are you…………”she calling my name did it

I yelled out loud that she moved back , I was still on the floor when Cade ran towards me

“What’s wrong Emily?”He asked as he knelt in front of me holding my cheeks

I stared at him only to see the worried look on his face

“What did you do to her mom?”He yelled at his mom

“I did nothing okay, I was just asking her where you might be and she went all crazy and started to scream”I heard her say

“Emily look at me!”Cade yelled and i stared at him

“It’s okay ,Am here with you, I Am”He said and without warning, he lifted me off the floor and carried me to the room

Feeling embarrassed by what happened I hid my face in his shirt while he carried me past the workers who all stood to see what happened.

Cade took me straight to our room and laid me on the bed..

“Are you okay now”he asked and i nodded gently

“What happened? Why were you like that,?”He asked as he gave me a cool look

“I……I also don’t know, I think you should do something, you need to be taken to the hospital”he said but Quickly I pulled him back

“Don’t leave,just stay with me, please”i begged and I slowly he got into the b.ed and held me in his arms

“You will be fine okay”He muttered slowly and I nodded as I put my arms around him and enjoyed the time of being in his arms.



I held Emily In my arms and slowly I stared at her.

I don’t know why I always think of her as beautiful each time she sleeps.

Slowly I traced her face with my hand, outlining each contour and also getting to know it

Should I steal a peck again,I thought and just then someone knocked on the door bringing me back to reality.

I went to open it only to find my mom there.

“What do you want mom?”

“To see if she is alright,she got all crazy when I was asking her about your whereabout”She said

“Are you sure that you didn’t do anything to her?”I asked

“Am I a monster, I didn’t touch her neither did I say anything”

“Fine then, she is alright and she is taking a nap, I didn’t if we will be having lunch or dinner”I said

“But something keeps on disturbing me “she said stopping me

“What ?”

“Back then, the same thing happened with that girl, I could remember that I was standing by the door when she came to see you but I told her to leave and she got all crazy,telling me not to touch her, today incident reminded me of it”she said

“It’s nothing, Emily is just feeling stressed”I said

“Well I hope it’s just the stress and nothing else, I don’t want to……..forget it, I will head to my room now”She said as she walked off

For a while I stood by the door thinking about what she said.

How can today’s incident be related to what happened years ago?

Mom is just being paranoid,I thought as I went back into the room

What happened years ago can’t happen again.

My mother made that possible, she made sure no one would be able to say anything by killing them all.

If I had been around,I would have stopped her but due to fear,I left. I didn’t want to feel guilty each time I saw that girl.

I had been a stupid teenager, a teenager who didn’t care for anything as long as his wishes were done, a teenager who lived in luxury and was spoilt with it, a teenager who ruined the life of a poor innocent girl.

I opened the door that led to the balcony and although I tried fighting it.

The memories I have tried to bury came back to me.



“Welcome home my son!”my mom greeted as i walked into the mansion

“What’s this! It’s not like have been there for a year,i only went to study more languages, stop making a fuss mom”I said as i got out of her embrace

“But you have been missed a lot”Isabel said as she came to hug me too

“And am back now,Sto with the cuddling, its irritating me”I said as I pulled away

“Where is dad?”I asked

“At the resort, you know he is always devoted to that place”my mom replied

“When I get changed,I will go there to see him”

“We can go together Cade”Isabel suggested

“Don’t you have assignments to do, I suggest you go and do that before you get punished for it “I said as I began to head upstairs

“What about your bags?”My mom asked

“That’s why we have people working for us ,let them bring it to my room”I replied

“You really are a spoilt kid!”my mom yelled after me

“I only take after you mom”I returned and climbed all the way to the stairs.

I took a bathe and got changed, then I head to the resort

Ever since my real father died and my mom got married to Isabel’s father, we have been living on Cain island.

And being the only son my stepfather has ever had, he takes good care of me.

Have never lacked for anything and I always get what I want from him.

Maybe that is why I became spoiled and I don’t care.

Am Cade Callaghan and I always get what I want.

The guests at the resort were all walking around and it made the estate lively.

I passed by some girls and they whistled at me.

I would have loved to stay and give them my utmost attention but I had to see my father first.

I was lost in thought that I took another route, it led me to the little house that has always been there.

I was surprised to see someone coming out of it.

And what shocked me more was the beauty of the girl who came out.

She was wearing a white gown and she looked so beautiful in it.

I didn’t even know her and before I left there was nobody living there, just who is this sxy goddess, I thought as I began to head to her only to stop when I saw an older lady getting out of the house.

They both look alike, could she be her mother?I thought as I kept on staring at this two

“Here you are!!!”David said as he pulled me by the neck

“When did you come back! You can’t even come to say hello to your friend!”David said as he kept on pulling my neck

“I will tell you everything but let go first”I said and he released my neck

“Have missed you a lot Buddy”David said as he hugged me

“Same here”I replied as I hugged him back

“Just came back now,I wanted to see father first before coming to see you”I replied

“Then let’s go, we have a lot of things to catch up on “David said but I stopped him

“Who are those people and why are they staying there, from what I know,no one was living there when I left?”I asked as I stared at the sexy goddess and her mom

“Well I don’t know much about them but all I know is that they were brought there by your father “he said

“Dad brought them here?”I asked

“He did”

“But why? I never knew he had other relatives apart from Isabel who is his daughter “I said again.

“Only your father can answer that, why don’t we go to him, you can ask him who these people are”David said as he pulled me off

I turned to look at the sexy goddess and this time she was looking at me too.

I gave her a smile and walked off, seems like father have brought in a new play thing for me



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