Authoress Berry Julie

Chapter 18

Javad, you’ll be the one to join Carl” Ethan announced.

“Huh?” Irish darted her eyes to Ethan and everyone turned to her.
“What?” Ethan asked.
“Uhm.. nothing” Irish said.
“Are you sure you are fine? Will you go back to rest?” Ethanasked.
“I think i will go back” Irish said,her heart suddenly beating fast when she saw the stern look Javad gave her.

She has been right all along.
There’s something about him.

“I can go by myself” Irish said when Ethan offered to help her.
“You sure?”
“Yeah” Irish said and started walking towards the stairs.

“What’s with this lady looking suspiciously at him every time, does she knows he’s a spy or what?” Javad wondered as Irish walked to her room.
And she had appeared unhappy when Mr Ethan announced that he’s gonna be the back up bodyguard.
Seems she’s starting to suspect him but he has not been acting suspicious. He has been very careful over the years and no one have ever suspected him.

Even Ethan trusts him so much.
But this little thing suddenly comes from nowhere and changed everything!
What if Ethan notices her behavior towards him, he’ll definitely start watching him too.

He must start watching her every move from now on cause he doesn’t like the look of things.

Maybe they should eliminate her before Ethan.
Cause she might blow his cover.
He’s gonna tell Morgan about it.

But he’s glad he’s now gonna join Carl.
It’s gonna make everything much more easier.
The informations will flow freely.
Though he hates Carl, the guy do behave like he’s better than anyone else and it hurts to see Ethan cherished him too and even Arin who rarely likes anyone.
There are so many people on his death list and of course Carl is one of them.

“So, Javad, Starting from tomorrow, you’ll be joining Carl,Please make sure you and Carl protects everyone.” Ethan said.
“I’ll do my best sir” Javad said.
“I trust you both to do a good job.” Ethan smiled.

He didn’t noticed the look exchange between Carl and Javad.
Carl hated the fact that Javad will be joining him.
They both know they don’t like each other .
Carl has always had a bad feeling about him,he wanted to tell Mr Ethan several times but he had no proof.

Joining him isn’t bad after all, he’ll finally get to study him and confirm if his thoughts about Javad are true.

“You can all leave now, i have to go fill Arin in “Ethan said.
“Okay Mr Ethan” they said and left.

Ethan sighed and walked towards the stairs.



Irish breathed out loudly as she tossed in her bed .
She’s yet to fully recover from the shock.

Why Javad?
Did Mr Ethan trust him that much?
Why is she finding it so difficult to trust him.

Why’s she so bothered even when there’s no proof that the guy is actually bad like she thought but the look he had given her before she left the living room almost confirmed her thoughts about him but that’s still no proof.
Her mind do seem unsettled whenever he’s around and that happens to her whenever someone has a bad aura.

Javad sure does but she doesn’t think Ethan noticed.
Should she ask Carl what he feels about Javad?.
No. She shouldn’t do that.
She resumed just few days ago, she shouldn’t go about prodding.

Her mind trailed back to the incidence.
She had been so shocked to the bone when gunshot echoed in the car.
She didn’t know when she passed out.
Whatever it is, someone is obviously after them.
Ethan had said he’s the one they are after and that means everyone around him is not safe.
She’s just so glad Arin hadn’t been in the car then.

Why’s all these suddenly happening few days she got here.
It’s sincerely making her feel bad even after Ethan had assured her that she’s not responsible for it.

Arusha and her mum mustn’t hear this or that’ll be the end of her work here.
Especially Arusha, if he hears she was nearly shot, he’ll do everything to get her out of here and her mum’s surgery bill isn’t even complete yet.

Everything was going fine and this incidence just have to spoil everything.
Now they’re not safe anymore.
Knowing herself, she’s gonna start panicking at every little thing .

She hoped the gunshot thing had been a mistake and it wasn’t really aimed at their car…

But who was she deceiving?
It had been aimed at their car!



“No! No! Dad” Arin shook her head.
“Com’on princess” Ethan said.

He was sitting beside her on the bed.

“I don’t want Javad to join Carl. I’m okay with Carl alone” Arin said.
“Javad needs to . Just allow him please” Ethan said.
“Why does he need to join Carl. What’s wrong?” Arin asked, dropping her candy.
“Nothing, absolutely nothing. I just feel like tightening your security”
“Why? You were satisfied with just Carl alone” Arin said.
“I was but now I’m not” Ethan said.
“Is there anything you’re hiding from me again?” Arinasked furrowing her brows.

“Well… there’s nothing. But having two bodyguards is not bad . So many kidnappers are all over the city now” Etnan said.
“Okay but not Javad!” Arin frowned.
“Why?” Ethan asked in surprise.
Arin hever had issue with Javad and she has never complained about him.

“ see him with Norah then. They were always together” Arin said.
“Yes dad” Arin said.
“Is that why you don’t want him?” Ethan asked.
“Yes, Norah is a bad person and anyone who associates with her is one also” Arin scoffed.

“Com’on Arin, they might be spending time with each other cause they’re both bored. That doesn’t make Javad a bad person too. He’s a very good guy and you know how much i trust him” Ethan said and Arin shrugged.

“So…?” Ethan asked.
“Fine, he can be my second bodyguard” Arin rolled her eyes and picked her candy.
“That’s my baby girl! I’m sure you will really enjoy his presence”Ethan smiled.
“I can’t, i only said yes to obey you.” Arin said plainly.
“Thank you” Ethan sighed.
“I don’t want my car getting stuffy and all!” Arin complained.

“I should change your cars to bigger ones then” Ethan said.
“No, it’s fine. We’re having ballet class tomorrow and i need to practice” Arin said.
“Ohh…i should leave you to it then” Ethan pecked her cheeks and rose to his feet.

“Is Irish still asleep?” Arin asked.
She was missing her nanny already.
She had selected her wears herself when she got back from school and she didn’t feel so excited like she feels whenever Irish selects her wears.

“Yeah, i think she’s a bit ill. She needs a lot of rest” Ethan said.
“Really? But you didn’t told me she was ill. You only said she was asleep” Arin said worriedly, getting to her feet.
“Where to?” Ethan asked.
“I need to check on her” Arin said and Ethan watched as his daughter hurried through the adjoining door.

Then he heard a dog’s bark, look like she just welcomed Arin.



“What do you want for dinner? will you come downstairs?” Ethan asked Irish as he walked into her room.

He made sure that the dog was sleeping, he can’t stand that dog. And he had even feel scared that he might wake up.
He saw Arin with her and sighed,she had refused to leave Irish’s room since then and it looks like they were both working on her homework.

“No, i think I’ll just have fruits” Irish said.
“You sure? You didn’t have lunch too” Ethan said worriedly, he doesn’t like the new Irish, she looks weak and bothered.
Well…who wouldn’t look bothered after what happened.

“Arin,i think i left my wristwatch in your room” Ethan lied.
“Really?” Arin asked.
“Yeah, go help me search your bed for it”
“Okay dad” Arin said, she got down from Irish’s bed carrying Dolly along with her before hurrying to her room.

“If you’re bothered about what happened earlier then there’s nothing to worry about, I’ll make sure everyone is safe okay?” Ethan said reassuringly and Irish nodded.
“I trust you to do that” She smiled and Ethan was glad.
“Now that’s what I’m talking about! You just smiled, your face has been sad all along” Ethan said, smiling too.
“Yeah” Irish blushed.

The sudden lightness of her mood amazed her.
The weakness she was feeling was slowly diminishing..
She knew it was because of Ethan.
He had lightened her mood only with his presence, she had been feeling so down that Arin noticed and the little girl have asked what’s wrong severally.

“If you’re still feeling weak by tomorrow, then don’t bother going with Arin to school okay?” Ethan said.
“No, I’ll be fine. Like, I’m fine already” Irish said.
“You sure?”
“Of course Mr Ethan,thanks so much for your care” Irish said, deeply touched.
“Com’on you were almost hurt in my possession, and I’m still so sorry about that, I’ve checked on Alex and Carl too and they seem fine” Ethan said.
“I’m glad” Irish said.

“So should we go eat dinner now?” Ethan asked.
“Yes” Irish nodded.
“Great!” Ethan smiled.

The adjoining door opened and Arin stepped into Irish’s room pouting.

“What?”Ethan asked.
“I searched everywhere for your wristwatch but couldn’t find it. Definitely it’s not in my room” Arin frowned.
“Ohh..i must have left it in my private living room then” Ethan said scratching his head.
Irish smiled knowing he had deceived Arin.

There was no lost wristwatch anywhere.
He only told her that so she could excuse them.

“ should we go to the dining?” Ethan asked Arin
“No, I’ll just have fruits” Arin said, sitting back on Irish’s bed.
“What?” Ethan asked.
“Yeah” she confirmed.
“Okay then , sit here alone and have your fruits. Irish and i will go to the dining” Ethan said and Irish laughed.

“What! Isn’t she also taking fruits?” Arin frowned.
“I changed my mind Arin” Irish said.
“Huh?” Arin asked, glancing at her dad.
“Yes” Irish said.
“Let’s all go to the dining room then” Arin bit her lips.
“You said you’re gonna stay here and have your fruits. It’s not bad”Ethan teased.
“I changed my mind” Arin rolled her eyes and got down from the bed.
She slide her tiny feet into her slippers and walked out of the room.

“Copy cat”Ethan laughed and Irish joined him.
“Arin, Is Dolly asleep?”.
“Yes. I left her in her bed, in my room” Arin said.

“Oh.. okay”

Irish walked out of the door with Arin and saw Carl and…

She had even forgotten Javad will be joining them.

Carl stretched his hand to open the car door but Javad beat him to it.
He opened the car door with a fake grin which annoyed Irish so much.
Arin entered the car and Irish got beside her,then Carl.

Javad got in the front and Alex started driving.
The car seemed tensed and
Irish noticed no one had said good morning.
Javad presence is such a bad one .
Her mind is starting to get unsettled.

“And why is Carl watching Javad that way?” Irish wondered.
She noticed Arin doesn’t look happy too.
Even Alex that do make them laugh just kept mute.




They got to Arin’s school after long minutes of tensed silence..

“I’ll take her to her class” Javad offered.
“No! Carl will” Arin said, grabbing her backpack.
Carl grinned and held Arin’s little hand in his.
He winked mockingly at Javad before leading Arin to her class.

Irish and Alex saw what happened and Irish couldn’t hold her laughter.
Alex did a good job in hiding his though.
Javad wore a visible angry look and Irish could see how cruel those eyes looked at that moment.

Like, that’s the real him.

Carl returned,still grinning.

They all got into the car.
Irish and Carl at the back seat.


Irish smiled as she saw Arusha’s incoming call.
She had received the message that they’re in California and she had given them the address of her house. She was glad they’re fine.
She’ll be going home on weekends to meet them and she just can’t wait!.
After many years she was going to leave together with her family…. Expect her father.

Arusha had told her that he got a written note from his former school in Singapore and they’ve transferred him to the school in California immediately since he announced to them that he’ll be moving out from Singapore.

It was just easy. He’ll just continue schooling like nothing happened.
They were still in the car, on their way home.

Hey Arusha” she said and thought she saw Javad shifted in his seat but she shrugged it off.

“Sis” Arusha said.

How are you? Why’s your voice down? Shouldn’t you be with mum? is anything wrong?” Irish asked.

“One question at a time sis. Okay, i think I’m fine Irish. I’m actually on my way to school but i have something to tell you.”

You have something to tell me?” Irish asked and Javad suddenly turned in his seat but Irish had not noticed.

She was worried about her brother.
Arusha doesn’t sound this way except if something is extremely wrong.

“First, i hope you and mum are fine?” She asked.

“Yes we’re perfectly fine” Arusha said and she sighed in relief.

” Okay,so what do you want to tell me?” Irish asked and silence followed.

“Arusha?” She called and noticed the call was suddenly disconnected..


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