Episode 49

Vivian and her mum were playing with Daisy. The energetic and lovable baby was trying to catch the ball Vivian and her mum took turns to throw to each other, with her in their middle.

The sound of her giggles whenever the ball passed a little above her head made the two adults laugh uncontrollably. “Common Daisy, catch this” Vivian told her baby as she threw the ball, yet again to her mother, ensuring like always, that it passed a little beyond her reach.

They were enjoying this atmosphere of peace and tranquility when Jeremy showed up at their doorstep. Vivian sized him up in a split of seconds, and wondered what she had thought when she chose to abandon her husband for someone like him.

It must have been the sins of her past life, coming back at her, to have imagined she could live besides someone like Jeremy. The result of that mistake, she was sure she was going to live with for the rest of her days.

After she had told Pascal the true position of things between her and Leonard, and how for the fact that he couldn’t get it up for her any longer, she had chosen to go back to Jeremy.

She was shocked how she never really stopped to think and understand that Leonard was going through a psychological trauma, after seeing a man, pants down with her.

She cried miserably as Pascal analyzed the situation to her, and told her how wrong she was to have treated him so badly, when in fact Leonard was a rare kind of man.

“I thank God for the love I have for my wife, of blessed memory, but sitting here, and imagining what it would have felt like to see a man on her, and then having to force myself to stick around her still, men! I don’t see me getting an ere¢ti0n!” he explained to her.

He had told her how blissful her life would have turned if she had listened to the man about getting an IVF done, since she was worried about her possibility to conceive again.

Vivian cried so much that night, thinking of how badly she had treated Leonard, and wishing she could make him see how sorry she was.

In her heart, Jeremy, the one who had made her life take a very terrible turn, ought be made feel a thousand times worse than she was feeling, but what could she do to a man as rough as Jeremy? She could only wish fate could make him meet his match, in one of those his numerous evïl missions.

Such was Vivian’s feelings and wishes for Jeremy when she saw him at their doorstep.

But the fury and hãtred she felt towards him was deeply immersed in fright and trepidation, she was practically telling herself to hold her head up, and show him she wasn’t afraid of him.

“How dare you show your face here?” Vivian blurted as they stood looking at each other, both wishing they could send the other to the great beyond.

Jeremy looked at her, so much anger building up in his heart. He felt so helpless with the fact that Vivian was somewhere out of his reach. He looked at the locked burglary proof between them, and then back at Vivian, and he wished he owned a gvn.

Vivian sent his lover at him, and much to his chagrin, he couldn’t do a thing to the intruder. He hãted the fact that instead of giving the guy what he deserved, he ended up being at the receiving end. He knew he was going to avoid that man, all the days of his life.

But that didn’t mean he couldn’t get his pound of flêsh from Vivian. He was hoping he’d be able to make her feel the exact way he had promised to make her feel, in the event that he caught her with a man, and then, when she has just a little breath left in her lungs, he’d throw her the divorce papers in his hands and walk away, from her mother’s house, and then from the city entirely.

But as he stood there looking at Vivian, way out of his reach, he could only hiss irritably, and let her know he was the one leaving her. That way, he’d have some dignity left; so it won’t turn out that a man like him had come right into his house and picked his wife away.

“I’d rather be in a thousand more cursed places than be here looking at a whōre like you, but you know what? I need to give you the license to go on with your prōstitution. You can’t expect me to keep you as wife, while you cohabit with different men” he said, throwing the divorce papers to her.

“Oh Jeremy, if your breath didn’t always smell so badly, if your face had looked a little better than this, I’d havyw given you a kiss for thisis great gift. Thank you so much for knowing the right thing to do.

Thank you for knowing when to save your miserable self from going to total waste just like your mother” Vivian said, smiling sweetly.

Jeremy tried to let his hand pass through the gate between them, all he needed was to be able to grab her blouse, and then, he’d be sure she wasn’t breathing again before he let her go.

But his hand was still unconnected at the shoulder joint. He let his hands fall to his sides again, looked at Vivian with tears in his eyes and made her a promise.

“I’ll make you regret this temerity. I’ll make you wish you remained as dumb as you have always been.

Even if that’s the last thing I do, I’ll make you wish you’re not alive” he told her before he stormed out of the compound.

Vivian was shocked that while they taunted each other, her mother didn’t say a thing. When she turned around, she missed a heart beat to see that her mother wasn’t anywhere in sight.

She was later to learn that as soon as they noticed Jeremy’s presence, her mother had taken the child into the room. Away from where she could see his dêspicable face.

Not only did she not want the child to see Jeremy, she needed to make a call. She needed to alert someone of Jeremy’s presence in their house.

After Pascal had dropped Vivian off in their house that day, he had taken time to visit them again, and gave them loads of safety tips.

Aside telling them of the need to always leave the burglary proof gate s locked, he asked her to give him a a call the day she sees Jeremy, anywhere around her house.


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