Chapter 26

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I woke up only to see that the room was dark, I can’t believe that I had slept until this late.

I still have some things to finish ,I thought as I got out of bed only to see Cade sleeping on an empty chair beside me.

Instead of getting up, I found myself soaking in his beauty

The way he slept made his hair fall over his face and he looked so much hand some

He always have this guarded expression each time he was awake but asleep he looked less guarded.

He didn’t look so intimidating and he didn’t have those haunting expression he always had some times, he seemed to be at peace,I thought as I took the covers and put it over him

“Am sorry………am really sorry……….am really sorry Ana” he whispered softly

He wasn’t awake,so it must be a dream, I sat stood over him and pushed back his fallen hair.

“It’s going to be alright”I whispered softly

“If only you can tell me what is bothering you, if only you can trust me”I whispered again and then I out of impulse I bent and kissed his fore head.

“I hope you have good dreams now” I said as I left the room

Unknown to me Cade had woken up and he had been listening to what I was saying

“Not knowing what is bothering me, will be the best thing for you”He whispered to the empty room.




Finished with the day work, I decided to take a stroll around the house.

The first place I decided to visit was the resort which was being remodeled

I still can’t believe that the boss had agreed to open the resort again.

Doesn’t he know that it will only bring a lot of problem for Cade.

What had happened ten years ago have been covered up

But am sure that by them opening the resort again, some thing will come up and I should be glad right

I should be happy that the secret which had been covered up by them would be out in the open soon enough but I don’t feel that way

Instead I feel uneasy for Cade who was once my best friend and for his wife Emily who doesn’t know the kind of monster her husband is

Why should I be feeling uneasy towards Emily, I thought as I got to the site

The first person I saw there was Emily, she was on a ladder painting the building and for a while I was lost in her beauty.

She had a smile on her face as she kept on painting and the wall.

Just then one of the workers came to me having a troubled look

“What’s going on?”I asked

“It’s the boss wife, we have told her that we will handle the painting by ourselves but she wouldn’t listen to us, she insist on doing it and once the boss sees his wife here, we will surely be fired”He said

“So you want me to talk to the boss wife?”I asked

“Yes sir David, tell her to leave, we don’t want to lose our job”He said.

Knowing Cade temper, he will fire this people once he finds Emily doing their work.

Doesn’t she even know the kind of problem causing, I thought as I went to her

“Mrs Callaghan!”I called and she stopped what she was doing to stare down at me

“Can you please get down from there”I said


“The painters want to do their job and you are interrupting them “He said

“Me ? But how!”

“By being up there, you are doing the work that should be done by them and the boss wouldn’t like to see you up there while they are down here, they will be fired”I said

“Really?” She asked as she stared at the painters

“Yes “I replied

“Then I better stop being a hindrance “she said as she began to get off the ladder.

Some how she lost her balance and I got to her on time to catch her from falling

I held her in my arms while she stared at me in shock.

I wasn’t a bit shock by her fall but I was more shock by my ar0sed body.

How can I be feeling this way by just having Emily in my arms.

I Have only been attracted to one girl and that is Isabel.

It has always been Isabel and now why am I suddenly feeling this way towards Emily

“Once again you saved me “She said and i stared at her only to see her giving me a bright smile.

I was lost in it and instead of putting her down, I held her more tightly not wanting to let her go

That was how Cade and the interior designer found us when they got to the site

“What a great spectacle”Stephanie said as we both turned to look at them.

Cade was glaring at me, if looks could kill, I would have been dead by now.

“Can you put me down”Emily said and I put her down

“You can all get back to work “Cade said to the workers who were watching us and immediately they went back to their jobs

“This is a place of work for some people and so I would like you two to behave your self” Cade said starring at the both of us ,

“It’s not what you think Cade? I can explain “Emily said to him but he shut her up by giving his attention to Stephanie.

“What do you say about checking out the resort?” He asked Stephanie and she nodded giving Emily and I a mocking look before she walked off.

“Do you want me to talk to him?”I asked Emily who stood watching the two of them as they walked off

“You don’t need to, David, I will head back in, see you soon” she said as she walked off.

Seeing her sad, got me feeling angry ,if he had truly loved and respected her, he would have given her the benefit of doubt, he wouldnt have treated her like that and most especially in front of his lover.

I can’t just let this go, I thought as I went After them.

When I got to where they were, I saw Stephanie all over him and he wasn’t doing a thing about it

“Seems like some one is here to see you” Stephanie said as she noticed my presence,

“I don’t think we have anything to discuss” Cade said

“We do and I suggest you tell her to leave or I will say it in front of her” I threatned

“Go ahead Stephanie, tour around the area,i will be with you soon”he said to Stephanie and then she walked off

“Am listening, tell me what you have to say” I said

“What you saw a while ago is nothing”I began

“Are you here to defend Emily or here to defend your innocence” he asked suddenly

“What do you mean?”

“I saw you David, I saw the way you were looking at my wife, it is the same look you have when ever you are close to Isabel”He said

“What rubbish are you saying, i have only liked one person and that is Isabel” I said quickly

“I can assure you that you have thrown Isabel out of your heart, I guess it will be my wife soon, well, I will only tell you these, you will be free to have her soon but just wait a bit more and she will be yours “He said as he began to walk off

“Are you saying that in some time now, You are going to divorce Emily so she will be free?”I asked feeling confused

“You will get your answers soon enough don’t worry “he said and then he was gone.



“This will be the first time that all the family will sit together to eat” Cade mother said as we sat at the dining room to have our dinner.

If it were up to me, I wouldn’t be here but then I have to ,

Enough excuses have been made,so it’s time to have dinner with my husband family.

I hardly ate the steak that had been served because I kept on looking at Stephanie who was looking at Cade.

Cade kept on giving her one or two look too and it seemed like he was enjoying Stephanie flirtation.

It hurts, it hurts to see this, to know that the guy I love doesn’t love me back.

It’s my fault though for having falling for him when I know that what we have going on between us is just a deal, a deal that will end as soon as he finds a way to end the bankruptcy that his company is going through.

“Emily my dear, you have been quiet for a while now, hope nothing is wrong?” Cade mother asked

“Nothing is wrong, I am fine” I replied,

“Well have been meaning to ask you, since we weren’t there to participate in your wedding, I want you to tell us how you felt on the day of your wedding?” she asked and I knew that she had purposely asked that question but what can I tell her? that there was no wedding at all and that it had all been a night mare when Cade came to ask me to pretend to be his wife, what exactly should I tell them?.


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