How Facebook Can Influence And Affect SEO

How Facebook Can Influence And Affect SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is crucial to improving users’ search experience and increasing your brand visibility.

Things that can influence SEO:
– Keyword relevancy
– Meta descriptions
– Streamlined headlines

How Facebook Can Influence And Affect SEO. Thingscouplesdo

Now, can facebook or other social media influence and affect SEO?

The impact of facebook or social media generally on SEO is more complicated than a simple yes/no answer can explain.

The search industry is always abuzz about how social media can influence SEO. Social media SEO refers to how social media activities can boost your website’s organic traffic through search engines.

Yes, social media and SEO might look different, but there’s no doubt that they help each other.

However, contrary to popular belief, social media doesn’t directly contribute to SEO.

In other words, social media signals don’t directly help your search engine rankings.

But, the links you share across social platforms increase brand exposure.

They add up and influence search engine optimization in 7 Ways:

1. Social Media = Increased Visibility = More Links

2. Social Can Help You Improve SEO Ranking Signals

3. Posting on Social Gets Content Indexed Quicker

4. Social Interaction Data Can Help You Improve Your SEO Content

5. Social Media Helps Build Search Demand

6. Social Media Helps You Identify the Audience for Your SEO Content

7. Social Drives Traffic While You Wait for SEO

How Facebook Can Influence And Affect SEO. Thingscouplesdo

How Facebook Can Influence And Affect SEO

When Facebook announced the addition of Timeline early in 2012 it changed how facebook influences and effects Search Engine Optimization . These new tools let users tell a more thorough story of their life through a newly designed profile page. Then Facebook launched Facebook Actions, an enhancement adding additional call-to-action tabs beyond the standard “like”. As this may at first seem as though Facebook is going over and beyond to allow users indicate where they are and what they are doing, but in fact Facebook Actions actually benefits the consumer, marketer, and SEO firm. These Actions let users specifically indicate their interaction with a location, products, and more. For example, one may visit a local Business and indicate they “bought” a particular product. Immediately, that action is posted on their wall and their average of 240 friends can interact with that action. Others may comment, share, or even visit that store the next day to see for themselves.

That being said, since more than 55 percent of teenager to adult-consumers research products on social media platforms, the product has enormous ability to either significantly prosper from Facebook Actions (if it is a good product) or (the service is good), or severely sink (if the product is not great) or (if the service is bad)

The following are my top 3 impacts Facebook Actions will have on SEO:

1) Clients declare their Purpose

Before I begin, let me deviate from SEO. It is every advertiser and marketers dream come true to understand how customers interact with their product. Here’s an example, one may “watch” more than “listen” to a particular song on iTunes. Now the advertiser and marketer comprehends what people / clients want out of the product or services. They may want to watch, more than listen, thus does it matter to enhance a music video? The impact on SEO lies in the fact that as the user engages and interacts with a webpage, for example “listens”, or “watch”, their social engagement rises. In addition, other website visitors see the number rising as more positive engagements are produced. Facebook will index a webpage’s social engagement and the amount of engagement with the user’s influence has immediate impact on SEO.

2) Provides an immediate route.

Those who relate with the product and post on their Facebook wall then generate a direct route (link) to the webpage of the company. Establishing this direct link is extremely beneficial as the company can design the specific landing page, including specifications, reviews, images, product demonstrations, and conversion information. The goal is to have a prospect or client interact with the product, and create a “direct and targeted” route to the product. Given Facebook users average 130 friends; there is a huge amount of exposure that can be gained from Facebook Actions. Website traffic can increase dramatically because 1 person in a network “listened” to your product.

3) Graphic Presence.

The marketer has the option to design an individual landing page for the product with properly embedded keyword(s), Meta tags and Meta descriptions, amongst other SEO techniques. Design the image as they see fit, including indicating review ratings, specifications, and more. Studies indicate that people want to support brands they can engage with, thus this is expected to be picked up rather quickly. Since video content is over 50 percent more likely to populate over organic listings in the SERPs, videos that are “watched” can have immediate impact here.

Facebook has done a nice job in creating a more in-depth user experience while at the same time, benefiting SEO firms by making Facebook Actions make sense for SEO.

How Facebook Can Influence And Affect SEO. Thingscouplesdo

5 Free Tools that can dramatically influence your SEO.

1. H-Supertools: This website contains many tools. However, my favorite tool here is the free “keyword research tool”. It’s a good alternative for you, if you can’t afford Semrush or ahrefs. You can also use their Privacy Policy generator etc. For adsense approval

2. wordstream. com/keywords: This is another free SEO tool and a good alternative to Semrush. It gives you an idea of keywords and you can finalize your research on Google.

3. seoanalyzerkit. com: On this website, you get to know the SEO problems your website is facing. E.g broken links, meta descriptions, site speed, etc.

4. Google Trends: Very useful if you post entertainment/ trending news.

5. Google : This is the most neglected, yet the most important SEO Keyword research tool. Whenever I use any keyword tool, I always come back to Google for verifications.
Note: Nothing beats Google


Hope you found this article on How Facebook Can Influence And Affect SEO informing and helpful?