I’M A BRAT AND I’M IN LOVE: Chapter 1-10


Chapter 10

(Bonnie and Clyde, we ride or die)

Rika stepped out of the limousine and took in her surroundings. Their private jet had just landed at the airport a few hours earlier, and they had had a forty-five minute drive to the Tenji Mountain.

Rika had been bored most of the trip, but she had to admit that she was impressed at the beauty of the location.

The Tenji Mountain stood at a vast 1340 feet, at least that was what she was told by the guidebook she had entertained herself with on the way there. The mountain was surrounded by a large mass of forests and greenery, and it was a very beautiful tourist attraction due to the very popular Peach blossoms or “love trees” which grew at the base of the mountain.

It was very popular among the locals, as lovers from various countries would make the long hike to the mountain, and such trips usually ended in marriage proposals.

Located at the foot of the mountain was also the hotel which they would be lodging in for the party the following day. Her parents were really very good at choosing party locations, Rika thought to herself.

A valet took their limo as she headed towards the hotel. The Sato family had reserved the whole hotel building and paid for all the guests’ lodging for the event, and Rika wanted to check out her luxury suite.

The hotel was packed. Guests were trooping in and out, and Rika knew that elites from all walks of life were gathered in this one place for just one event.

Sometimes, she found herself in awe of just how much power and influence her family had over people.

“Good evening Miss Sato. We’ve been expecting you.” The receptionist greeted politely, and Rika regarded her with a hum.

“We’re all so very excited for the party tomorrow. We are so honored to have the great Sato family in our humble hotel,” The receptionist continued.

Rika looked up and gave the lady a good stare. Well, she thought. She should have at least expected this level of kissing up to. She smiled brightly.

“I’m also excited! Your hotel is beautiful!” Rika replied as cheerily as possible.

The receptionist smiled in gratitude, behaving as if she had just been given the offer to become the President of America. Rika rolled her eyes.

“Here is your room key Miss Sato.” The receptionist said, handing Rika a gold keycard.

Rika twisted it between her perfectly manicured nails. She gave the receptionist one last smile before making her way to the elevator. Her suite was at the top floor of the hotel, just as she had requested. Rika liked being above everyone else. While most people were afraid of heights, Rika loved heights. That feeling of being in such a high place, feeling like you could almost touch the sky, gave her a sense of freedom.

It was the reason why her room back home was also located at the top of their mansion.

She finally arrived at her suite and unlocked the door with the keycard. The suite was adequate enough, there was a luxurious master bedroom with a Jacuzzi in the bathroom, and a living room that had a 45″ LED screen on the wall.

Rika plopped down on the settee in the living room. It was fast getting dark and she figured she’s turn in now as she was already exhausted. Tomorrow was going to be a really long day.

She stood up and walked over to the window, looking out. The lights of the Town that the Tenji mountain was named after were coming on slowly, and it looked so beautiful in the dark. She could also see the summit of the Tenji Mountain from her room.

Rika wrapped her hands around her body. All this beautiful scenery just kept reminding her of Levi, even though she had done her best to put him in the back of her mind for the past three days. She sighed, and made her way to the bathroom to shower.

The next day was long and boring, as Rika spent most of her day exploring the mountain. She didn’t see Levi at all, or maybe she had just managed to avoid him so well. As the sky grew dark, preparations for the party began.

She got back to her suite at around six pm, and called her make up artist to come on up. The hotel was bustling with life. Guests and servants were moving from room to room., As everyone prepared for the party. Rika took her time. She was going to make a grand entrance.

She went and quickly took her bath, then put on a robe. Not long after, the make up crew arrived and began to work on her. She was styled and beautified, crowning the masterpiece with her ball gown.

As the make up crew complimented her beauty, Rika admired herself in the mirror. She bit her lip, contented at her look.

Everything was perfect.

The rooftop of the hotel, where the Gala was to be held, was packed. Rika could tell from the dull chatter and laughter she heard as she made her way to the entrance, her dress swaying elegantly behind her.

She had deliberately waited 30mins after the party had started before heading to the venue. She was going to make a grand entrance, so she had to be fashionably late. She reached the entrance, and the butler standing there announced her arrival.

“Presenting, the beautiful, Miss Rika Sato.” He said in a loud voice and suddenly all eyes were on her. The whole place went silent and gasps of surprise escaped from people’s lips. Rika smiled as she elegantly began to walk down the steps, the man at the door holding her hand and leading her down.

She was wearing a long, flowing, white satin ball gown. The gown had spaghetti straps, which were plated with diamonds, and led to a V neck that extended from the top, almost reaching her navel, accurately showing off a quarter of her bre@sts.

The top of the gown was tr@nsparent also, but was covered with diamonds as well that covertly hid her body. The bottom of the the dress was soft satin and lace, that had a very long slit that showed off her legs. Her hair was elegantly tied into a bun, with diamond flowers adorning it.

The guests gave her looks of admiration and began to clap for her. She smiled proudly, revelling in the attention. She slowly scanned the crowd for Levi, but couldn’t spot him anywhere.

He would show up eventually, she said to herself, as she prepared herself for the onslaught of guests and associates who would be dying to talk to her. She was the star of the party after all. She plastered on a fake smile.


Levi stood at the very edge of the rooftop, sipping a glass of champagne. The Satos were really something. This party was everything he completely despised.

Loud crowds, forced conversations, false appearances.

It was a three in one combo.

Almost everyone that was in attendance was trying to talk the Satos, probably trying to sell their products or trying to get the Satos to invest in their companies.

He had received his own fair share of those painful conversations when the party had started, as his dad’s friends and business associates were also present at the party and were just dying to talk to him about their law firm.

“Be nice Levi.” His dad had said to him when the first wave of people accosted them.

Well, he did his best.

He had spotted Yuri but she had soon disappeared, she had probably also been swallowed by the throngs of people. He would pray that she survived the massacre.

When he had finally escaped from the array, he found an isolated spot to sit, ordered some wine and sipped it in comfortable silence. His dad had soon left him to go mingle with the Satos. He couldn’t blame the old man.

Levi was suddenly brought out of his thoughts by the stir and commotion of the guests. They seemed to be looking and moving in one direction. He was about to ignore them and continue sipping his champagne, when he heard one of the the guests exclaim, “Is that Rika Sato?! My, she looks positively scandalous!”

His ears perked up at that, and he stood up from his seat. He moved to have a look at what the commotion was all about but he was too short to see over some of the guests, especially the women in heels.

He sighed to himself.

What exactly was he doing now? Of course Rika would be at the party. The wise thing to do would be to just avoid her.

He began to walk back to his seat, then changed his mind, and made his way to the secluded mini bar that was far away from the guests and their noise.


Rika made her way to the bathroom to touch up on her make up. She groaned in frustration. It had been almost three hours now and she still hadn’t seen Levi anywhere. She had only just managed to escape from all the guests too. How was she supposed to implement her plan if she couldn’t even find him?

She took a deep breath and calmed herself. It was fine. Everything would still work out according to plan. She just needed to find him.

She stepped out of the bathroom and met her father standing outside, leaning against the wall. He turned to face her. “I’ve been looking all over for you.” He said quietly.

Rika smiled casually. “Hello Daddy. Enjoying the party so far?”

Mr Sato didn’t answer. His eyes travelled down Rika’s exposed body, before coming back to her face.

“This isn’t the outfit your mother chose for you.” He said, his voice coming out in a low growl.

Rika smiled again. “I know daddy. I picked this out specially for someone else.”

Mr Sato’s eyes darkened. “Really now?” He asked. “Is it Levi?”

Rika burst into quiet laughter.

“Daddy, you really should find better things to do. Obsessing over other people is bad for your health you know.” She muttered quietly, before hurriedly Walking away from him.

She made her way to the mini bar. She needed a drink.

Her eyes caught someone sitting at the far end of the bar.


It was Levi!

Rika narrowed her eyes.

It was time to strike.


Levi felt someone plop down on the bar stool beside him. He scowled. There were so many empty stools around, why did this person pick the one beside him?

He threw a quick glance at the person beside him and his bl00d ran cold. It was Rika, and she was smiling at him like he was a mouse caught in a trap. God….what was she wearing?

She ordered a glass of champagne.

“Should you be drinking?” He asked casually, raising his own glass to his lips.

Rika laughed. “I thought you were just going to ignore me.” She said, her voice coming out sultry and low, very different from what he was used to. He.ck, her entire countenance right now reminded him of the Rika that he first met months ago, and not the Rika he was used to.

The bartender placed her drink before her and she gulped it down.

“I’m eighteen. I can do whatever I want.” She said again.

Levi scoffed. “Of course you would think that way. What a foolish train of thought.” He muttered quietly and he heard her give a slow, se.ductive laugh. She then asked the bartender to refill her glass.

“I figured I’d find you in a secluded place. I didn’t take you as the type to enjoy parties anyway.” Rika said, as she downed her second glass.

“Hm.” Levi replied curtly, not looking at her.

She ordered another refill and Levi glanced at her. Was she trying to get herself drunk?

Rika finished that glass and ordered another. Levi finally spoke up.

“Are you planning to drink yourself to death?”

Rika laughed, her face already flushed.

“I need to lose my senses for what I’m about to do.” She replied frankly and Levi turned away from her.

She placed her hand on his chin and turned his face back to hers. “No, no, don’t look away. I wore this dress specially for you. Don’t you like it?” She asked quietly, and Levi removed her hands from his face.

“Pull yourself together Rika. What you’re doing is shameful.” He said coldly and Rika laughed bitterly, turning away from him and ordering another refill.

Levi sat by her side as she drunk herself to stupor, finally reaching her limit and passing out.

He thought about calling someone to take her to her room, but he took another look at her dress and discarded the thought. And The Satos were nowhere to be found. He searched her purse and found her room card, lifted her to rest on his shoulders and made his way out of the party and back to the suites.

As they approached her room, he felt her stirring. “No…..wait….I’m…..not going…to my room.” She muttered but he ignored her and began to unlock the door.

She pushed him away. “No! I’m not going to my room! Take me….to your suite!” She slurred dizzily.

“Are you stupid?” Levi asked, getting irritated.

Rika plopped down stubbornly on the hallway floor, her beautiful dress being dragged on the ground.

Levi couldn’t believe what was going on.

Rika began to yell out, “Take me to your suite!!”

People were already noticing the commotion. Levi was extremely irritated.

“I swear Rika I’ll leave you on this floor if you don’t stop spewing nonsense.” He said angrily and moved to lift her up again, but she reached her hands into his pants pocket and pulled out his room card.

“Found it.” She muttered as she stumbled away from him, taking off her heels.

He followed her quietly, picking up her heels, until she arrived at his own suite, then passed out in front of the door.

Levi stared frustratingly at the unconscious girl on the floor, before grabbing his keycard, unlocking the door and carrying her in.

He took her to the bedroom and laid her in the bed, then went out and sat heavily on the settee. There was no point in going back to the party now. He rested his head on the chair and tried to get some sleep.

He was awoken by a scream some hours later and he rushed into the bedroom, pulling the door open and flipping on the light switch.

“Rika! Are you o….!” His words were cut short as he stared at Rika’s n@ked body on the floor.

His eyes widened and he turned his back on her quickly.

“What. The. H.ell. Happened? Why in God’s name are you n@ked?” He asked through gritted teeth.

“I thought I was in my suite! I sleep n@ked sometimes because it’s really comfortable. I got up in the dark to get some water and I fell.” She answered, her voice strained.

Levi grunted.

For heaven’s sake.

He went to the couch, grabbed his jacket and threw it into the room, still not looking at her.

“Put that on. Are you hurt?” He asked.

“I think I bruised my leg.” Rika answered.

“I’m coming in. Are you decent?”


Levi turned and entered the room. Rika was sitting on the bed wrapped in his jacket, on her leg was a slight cut. Levi grabbed a first aid kit from the cabinet in the bathroom.

He began to apply disinfectant to her wound and she winced in pain.

“So. You sleep n@ked in your house too?” He asked , not looking at her. Before she could reply, he added, “And don’t think I believe that lie that you thought you were in your suite.”

Rika scoffed. “Fine. I did know this was your room. But you’re right. I do sleep n@ked whenever I want to. Just because you’re here doesn’t make this an exception.” She replied casually.

“That’s a pretty stupid habit. I’m still a man Rika, and you’re a young girl. You shouldn’t be doing things that would put us both in situations that we might end up regretting.” Levi said, as he bandaged her leg and stood up.

“So what? How are you so sure we’ll regret it? You can never know till you try right?” She said quietly and Levi glanced at her.

She was watching him carefully, her eyes aflame with an emotion he couldn’t decipher.

Levi sighed. “You’re young Rika. Too young to be thinking that way.” He replied quietly, and Rika grit her teeth.

“Stop treating me like a child!” She yelled.

“Well you obviously still are one if you can offer your body up to a man so casually! Come on Rika! Is this your way of having revenge on me for speaking harshly to you? By sl.eeping with me?!”

“Shut up!” Rika yelled as she stood up and slapped Levi’s face.

“Shut up! Shut up! You think you know me?! Just shut the hell up!” She yelled as she smacked him again and again, before falling back to the bed and screaming in frustration.

Levi regarded her silently, before crouching down before her. “You can’t do this…..Rika, your body isn’t something you can throw away so lightly. It’s something that’s reserved for your husband. Treat it with the respect it deserves.” He muttered quietly and Rika began to sob.

“There’s nothing special about this body anymore.” She replied, tears flowing freely from her eyes. Levi got up silently and sat beside her, as she continued sobbing.

“You’re right you know.” She began after awhile. “This was my idea of revenge. I wanted to humiliate you by se.ducing and sl.eeping with you, making you give up your morals and bruising your pride and ego. I wasn’t even really drunk. I had given specific instructions to the bartender beforehand to water down any drink I ordered before serving it to me, but…. you still thwarted my plans. Why….why are you so good at figuring me out?” Rika choked out in between sobs.

Levi sighed.

“Rika….I’m not perfect. And I don’t know if I’ll ever be. I’ve made a lot of bad choices, and I’ve hurt a lot of people. Well, what I’m trying to say is, I don’t like being in situations I can’t predict.” Rika faced him with tearstained eyes.

“And with you Rika, I’ve been in some of the most unpredictable situations of my life. What I feel for you, this relationship between us is something I don’t understand. But maybe, just maybe, I’m pushing you out just because I don’t understand. Whatever it is Rika,” Levi faced her.

“Let’s figure it out together.”

Rika turned away from him and continued sobbing quietly.

“You say that now but you’ll still hurt me again.”

Levi sighed, but stayed silent. In the end, he wasn’t sure what to say to her because he didn’t know either.

But he was sure of one thing.

He was gonna figure things out, without hurting Rika again.




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