Authoress Berry Julie

Chapter 19

“Why are you stalking me!”Arusha yelled at the man who suddenly grabbed his phone while he was speaking to Irish.
It was the same man who had took him to a bar back in Singapore.

Wait, what? Did they also follow him all the way from Singapore to here?
Yes.. it was said Morgan based in California,but…..
He shakes his head. Everything is confusing.

Arusha jerked his phone back from him.


They were on a busy street so people didn’t really noticed what was going on.
He had their new house to check on his new school which is right by the corner of the street but he had stopped here to speak to Irish.
That issue had been bothering him and he’s not someone to hide something from his sister.
Though he knows she’s coming home for the weekend but he can’t wait.
He knew he’ll feel better after talking to her.

But then this man just appeared..

“Do not ever in your life interrupt my call again!”Arusha yelled, pissed.
“Get into the car” The man ordered calmly.
“You must be insane to think I’ll follow you like i did the other day, Wtf! How can you guys be creepy to follow me here? ” Arusha said regretting he followed the man the other day.
“Mind your words boy! It won’t take me a second to break your wrist” The man threatened, looking around.

“And it won’t take me a second to call the cops. Stay clear of me and my sister! “Arusha gritted his teeth.

“We will if she quits that job” The man said.
“Well…she’s not quitting that job! She will whenever she wants to” Arusha said.
“Whatever! Boss Morgan said to come meet you one more time and confirm if you’ll agree to convince your sister or he should carry out his threat, we noticed you moved out already and we successfully track you down this town”

“I’m not going to convince her, i won’t even suggest it to her but tell your boss, a billionaire who behaves like a frustrated poor man. If he dares hurt my sister…”
“You’ll call the cops?” The man mocked.
“Cops? Hell no! He definitely have the cops wrapped round his fingers but trust me when i say I’ll kill everyone of you with my bare hands if anything should happen to Irish” Arusha threatened.

“Really?” The man laughed mockingly.
“You think i can’t do it. Then try me” Arusha said.
“As i said earlier, i can break your wrist in a second” The man said.
“Ofcourse all foolish people knows best is to throw fist” Arusha said.
He didn’t know where he got the courage to speak from.
The words just kept flowing from his mouth.

“What!” The man looked pissed.
“What?”Arusha asked. “Does that mean you’re foolish, if you’re not,then you won’t be bothered by my words” Arusha said.
“Shut up!” The man barked, looking more pissed.
“Don’t take me for a fool cause i followed you the last time, i did that cause you mentioned my sister and that should tell you the length i can go for her. if you hurt her like i said earlier…then be prepared for me. I rarely give threats but once i do, i make sure i carry it out” Arusha smiled, slipping his phone back in his pocket.

The man looked at him in awe, he never thought he was this bold.
They had all this he was a weak ass.

“And Guy! You should know life isn’t about been bulky, if you go about threatening people with your build, you’ll one day meet your match and you won’t find it funny” Arusha said glancing at his wristwatch.

“I should go to class now and if you’re wise enough, you should relay my message to “your boss” ” Arusha said before walking away.

The man stared after him as he left.
“Woah!” He exclaimed.

What a psychopath!
Arusha brought out his phone and quickly placed a call across Irish.
She had been ringing him while he was with that man and he had no choice but to keep rejecting the calls.

“Hey sis.

“Dam! Are you okay?” Irish asked and he could sense the worry in her voice.

“Yeah i am, i got interrupted.

“By what?

📞A large mouse” Arusha laughed and Irish laughed at the other end too.

“I’m glad you’re fine, so you wanted to tell me something.”

“Yeah but that’ll be when you come home for the weekend, i know here, people are nice to us and your house is nice too. Can’t wait to see you, it’s been five freaking years!”

“I can’t wait too, how’s mum?”

“She’s fine, and at home… I’ve to go to class now”

“Ohh..okay, have a nice day.

“And you too sis. I love you .

“I love you more” Irish smiled before disconnecting the call.

She’s glad he’s okay, her heart had been in her throat when the call was suddenly interrupted.

“It’s my brother” Irish laughed, after noticing Carl’s curious look.

They were just arriving home and she can’t wait to be out of Javad view.
“Ohh, you have a brother”Carl said.
“Yeah, they just moved into town and I can’t wait to see them” Irish smiled.

Alex parked the car and they all alighted except Alex who moved to the car to the garage..
“See you later Irish” Carl said.
“Okay bye” Irish said and headed for the door.
She noticed Javad was following her and her heart skipped a beat but then she remembered he’s one of the bodyguards meant to be inside the house .


They didn’t speak to each other as they walked into the house .
Irish headed to the kitchen while Javad headed to wherever.

“Heyyo!” Irish said entering the kitchen.
“Holla!” Gabrielle smiled, seeing Irish’s back.
“I’m hungry” Irish said picking a plate.
She started dishing out her breakfast.
“Of course you should be. So how was the ride with the new bodyguard?” Gabrielle asked.

“It was okay, even if no one spoke to one another in the car” Irish said, placing her meal on the table.
She walked to the fridge to grab a chilled bottle of water.
“Really?” Gabrielle asked.
“Of course, it was so boring. Though i wouldn’t even have joined in the conversation if he had attempted it.” Irish shrugged.
“I can clearly see you don’t like Javad”. Gabrielle noted.
“Maybe” Irish said, taking a seat opposite Gabrielle.
“Why?” Gabrielle asked.
“I don’t know but…nevermind” Irish said.
“Javad is actually a good guy, you’ll get to like him” Gabrielle said.
“Uhmm” Irish said with her mouth full.

“Slow down with the food, it doesn’t have legs” Gabrielle said and Irish laughed.
“Alright” Irish said pouring herself some water.
“I’m just so glad you weren’t hurt yesterday” Gabrielle said.
Though Ethan had said not to leak what happened to anyone but Gabrielle is an exception.
Ethan had narrated the incidence to her himself.
“It was a near-death experience, the shock was…damn!” Irish shook her head.
“So sorry about that, but that incidence wasn’t to hurt you but Ethan. I’m so worried for him,so many people are after his life,” Gabrielle said.
“Really?” Irish dropped her spoon slowly.
“Yes” Gabrielle sighed.

Irish’s moist mouth went dry, her heart pounded slowly and she could tell she’s starting to get really worried too.
Nothing must happen to him.

“Does he get death threats?” She asked Gabrielle
“Severally but Ethan loves keeping things to himself, I’m sure he wouldn’t have been bothered if it was him the incidence had happened to”
“What!, that’s not good” Irish said.
She would talk to him when he’s back from work.

“Ethan just have this special grace, cause the amount of dead threats he receives is enough to have killed him”
“Wow!” Irish blinked.
“I don’t know who’s so wicked to the extent of trying to kill a man who has been benevolent all his life, Ethan doesn’t hurt people, and i don’t get why people would want to hurt him,Mean reason his parents are just out of blue. People believe his parents are dead and he just kept it like that, Ethan’s parent is hale and Healthy” Gabrielle said.
“This life is just so fucked up, bad things tend to happen to good people. Mr Ethanthan has been nothing but nice to me all along. It’s … It’s just so, i..i don’t want to lose anyone close to me again” Irish said,her bright face turning dark.

“Again?” Gabrielle asked.
“Yes” Irish said, tearing up.”
“What happened?” Gabrielle asked.
“I lost my father three day ago” Irish bursted into tears.
“Oh…my” Gabriel quickly rose to her feet and walked to her.
“I’m so sorry about that dear, you didn’t even consider telling anyone” she said wiping Irish’s tears with her apron.

So sad.
She never knew Irish was in pain.
She must have gone through a lot.

“What really happened? Was it an accident?” Gabrielle asked, sadly.
“Yes, according to my brother who called, My mother and my father were involved in an accident, unfortunately my dad couldn’t make it out while as mum got paralyzed from the accident. To think my father died still hating me” Irish said.
“Hating you? Gabrielle asked.
Irish nodded.
“Five years ago, My dad was a manager at the most popular jewelry store in Singapore but suddenly there was a set up, and a very expensive jewelry was find in my bag when I visited him. My dad was sacked immediately and they tend he have to pay a huge sum for the damages. My dad was so angry that he couldn’t hear me out, I didn’t do it. But he refused to hear and sent me out not to ever return again. That was how I saw myself in California”
“That’s so sad, I’m so sorry about that Irish, must have gone through a lot” Gabrielle said,close to tears too.
“Ofcourse” Irish smiled sadly. “But thankfully it’s a phrase we’ve passed” Irish cleaned her tears.

“We? You have siblings?” Gabrielle asked.
“Just one, my younger brother. Arusha and my mother too , They entered California with this morning” Irish smiled.
“I hope your brother isn’t a bad boy? Gabrielle asked.
“Not at all, he’s been a good boy” Irish said.
“Wow, I’m glad” Gabrielle smiled.
“Com’on stop the tears” She urged Irish who nodded.

“Life has it’s ups and downs Irish,one just have to live with what life has to offer. I’m now your big sister Irish and you can confide in me anytime any day okay?” Gabrielle said and Irish nodded.
“Thanks Gabrielle” she sniffed.
“You’re most welcome darling” Gabrielle said.
“We should do something about Mr Ethan, I’m afraid those people sending death threats might end up carrying it out” Irish said, pushing her food away.

She lost her appetite already.

“So what are we gonna do?”Gabrielle asked.


“You mean that little boy said so?!” Morgan thundered.
“Yes boss Morgan” Mark, the bodyguard who had approached Arusha said.
“And he was so serious, he’s not weak as we thought boss” Mike added.

“Shut up! Are you now afraid of him? Someone you should have killed right on that spot!” Morgan hissed.
“I’m sorry boss” Mike bowed.
“Sorry for yourself! Get the fuck out of my sight!” Morgan said and Mike bowed before scurrying away.

Morgan paced his room with a fierce look.

How can that poor thing threaten him?
Like…what the fk!

“Now is the time to carry out the real threat” He laughed wickedly.
“About the nanny right?” Catherine asked.
She was fully made up, applying more lip gloss, she permed her lips together and smiled, satisfied with her look.

Her brea$ts were almost spilling from the scarlet bustier she wore beneath a red mini gown.
She was wearing red heels to match and her dyed blonde hair was well permed.
She looked $eductively beautiful.

“Yes the nanny, Javad told me she’s not even prepared to leave that job even after we scared her with the gunshot” Morgan said, his body hardening at Catherine’s sight.
He felt like having her right now.
“Ohh, fine then” Cartherine smiled as she selected a little black purse.
She grabbed her phone too.

“How do i look?” She asked Morgan.
“Sxy!” Morgan drawled.
“Don’t give me that look, you can’t have me now. Ethan is going to first” she giggled.

She was going to seduce Ethan.
It was their second plan.

“Okay okay, just go” Morgan said, planning to call a sx worker over when she’s gone.
“Okay, bye” she grinned.

She glanced at herself for the last time in the mirror.

“Ohh…my! He won’t be able to resist me” She thought excitedly.
I’m finally getting him back.


“Get the he.ll out of my office! You wench!!!” Ethan yelled, chasing the shocked Catherine out of his office.


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