How to increase your earning by using Facebook

How to increase your earning by using Facebook

With 1.18 billion daily users on an average, there is no denying that Facebook is the place to be.

How to increase your earning by using Facebook.

Apart from its role as a social networking website, it is one of best advertising tools available for online businesses.

Companies have expanded their customer base by taking products across borders. For instance, companies like e-commerce giant ShopClues have tapped in marketing opportunities on Facebook and increased its return on ad spend by 15 times. Even small businesses get an opportunity to scale up their operations with a cost-effective tool like Facebook.

Build a Facebook Page

There are some basic conditions one should adhere to to start a Facebook business page. First of all, you must make your business popular. The pages with more followers have a higher possibility to rank higher in the News Feed of users. You can build a page to reach out to users looking for related services.

Facebook has segmented people into five types of audience based on age, location, activity levels and interests. The ad targeting options allow you to take an educated guess based on the likes, shares, reactions, and feedbacks you get.

You can use ads to improve your Facebook business page. You can run campaigns in multiple language and reach out to your target audience across different age groups and geographies.

Building your Community

To build your community on Facebook is no rocket science. It is just like meeting new friends at a party. Ask a simple question about their interests, share your opinion or like their posts, if you really want to reach out to your audience.

Besides this, Facebook has a search box that allows you to see posts by people of the same interest as yours. For instance, if you are into running, you can set your profile picture as a running photo and post as much as you like. People will share the post on their timelines and automatically you will get new fans.

Monetizing Facebook Page

The chances of you becoming the most popular Facebook page owner are increasing. However, the challenges are not too different, some might be more pronounced because Facebook doesn’t carry the burden of paying for ads. After getting access to the robust analytics tool, you can get to know your targeting area, compare the performance of your ads and set yourself a modest spending budget.

With ads becoming the driving force in businesses’ budgets, for any business, a Facebook page with its massive audience comes handy.

However, small businesses often don’t have budgets for Facebook ads. Hence, here are a few ways you can earn money from Facebook. Real Estate Facebook houses more than 6 billion users with close to 1.5 billion daily active users.

Creating an Effective Strategy

Hiring an ad agency to run your Facebook marketing campaigns is quite expensive and you can hardly get an established company to take up such a huge task.

Using Facebook as an Ad-hoc tool is an option as it requires less professional intervention. A Facebook professional can track your activity, help you improve your marketing strategies and launch multiple campaigns. There are also a number of advertising tools available on Facebook that you can use to engage with your audience.

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Facebook is getting bigger by the day and is almost one of the most efficient ways to reach customers. This includes search advertising, organic search advertising, in-stream video advertising, PPC advertising, sponsored content advertising and more.


On Facebook, every business owner can target its advertisement for maximum reach and conversion rates. The platform is also cost-effective, which means you will be able to convert your website visitors and also maximize your advertising budgets.