Chapter 22

“Javad what are you doing here?” Irish heard Ethan said and her excitement died down immediately.

She turned to see Javad standing by the door.

“I was just checking round the house, to make sure everyone’s safe” Javad said, faking a smile.

“You don’t have to smile if you don’t want to. why are you faking it?” Irish wondered in disapproval.

Can’t Ethan just see this man is fake!

“Ohh” Ethan smiled. “You impress me alot Javad and i have something big for you. Just wait for it”

“Thanks so much Mr Ethan but it’s my duty to ensure everyone’s safe, i don’t need to be rewarded for it” Javad said calmly,winning Ethan’s heart the more.

“You’re a good person Javad and im really lucky to have you around” Ethan said and Irish growled inwardly.
“Thank you Mr Ethan” Javad said.

“Wait for what I’m gonna give you. It’ll be soon” Ethan said.
“Okay Mr Ethan. Thanks” Javad smiled before walking away.

Irish sighed, disturbed by what Ethan has for Javad.

It’s definitely a huge thing and she’s so bothered someone like Javad is gonna get it.

He doesn’t deserve it, she just hope Ethan realises soon.

“Javad is such a great guy” Ethan said.

“Uh? Ofcourse” Irish said.
“Thanks so much Mr Ethan, I’ I’m speechless” Irish said still staring at the novels.

“They are way too much. You must have spent a lot” Irish said, almost forgetting he’s a billionaire.

“It’s nothing.” Ethan shrugged.
“I’m surprised you could do this” Irish said.

“Why not? I don’t want you bored” Ethan said.

“ did you know my favorite author was Mills & Boon?” Irish asked, knowing she has never discussed that with him.

“Well..i have my way of knowing things” Ethan said.

“Yeah, you shouldn’t be bothered by that. Check out your novels,I’ll be by the fireplace” Ethan said.

“Ohh.. okay. Thanks so much” Irish grinned.



“I’ll be going home tomorrow morning!” Irish thought excitedly.

She really missed Arusha and her mum.

It’s been Five years and they’ve only seen each other via Video calls. She was excited she’s going to met them again.

She was done with her morning routine,she stood in front of the mirror and pull a hairband on her hair.

Now she should go get Arin ready for school.



“Bye Gabrielle” Arin waved.
“Bye Arin, have a nice day” Gabrielle responded from the kitchen.

“You too” Arin said.
“Will be right back Gabrielle” Irish said.
“Okay Irish” Gabrielle said.

They walked out of the door and saw Javad and Alex standing by the car.

“Good morning”Alex said.
“Good morning Alex” Arin and Irish chorused.

“Javad, you only say good morning to me when my dad is around” Arin complained and Javad’s eyes widened.

“, i was about saying good morning” He quickly defended.

“That’s a lie! you didn’t say good morning yesterday too” Arin said.

Irish smiled, loving Arin more for being observant.

“Hey! Little mug! You shouldn’t go about expecting greetings from older ones just because you think your father can buy the world!” Javad said inwardly, wishing he can spit it out.

He so much wish he can deal with the spoilt brat.

“No one said good morning yesterday” Javad said grimly and Irish immediately noticed that look in his eyes.
This guy is so deceptive!

“You just joined us and you should greet us first and introduce yourself but you did none of that” Arin said.

“Well…yesterday is gone isn’t it?”Javad said smiling,when all he wished was to snap the little girl’s neck.

“You’ll be the one to always open the car door,Alex will do the job of taking me to class” Arin said.

“Huh?” Javad asked in hidden contempt.

“Alex does all that when you weren’t even here, he should take a rest too” Arin said.

“Ofcourse” Javad said tightly.

She really deserved all Norah did to her!
He wish he can do more.

“If you’re not comfortable with it , you should lay your complaints to my dad” Arin said.

“Of course your dumb father will always support you!” Javad thought.

“No need for that…I’m comfortable with it” Javad said and glanced at Irish.

She had a mockery look on.

Not only her, but Alex too!

“Fuck y’all” He thought in rage.

“Arin, you’re running late” Irish said.

“Javad, the door” Arin reminded and he opened the car door.
They sat in the backseat while Javad took the front.

“Good morning” Carl greeted as he started the car.

“Good morning Carl” Arin and Irish chorused.



“You look so excited cause you’re going home tomorrow” Gabrielle said.

“Yes, i really miss my brother and my mum” Irish smiled, eating at the breakfast bar in the kitchen.

Gabrielle sat beside her sipping a pineapple juice. She had her breakfast already.

“Anyone who sees how excited you are now would think you’re not happy here and that’s why you’re so excited to go home” Gabrielle said.

“Nah! I’m more than happy here everyone’s treating me right but you know, I’ve been separated from my family for five years, I’ll be meeting them and I’ve missed them badly already, I can’t wait to see them” Irisb said emptying the whole tea in her mouth.

“I once felt that way too, when Ally was first taken to Spain.

I do miss her badly and sometimes i cry secretly” Gabrielle said.
“Really?” Irish asked.

“Yes, when you’re always with someone or something and it’s suddenly taken away from you, you’ll feel the absence”Gabrielle said.
“Exactly!” Irish said.

“Make sure you prepare Arin for the weekend before you leave tomorrow morning.

Do everything you should tonight and you can return by Sunday evening or Monday morning.

I know you’ll want to return by Monday morning though, you’ve obviously missed your family” Gabrielle said and Irish chuckled.

“So, on Monday morning,you know you have to be very early”Gabrielle said.
“Of course i do. Thanks Gabrielle”

“For what?” Gabrielle asked.
“For being so nice to me…fo..for everything” Irish said.

“Com’on Irish, you’ve been nice to me too” Gabrielle said.
“Well i should be thankful. Not everyone can be this hospitable.

You treated me like a family right from when i resumed” Irish said.

“And what brought about all this talk?” Gabrielle furrowed her brow playfully and Irish laughed.

“Tell me something more interesting girl!” Gabrielle said.

“Okay!” Irish sighed.
“Mr Ethan bought lots of novels for me!” Irish said.
“Wow! Really?”

“Yes, that was yesternight and i was so happy.

The novels were my favorite genre and the author was also my favorite” Irish said excitedly.

She couldn’t wait to be done with breakfast and go resume those novels.

She read three of them yesternight before she went to bed.

She couldn’t wait to read more today.

“You were surprised right?” Gabrielle smiled.

“Yeah, it was close to shock cause i couldn’t even believe it at first” Irish said.

“You shouldn’t be, Ethan is so generous, everyone knows that”Gabrielle said.

“Yeah he is”
“You must have told him your favorite genre and author” Gabrielle said.

“I did told him my favorite genre but i don’t know how he found out my favorite author” Irish said.

“Yeah cause asides from my family and…my diary, no one else knows my favorite author”
“You might have mentioned it without even knowing”Gabrielle said.

“You think so?” Irish asked.
“Yes” Gabrielle said and Irish shrugged.

She stood up and placed the dishes in the dishwasher.

“Novels…i don’t just find them interesting” Gabrielle said.

“But you definitely find cooking interesting” irish said.

“Of course” Gabrielle smiled.
“That’s it!, everyone sure has different interests.

How i wish you find reading interesting though,we would have read in the library together whenever we’re not cooking” Irish said.

“Ofcourse i can still be in the library with you” Gabrielle said.

“Yes, drumming and singing for you while you read” Gabrielle teased and Irish bursted out laughing.


Morgan Alex Harlow’s residence

“Morgan! You can’t hurt my daughter! You can choose to hurt anyone but not my daughter!” Catherine sparked up.

“You were here when Javad called me your little brat is making life difficult for him!” Morgan said.

“And so? You wanna hurt her because of that? ” Catherine asked.
“But you know if she continues to make Javed uncomfortable,then he’ll want to quit! And he’s the only spy we have in that house!” Morgan half yelled.

“Well…he’s not the only spy we have in that house” Catherine said dropping her cigarette.
“Huh?” Morgan asked.

“Yes, i have a spy too. She has been working for Ethan even before i got married to him” Catherine said.
“How come you never told me!” Morgan asked.

“Cause i wasn’t making use of her until recently” Catherine adjusted her hair clip.

“Ohh, great! She goes by the name?” Morgan asked.
“You’ll know when she gets here” Catherine smiled.

“Wow! So we now have two spies. We should introduce them to each other” Javad smiled.

“Of course, she’s on her way here now. Place a call across Javad to be here too” Catherine said.
“I’ll do that now” Morgan said.

“So, our next plan?” Catherine asked.

“I still can’t believe Ethan rejected you that day. No man in his right senses would do that” Morgan said and Catherine burned with rage.

She’s still so pissed she got embarrassed and rejected! She never expected that to happen.

“He’s gonna pay for what he did” Catherine said puffing out smoke from her cigarette.

“Of course he will”
“So, next plan?” Catherine asked.

“It will be better to discuss it when our spies are here”
“Yeah but remember. Do not touch my daughter” Catherine warned.
“Okayyyy” Morgan drawled.


“Irish come to the library after dinner, i have some things to tell you” Ethansaid.
“Okay Mr Ethan” Irish said, her whole mind growing curious.

They were having their dinner.

“So you’re leaving tomorrow” Arin sulk.

“Arin! How many times are you gonna ask that. Don’t you want her to be with her family ” Ethan said.

“Arin,com’on it’s not like I’ll be gone forever” Irish smiled.
“And i promise to bring your sweater along on Monday morning” she added and Arin’s face lit up.
“Yaaaaay” She giggled and Irish smiled.

She already prepared Arin for the weekend, her homework has been done, her school bag arranged properly, her outfits hanged…

“Thanks Irish and you should help me thank your mum too and say hi to your brother for me” Arin said.
“Okay” Irish said.

“More meatballs” Arin grinned and Irish laughed when she saw the surprise look on Ethan’s face.



“The FBI agents got back to me today “Ethan said and Irish looked on curiously.

They were seated opposite each other in the library and for once the fireplace wasn’t lit.

“The bullet was examined but it doesn’t even have a source, that means the gun used was not licensed” Ethan said.
“Wow! That’s another crime” Irish said.

“Of course” Ethan said. “And the CCTV footage in that street was hacked into, everything that happened by that time was cleared.”
“What!” Irish exclaimed.

“Yes but trust our FBI agents, they restored the footage and got the shooter’s face even if it isn’t so clear” Ethan said .
“Thanks goodness” Irish sighed in relief.

Ethan brought out his phone and clicked on the picture the agents sent to him.

“Here’s the man” He showed Irish
“What!” Irish exclaimed in shock.


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