Authoress Berry Julie

Chapter 20

“Get out of my office! You wench!!!” Ethan yelled, chasing the shocked Catherine out of his office.
He wondered who allowed her in.
If it was at his paper company, he’s so sure Thelma wouldn’t have allowed her in .

But here,they still regarded her as his wife!

“Ethan!, You’re sending me out of your office,after everything we’ve shared” Catherine’s voice trembled.
She still can’t believe Ethan rejected her after all her efforts..
He hadn’t even spared her much glance, her brea$ts which he had always loved looked worthless to him now.

“I can’t believe you to be this cheap! You’ve actually gotten worst Catherine. That brother of mine is doing you no good! ” Ethan said beating his fingers on his glass table.
“How dare you say I’m cheap!” Catherine said.
“Because you are, it’s so obvious that you came here to seduce me. Who the hell seduces the man she divorced” Ethan said flatly.

“I..i wasn’t in my right senses then” Catherine said, looking down at her feet in fake remorse.
“Well, thank God you gat your senses back, will you kindly leave now or i involve the securities” Ethan said.
“Ethan I’m sorry” Catherine said, trying desperately for tears to flow.
Ethan always fall for her tears. Then, she’d use her tears to get things from him .

“Mrs Harlow” Ethan mocked and Catherine swore under her breath.
She truly regretted her actions.
“Don’t try to fake your tears cause i will never fall for it ‘again’ ” Ethan said.
Catherine sniffed and pretended to search her purse for an handkerchief, she deliberately made her car key fall and then bent to pick it slowly with all the seductive move she can ever think of.

Ethan laughed and punched some numbers in his intercom.
He placed the receiver on his ear.

“Hey you! I gat an unwanted person in my office,come lead her out please” He said into the phone and Catherine quickly straightened up from her seductive post.

“Okay sir.

Ethan dropped the receiver and glanced at Catherine.

“What a waste, you should have tried all these $eductive moves when i haven’t gotten over you” Ethan said, pressing his lips together.
“I wasn’t trying to seduce you! ” Catherine snapped. “My car key fell down”
“Well… only a fool would believe that” Ethan said.

The door opened and three securities walked in.

“Are you seriously gonna allow them lead me out?” Catherine asked, embarrassed.
She had completely made a fool of herself.
Now the little pride she had was gone.
She shouldn’t have suggested this in the first place but she hadn’t known Ethan would be able to resist her.

“You better leave gently with them, they have no mercy at all, they’ll push you out if you last one more minute” Ethan said, settling back on his chair.
Catherine walked out with the securities and the door was shut.

Ethan sighed and stared at the files in front of him.
What if she had tried this when he hadn’t gotten over her,then he would have fell for it and of course accept her back.
Thank goodness that’s in the past now.

He doesn’t even want anything to do with her again.
He had planned to make the court completely deny her access to her daughter but that’ll be unfair.
No matter how bad she is,she still deserves to see her Arin once in a while.

“But did he seriously resist those brea$ts?” He thought and laughed.
Those brea$ts that always made him crazy then.

Well … He should call Carl and ask how the morning went.
He really hoped nothing unusual happened again.

The FBI agents promised to get back to him tomorrow.

He suddenly smiled, thinking of Irish.
He doubt if he has ever seen a lady as decent and responsible as she is.

“Looks like the CEO is deep in thought” Lucy, his secretary at Ethan’s cosmetics interrupted his thoughts.
“Ohh… Lucy” Ethan sat upright.
“Is anything wrong?” She asked.
“Definitely nothing. I’m fine”
“You didn’t even stirred when i walked in and you were so busy staring into space” Lucy said.
“Well… yeah, i was thinking about something” Ethan finally admitted.
“Ohh” Lucy smiled.

Unlike Thelma, Lucy was unmarried. Engaged though and her fiance do come pick her from work everyday.
Lucy’s a beautiful young lady, smart and good at what she does.

He’s always so lucky about his employees, they’re all so good in their respective fields.

“So, do you need anything?” Ethan said.
“Well…you got some letters” Lucy handed three envelopes to him.
“Why didn’t you check it out for me?” Ethan asked.
“I would have done so but It’s highly confidential” Lucy said.
“Ohh” Ethan said taking the envelopes from her.

“Thanks” He dropped them on his table.
“You need coffee?” Lucy asked as she walked to the door.
“Uhm…no, thanks” Ethan said.
“Alright Mr Ethan” she said and finally walked out of the door.

He have to call Alex.



Irish yawned as she woke up from her nap.
She laid on her bed and stared at the reflection of the sun on her wall.

“It’s a bright afternoon” She murmured feeling too lazy to get on her feet.
She know she should go help Gabrielle in the kitchen but she’s kinda feeling tired and maybe weak.
She laid still and tried getting more sleep but it wasn’t coming.
She stared at the ceiling and started imagining how she wants her future to be, she saw Rudy’s model Fashion home being set up again,she saw everyone happy and fulfilled but then it’s just imagination.
Even if she knows the kind of future she wishes for is not possible, she can at least enjoy the imagination.

Irish’s mum was a fashion designer and Irish had learned a lot from her. They’ve both worked together till the shop collapse. Irish couldn’t get the shop to grow again and so she went into Modelling.
Deeply… She wished she could set up her own fashion house, someday.

She smiled as her imaginations went on and on.

“Fairy fairy grant my wish” She sang and laughed.
She remembered she do sing that when she was still a child.

Her mind suddenly drafted back to previous Model work at Morgan’s. The night she got drunk and woke up almost…..
She shakes her head. Nothing happened! She had hoped nothing had happened and so push the thought away ever since then.

“Enough of the imaginations Irish” She chided herself and then sat up.
Her feet searched for her slippers and she wore it before finally rising to her feet.
She walked into the bathroom and made for the sink.
She turned on the faucet and splashed some water on her face.

She grabbed a clean towel and wiped her face with it before walking back to her room .
She stood in front of the mirror and made her ponytail more tight.

“So sorry i arrived late, chef Gabrielle” Irish joked as she entered the kitchen and met Gabrielle making lunch already.
“It’s fine apprentice Irish, i knew you were so enjoying that nap” Gabrielle said and they both chuckled.
“Yeah, i enjoyed it. ” Irish said while she washed her hands.
“Thank God you’re here, I’m feeling pressed. Please continue with the cooking” Gabrielle said.
“Okay” Irish said grabbing a clean apron.

She wore it over her blue satiny gown while Gabrielle walked out of the kitchen.
Irish took over gladly.



Arin grinned as Irish helped her dress up.
She’s back from school and Irish selected her wears for her.

It’s a floral jumpsuit which suited Arin’s caramel skin.
Irish made her wear pink footwear and then tried comb her hair but then she remembered she’s not allowed to.
She gently dropped the comb.
“I don’t need to comb my hair, my ponytail is still in place” Arin said.
“Ohh.. yeah” Irish nodded.

“You’ve been grinning since you arrived from school” Irish noted.
“Yeah, I’ll clock seven next month” Arin said happily.
“Ohh, happy birthday in advance sweetheart” Irish smiled.
“Thank you” Arin said.
“My younger brother also get excited a month to his birth month” Irish said.
“You have a younger brother?” Arin asked in surprise.
“Of course” Irish smiled.
“Is he my age mate? Will you bring him over to play with me?”Arin asked excitedly and Irish laughed.
“No! He’s seventeen” Irish said.
“Ohh” Arin said disappointedly.

“Sorry” Irish smiled.
“How come you never talked about him” Arin pouted.
“You never asked” Irish said.

“Now I’m asking” Arin said.
“His name is Arusha Levine and he’s in high school” Irish said.
“When are you bringing him over?” Arin asked.
“I’m not bringing him over,even though they’re in California now” Irish said.
“Why not?” Arin asked.
“This is my workplace Arin, not some playground” Irish said calmly.
“If you’re worried about Dad, I’m sure he won’t be against it” Arin said.
“No, Arusha can’t come here Arin,i can’t take advantage of the fact that you guys are nice to me and then start inviting every member of my family over” Irish said.
“You don’t have to invite your parents” Arin said and Irish felt a stinging pain in her heart.
She didn’t know it was just Mother or she wouldn’t have mentioned them.
“Just your brother” Arin said and Irish sighed.

“You want to meet him that badly?” Irish asked.
“Yes” Arin said.
“You will, one day” Irish said.
“By fate” She added inwardly.

“Let’s go have lunch” She said taking Arin’s tiny hand in hers.


Irish packed the leftover fruits on Arin’s bedside stool .
She had had the fruits before taking her nap.

She covered Arin properly before taking the leftover fruits to the kitchen.

They had lunch minutes ago and Arin and Gabrielle were now taking their nap.
One can see she’s bored as she walked out of the kitchen.

She tried to watch the quiz show that was being displayed on the TV but she had no interest.
She stood up from the couch,she doesn’t feel like reading too.
Should she go chat with Alex and Carl?

She should go check out the building again then and probably stop by the pool.



“Wow!” Irish grinned on sighting the pool.
This isn’t the first time she’ll be seeing it but it keeps appearing more and more beautiful.
The reflection of the sun even made the water sparkle brightly.

Irish smiled walking towards it.
She passed the late Carrle’s room without even noticing, all her mind was on the pool.


She finally stood in front of the water and she was about bending to scoop the water in her palm when she heard a startling sound.
She paused but thought it could be one of the workers, not until she saw a shadow in the water.

Someone was behind her and whomever that was, she could tell it was a woman.

She was about turning to find out who it is when the person grabbed her neck with cold fingers.

Irish screamed but the unknown woman didn’t make her scream for long before pushing her into the water.




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