Authoress Berry Julie

Chapter 15

No ghost was knocking.
It’s the midnight breeze making the tree branch hit the window.

Arin and Irish stopped screaming when they realised it was no ghost.
Their eyes widened in disbelief and they both started laughing hard with tears still on their faces.

Bodyguards already filed into the room in dozens,their guns cocked.
One of them switched on the light.

“It’s nothing guys”Ethan told them, there was still laughter in his eyes.
He sat on Arin’s bed watching the both of them laugh.
They look so beautiful and seeing them in tears earlier had almost broken his heart.
Watching them laugh now made him smile.

He found his eyes trailing down Irish’s body and he must admit he has never seen her in her nightwear, it looks so…sexy on her, almost transparent.

He glanced at his bodyguards and saw their lustful gazes on her body.
Irish was unaware as she was still laughing with Arin
Ethan quickly handed her his robe and sent his bodyguards a hard glare.
They stared down at their feet knowing he had caught them. They knew they were going to be reprimanded in the morning.

“Ohh…thanks” Irish said embarrassed as she took the robe from Ethan.

“You guys can leave now” Ethan said to his bodyguards.
They turned and left the room..

Irish tightened the robe around her body and muttered thanks to Ethan again.
“It’s fine, i still have my shorts anyway” Ethan said and Irish found her gaze on his breathtaking body.
She swallowed hard, admiring his masculine chest laced with black curly hair which travelled narrowly down his flat stomach and then into his shorts.

She glanced up at his face and saw his black curly hair looked messy, his eyes were kind of red too like he cried.
No, she’s the one who cried, she’s the one who had almost gone crazy cause a tree branch was hitting the window.

“You told me you were brave enough Irish” Arin said mockingly.
“I thought i was” Irish said and Ethan laughed.
“Like seriously? You both cried cause of a ghost that was not even there” Ethan laughed harder and Irish bit her lips in embarrassment.

She must really stop this act of crying like a baby.
Gosh! She must have looked so funny while crying and screaming at the same time.

“The tree has overgrown, I’ll make sure the branches are mended by the gardener tomorrow” Ethan said.
“I can’t believe it was just a tree branch” Irish laughed and Arin joined her.
They were still finding the whole thing funny.
The way they had behaved showed they would have probably fainted if it was a real ghost.

“Okay, now that we know it’s just a tree branch,can we all go back to sleep” Ethan said even though he wasn’t feeling sleepy yet.
He had been thinking of Carrle when he heard the scream the second time.

“I’m not feeling sleepy” Arin pout.
“Me too” Irish said, loving the feel of Ethan’s robe on her body, it feels so warm against her skin,like she was in his arms.
If his robe made her feel this way, how will his bare body make her feel?.

What the he.ll is wrong with her.
She can’t believe she’s thinking this way.

“I think im not sleepy too, what do we do?” Ethan asked.
“Anything, I’m fine with anything as long as I’m with you both, i can’t spend the rest of the night alone” Arin said.
“Why don’t we…” Irish paused and both Ethan and Arin gazed at her.
“Why don’t we what?” Ethan ask.
“Why don’t we all sit in front of the fireplace” Irish suggested.
“Good idea!” Arin said.
“Okay, you both should lead the way, i have to go put on something” Ethan said.
“Okay dad. Let’s go Irish” Arin said.

Ethan is so surprised at how fast Arin is getting used to Irish.
He wondered what was involved cause Arin don’t just get along with her nannies.

He shrugged as he walked out after them.
“I’ll join you guys soon” he said as he made for his room.
“Okay” Irish and Arin chorused.



Irish arranged the woods in the fireplace and then lit it.
“Why don’t we get some cake and juice in the kitchen while the woods burn” Arin said.
“Will your dad be fine with it?” Irish asked.
“Of course” Arin said.

They both walked out of the library and then into the kitchen.
Irish switched on the light and almost screamed when she saw Gabrielle seated with her head placed on the table.
Looks like she’s asleep.

“! Gabrielle fell asleep in the kitchen again” Arin said.

This isn’t the first time she’ll do that.
Gabrielle do place her head on the kitchen table after dinner, and end up sleeping off.

So Ethan had made it a duty to always check the kitchen before he sleeps but he was so disturbed yesternight.
He didn’t even checked on Arin.

“She sleeps in the kitchen?” Irish asked.
“No,I’m sure she slept off while resting” Arin said.
“Ohh” Irish said.
“My dad do check the kitchen every night to make sure she’s in her room, i wonder what went wrong yesternight” Arin said.
“What’s going on? I thought you guys would be in the li..” Ethan was saying as he walked into the kitchen but stopped when he saw Gabrielle.

“Why didn’t you check on Gabrielle before going to bed? Now her neck would hurt from sleeping that way” Arin said, feeling sorry for Gabrielle and a bit pissed at her Dad.
“I’m so sorry about that, i was quite disturbed yesternight” Ethan said walking to Gabrielle to wake her up.

“Disturbed? Does that means he truly cried like she suspected” Irish thought.
“By the way, i thought you would be in the library” Ethan said.
“I wanted some cake and juice so we came to get it. Irish lit the firewoods already” Arin said.
“Yeah, i saw that” Ethan said, tapping Gabrielle gently on her shoulder.

She yawned, obviously awake. She raised up her head and looked at every one of them.
She was about placing her head back on the table when Ethan quickly held her.
He made her stand on her feet and then started leading her to the door.
She looks more like a drunk person.

“I’m gonna take her to her room,” Ethan said and Irish nodded.
She opened the fridge and saw cakes on display.
“I want the strawberry flavor, cut a slice of chocolate flavor for my dad and i hope there’s vanilla flavor there,for you” Arin said.
“Yes” Irish smiled.
Arin picked out three dishes and handed it to Irish
“Ohh…thank you” Irish said, she picked the knife that was already beside the cakes.

She cut out a slice each from the three flavors.
“I want two slices” Arin said.
“Okay” Irish said and cut one more slice for Arin.
She brought out a cranberry juice afterwards with three glass cups.
“Dad is gonna take wine” Arin said.
“Alright,which of them?” Irish asked.

“1945 chateau moutson-rothschild” Arin said and Irish was impressed.
She knew her father’s favorite wine.
“It’s always in the freezer though, not the fridge” Arin said placing the glass cups in a tray.
“Ohh.. okay” Irish said.

She closed the fridge and moved to the freezer.



Irish and Arin sat in front of the fireplace waiting for Ethan.
The cakes, juice, wine and glass cups were placed in front of them.

Irish smiled enjoying fireplace view.
So beautiful.

“Do you enjoy staring at the fireplace that much?” Arin asked her.
“Why?” Arin asked.
“I just love it, doesn’t it look magical to you?” Irish asked.
“No,it’s just a normal burning fire to me” Arin said.

“Sorry for keeping you waiting” Ethan finally walked in, making his presence known.
He had stood by the door for minutes watching the back view of his daughter and her nanny, though he had concentrated more on Irish’s back.
He loved how his robe looked on her,even if it trailed behind her like a wedding gown,it still looked so good on her.

“Finally you’re here” Arin said.
“Wow!” Ethan exclaimed, sighting the cake and his favorite wine.
He quickly sat down on the left side of Arin, Irish was on the right.

“I had to make sure Gabrielle is asleep, you know she can just get up and go back to the kitchen to continue her sleep” Ethan said.
“True” Arin laughed, cutting into her cake with a fork.

Ethan poured himself some wine before eating the cake.
They ate and drank in silence,all staring at the fireplace and by the time they were done eating Arin and Irish were already feeling sleepy.
Ethan returned the dishes to the kitchen and washed them.
when he returned to the library,he found them laying beside each other, asleep.
The way Irish held Arin in her arms while they sleep,one would think she was protecting her daughter.

She would be so perfect as a mother.
She’s not one yet but anyone would think she is whenever she’s with Arin

Ethan walked into his room and picked his blanket from his bed, he covered them both with it.
He added more woods in the fire and then sat,staring at them.
He smiled, these two are just so beautiful and adorable,even in their sleep.

Is he still going to deny the fact that he really admire Irish?



“Arin get up. It’s late already” Irish said, staring at the wall clock in the library as she tapped Arin gently.
Looks like they both fell asleep here, she wondered where Ethan was and why he didn’t wake them.

Arin stirred awake, yawning loudly.
“Get up Arin,let’s go get you ready for school. There’s no much time left” Irish said getting up on her feet.
She pulled Arin with her and they both walked out of the library.



“Bye mum” Arusha pecked his mum.
He already got ready for school and he has helped her prepare her breakfast and lunch and he made sure everything she’ll be needing is close to her.
“Bye Arusha” Mrs Helen smiled.

He waved before walking out of her room and then to the door.
He got outside and gently closed the door behind him.

He rushed to the bus station and luckily for him, he caught a bus.
All attention was on him as he walked in,most of the passengers were students and just few were from his school.

The girls stylishly cleared the seat beside them for him while the guys stare daggers at him.
It’s not surprising, he always get that reaction.
He took an empty seat at the back and then stared out of the window as the bus moved.

He missed Irish, so much.
He can’t wait for weekend,he’s already saving chocolate chip cookies for her, he had planned to visit her in California by weekend.
He smiled knowing she’ll be so excited.

“Hey” he heard a feminine voice said.
Girls always “hey” him every time.
“Hi” He said turning to the girl.

She’s pretty with soft brown eyes,high cheekbones and a proud nose, her blonde hair fell down her shoulders and her small lips were in a smile.
From her uniform,he could tell she wasn’t a student of their school.

“I’m Mil” she said.
“Arusha” He said, licking his lips and the girl almost went crazy.
“Can i touch you?” She asked and Arusha smiled.
“, your smile is making my broken heart come back together” The girl said and Arusha laughed.
“Please make me yours already” Mil said, falling completely for him.

Arusha is not surprised, it happens all the time.

“Mil!” A guy suddenly shouted,he was in mil’s uniform.
He approached the both of them at the back seat with tightened fist.
Everyone turned to them expectantly.

“She’s my girlfriend! Stay away from her or i will make your face a punching bag” The guy threatened.
“You’re not my boyfriend Allen! We broke up already” Mil shouted.
“You broke up with me just now that this thing entered the bus. If he doesn’t get up beside you now,i swear I’ll beat him up” The guy said angrily.

“You’ll beat me up?”Arusha laughed.
“I swear I’ll make you lick your ass! ” Arusha said calmly, winning the girls heart more.
“Ohh… really? Really? You this nincompoop! really?” Allen said.
“Just shut up already,am not to blame that you share resemblance with a monkey”Arusha said and stood up, leaving Allen speechless.

Laughter erupted in the bus and Arusha walked to the door.
He’s going to alight in the next bus stop.


He walked into his class and gazes fall on him as usual.
Sometimes he just get fed up with the whole thing.

He replied to the “hi’s” and “hey’s” from the girls as he walked to his seat.
He sat down and dropped his backpack.
Opening his locker, love letters poured out.

“Not again!” He groaned.


It’s lunch time and Dozens of girls offered to buy him lunch.
Most of them give themselves freely to him and some would just plead to kiss him.

It’s just so crazy.
He had no male friend, the guys in the school hated him cause he has the girls attention the most.
Sometimes, he wished all the attention he’s always getting would just stop and sometimes he’ll wish it never stops.



School’s over and Arusha quickly picked his backpack and sneaked out.
He doesn’t want any girl to follow him home, he wants to spend enough time with his Mum.

He got to the gate and the gatekeeper opened it for him. He stepped out and sighed in relief that none of the girls had seen him.

“Hey Arusha” he heard as he started walking to catch a bus.
It was no feminine voice, it’s definitely a male voice.
He turned and saw the man, he’s a huge man clad in a black suit,black eye glass and bald head.
But how did he know his name?

“What?” Arusha asked.
“Would you like to come with me?” The man asked.
“No!” Arusha replied bluntly and started walking away.
“It’s about your sister” The man said and that made Arusha stop.
“My sister is not even here, so what do you about her?”
“I know, she’s in California?”
He stared back to the man almost immediately.
“So would you like to come with me now?” The man repeated and Arusha nodded.


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