Chapter 31

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“I think it’s Emily and she is hurt!” Stephanie who had been standing beside me when David brought Emily, yelled out loud.

HOT DEAL FULL OF SECRETS: Chapter 31 – 40.

Quickly I ran downstairs to meet David who was bringing the unconscious Emily in

I got to him and tried to take her from him but he walked past me still having her in his arms.

“What happened to her?”Stephanie asked

“We have no time to ask question, call for the doctor”David said and quickly Stephanie got into action.

I stood watching Emily bloody face and I knew then and there that it will be hard for me to send her away because I know that I wouldn’t want to live with out her.

I love her, I thought I will never fall in love ,that love was never meant for me but it turns out that I have fallen In love and I don’t want to live with out her, I can’t live without her, I just don’t see myself with out her in my life.

“Cade! Step out of it already”David yelled bringing me back to reality

“Can you get the car here, we possibly can’t wait for the doctor or the ambulance, she is losing a lot of blood”David said

“You do it, I have to stay with my wife”I said as I moved past him and knelt on the floor beside the chair, holding Emily cold hand.

David went to get the car while Stephanie stood at the back looking worried.

“Do you think she did this to herself because you rejected her love? “Stephanie asked

“I don’t know,I don’t think she did it because of me but if she did, I…..I won’t be able to forgive myself”I said as I held her Unconscious hand tightly.

“The car is here!”Stephanie said and quickly I carried her heading out

“What’s goin……oh my God? What happen to her?”I heard my mom asked but I didn’t answer leaving Stephanie to give her the answers she needs.

With David help, I got her into the car and while David drove like crazy to get us to the hospital, I kept on starring at her and kept on praying within that she hangs on.

We made it to the hospital and she was given the utmost attention, After all every thing on this island belongs to us and so she must be given the best, she must be safe.

“You need to be safe”I muttered to myself as I stood in the waiting room while the operation was being on.

“Are you suddenly worried about her?”David asked

I had totally forgot that he was in the waiting room too, for the past one hour that we have been in the hospital , My thoughts have been preoccupied by Emily.

“Just leave! You never cared about her,am sure that she got on that horse thinking about you”He said

“Emily was riding a horse?”I asked surprised by that she even knew how to ride a horse.

“Surprised right? You didn’t care enough to know that she had decided to learn how to ride a horse to get her mind off things and also because she had this thought that some day the both of you will be able to ride side by side. she knows that you like horses and that’s why she was determined to learn how to ride to one but she had to get hurt and that is your fault”He said making me aware that the accident is my fault.

“I had no idea!”I said as I felt more guilty than ever

“Now you have an idea and I hope that you will do the right thing with Emily”he said

“What do you mean ?”I asked starring at him

“We both know that what you did in the past won’t ever make you happy, so why make her unhappy, as soon as she wakes up, send her back, she doesn’t deserve to be with some one like you”he said

“Stop it David!”Stephanie said as she walked towards us

“It’s so good to see your mistress defending you”David said

“You don’t know what Cade is going through,so stop being a jerk and scram”she said

“You should be the one to scram, how can you sleep with him knowing that he has a wife, you are nothing but a………..”

“Shut up you two, just stop it okay, the only thing important to me right now is Emily being safe “I said angrily

“So you can keep on being cruel to her, so you can roam around with your mistress while she suffer watching the two of you?”David continued

Greeting angry I pulled him by his shirt and would have smack his face.

“Stop getting on my Nerves, I know already that I don’t deserve her and that’s why I told her to leave but she wont , I know that my indifference towards her caused this accident, am to be blamed for her accident and also for what happened in the past, so quit it before I lose it and hit you”I said and just then the nurse arrived

“Please this is an hospital, Other patients are trying to get some sleep,can you please tune it down”She said

“Don’t worry, we will try to keep it down”Stephanie apologised on our behalf.

I let go of David and went to seat down. it’s been two hours already and the operation isn’t done yet, each time the clocks tick, I get scared, will Emily make it out alive? Will I be able to get the chance to show her that I love her too as much as she loves me? Will I get to hear her tell me that she loves me ?.

Why did I have to let the past come between us, each time I get into a relationship, I have always thought of what happened in the past and that’s why have managed to end one relationship and jump to the other but I never did that with Emily.

The arrangement itself was fake from the beginning, I felt nothing for her and she did and maybe that was why I let my guard down around her, It was too late to stop myself from falling and it was too late for her to stop herself from falling for me.

As soon as she wake up,I will show her how much I love her too.

“You have to wake up Emily, I still have to let you know about my feeling”I whispered to myself.



I ran into the darkness, feeling scared, wishing that the person pursuing me would stop but he didn’t.

I knew that if he catch up to me, he would do some thing that will ruin me and I didn’t want that

“Come back here!”he kept on calling and I kept on running and just then I stumbled and I looked up only to see the house ahead.

Feeling that I will be in safety soon, I stood up and kept on running and when I made it to the door, I opened it about to get in when he the person pursuing me pulled me by my hair.

“You aren’t going to get away from me, have been patient enough, I won’t be anymore” he said as he pulled me to him and though I tried to push him off he was strong.

“Your mom is at the party right? Why don’t we use her absence to have a bit fun”he said pushing me in..

I couldn’t get to know what happened because I woke up and it was due to some one who kept on yelling my name.

I opened my eyes to see Cade starring down at me looking worried.

“Can you hear me? Answer me Emily”he said looking so anguished

I nodded slowly and quickly he left the room only to come back with the doctors.

“Well it’s a success, your wife got out of it saved but she still have to stay in bed, the cut she suffered on her head will heal quickly and since she has woken up, there is no more danger” the doctor said and as soon as Cade thanked him, he left the room.

“What happen?”I asked Cade who stood starring down at me with tenderness

“You fell from your horse and you have been Unconscious for three days”he answered

“Three days?”I asked surprised by how long have in bed.

“Yes”he replied starring at me weirdly

“Why are you starring at me like that”I asked softly

“What dream were you Having, you called out my name”he said

“I what?”

“You called my name in your sleep, was I there or some thing?”he asked and I kept on thinking about what he said.

The dream I had was of some one pursuing me but I never called out a name but Cade is saying that I did.

What does it mean?, I thought still thinking about it.


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