Authoress Berry Julie

Chapter 23

“Here’s the man” He showed Irish
“What!” Irish exclaimed in shock.
“What?”Ethan asked, startled.
“Do you know him?” He asked, dropping his phone gently.
“I..i” Irish stammered.

She never knew the hate Morgan have for Harold is this much to the extent of hurting those around him.
She recognized that man as one of Morgan’s bodyguards the day she had went to see Ella.
But she can’t tell Ethan, can she?

“No, i don’t know him. I’m just so shocked a responsible looking man can be that callous” Irish lied.
She’s just so confused right now.

“Ohh..but he doesn’t look responsible to me. He looks cruel”Ethan shrugged glancing at the picture all over again.
“Well..i hope the FBI agents promised to find him” Irish said.
“Of course, only that they didn’t get his face clearly enough to be scanned”
“Ouch!” Irish shook her head.
“But I’ll be having another meeting with them tomorrow, I’ll get back to you when you resume on Monday”Ethan said.

“Okay, Mr Ethan” Irish said.
“Why does that ‘Mr’ sound odd to my ears?” Ethan raised a brow.
“Huh?” Irish asked.
“Yeah, you should stop adding ‘mr’ to it.”
“What? No, i can’t do that” Irish swallowed, wondering what Ethan is up to.
“Why not?” He asked, smiling like it’s no big deal.
“Other workers call you…”
“You’re not other workers and it doesn’t sound right to my ears when you call me that. I don’t just know why but I’m not comfortable with it” Ethan said.

“It’ll be disrespectful of me to call you…E..than” Irish said.
“Good! That sounds better”
“I can’t call you that” Irish said.
“That’s what i want you to call me” Ethan insisted.
“You’re talking like it’s no big deal” Irish said.
“It’s not” Ethan said.
“Well..i don’t think I’ll ever get used to calling you that ” Irish said.
“You will,the way you got used to calling me Mr Ethan”Ethan said air quoting the Mr.
“I…i can’t, please Mr Ethan..”
“C’mon! ” Ethan interrupted her.

“This is gonna be hard” Irish said, wondering what other workers would think.
She won’t deny she loved how the name Ethan flowed smoothly out of her mouth but she should consider her work state.
Calling her boss by his name isn’t right, what would people think?
Though she’s not someone who cares about what others think but…

“I’m your boss, i employed you. You should do what i want regardless of what others think” Ethan said and Irish gave a deep sigh.
“Is it that difficult to do?” He asked.
“Yes” Irish said. “Who would believe nothing is going on…. between…us if i just start calling you by your name ”
Ethan laughed “Don’t you want something to go on between us?”
“Huh?” Irish asked,her cheeks going red and her heart beating fast.
“Just joking” Ethan said even though he really meant it.
“Ohh” Irish said deeply embarrassed.

It was a joke and her whole body had responded to it.
She’s such a fool and a weak ass, she falls easily and her heart ends up getting broken all the time.
She had made up her mind and promised herself not to fall for anyone again after Harris broke her heart and she had kept to that promise until…

Until now.

“What’s wrong?” Ethan asked.
“Uh? Nothing really” Irish said.
“So, do we now agree that you should call me by my name?” Ethan asked.
“Yeah” She answered knowing how to go about it.
She’ll try not to even call his name in the presence of others but is that possible?
What if she wants to talk to him?
Would she refer to him as flower or grass?

“Ohh great!” Ethan smiled. ” I wanna hear you call Ethan now”
“Huh?” Irish asked.
“Didn’t we just agreed that you’ll call me by my name?”
“Ohh..yes E..than” She said.
“Wow. Again” Ethan grinned.
“Ethan” Irish called.

They both bursted out laughing..
“Shuu.. we’re gonna wake others” Irish said, still laughing.


“We should go to bed now” Ethan said when he heard Irish yawn .
They were reading in the library in front of the already lit fireplace.
“Yeah” Irish said closing her novel.
They both stood up and put their novels in their respective places…

“You’re leaving tomorrow morning right?” Ethan asked as they stepped out of the library.
“Yes” Irish said, closing the library door.
“My regards to your family, i might have gone to work before you leave tomorrow” Ethan said.
“Why do you still work so hard even when you already have everything,if you don’t even work at all, you still have lots of money that’ll last you for a lifetime” Irish said and Ethan smiled.

They were walking to their room.

“You’re not the first person to tell me that but i think I’m used to work, i can’t do without working. It’s part of me already all thanks to.. Carrle” Ethan paused sadly.
“Carrle?” Irish thought,she shrugged thinking it’s one of his ex’s.
” I can’t rely on the fact that i have enough money to last me for a lifetime and then stop working. It takes just seconds for things to change. Anything can happen.” Ethansaid.

“Thats true but how do you cope? You have so many companies. Don’t you have a personal assistant or something?” Irish asked.

They were close to her door.

“I had several PA’s in the past but they all ended up betraying me. I hate betrayals” Ethan said with so much emotion that Irish glanced up to look at him.
He looked hurt, like he had been betrayed several times.

Her heart softened and she found herself holding his hands.

“I don’t know why I’m saying this but… I’ll never betray you” Irish said and Ethan could see the sincerity in her eyes. His feelings for her doubled up and he had to resist himself from pulling her into a tight hug.
“Thank you” He said.

She nodded and slowly pulled her hands from his.

“Goodnight” She said opening her door.
“Ethan” She added with a smile before closing the door.

He was full of smiles as he walked to his room.

He doesn’t know how he’s feeling,but he knows the feeling is definitely a good one and he doesn’t want it to stop.



“Irish!” Arusha screamed happily as she walked into the living room..
She had deliberately decided not to knock.

She laughed as her brother pulled her into a tight hug.
He kssed her face over and over again while she just giggled.

She really missed him.

“Arus” She finally said, grinning.
“I missed you” Arusha pouted, he only get to act like a baby whenever he’s around his sister or Mum.

“Me too” Irish smiled.
“I hope you haven’t been disturbing Mum” she asked dragging his cheeks playfully.
“No, i’ve been the best Arusha so far. ” He boasted. “You can ask mum” He smiled.
“Where’s she? In her room?” Irish asked.
“Of course”
“I need to go check on her, i really miss her” Irish said pulling off her shoes, she dropped her handbag too.

“We have a lot to talk about” Arusha said and Irish thought he was joking until she glanced up at him.
He looked serious!
He had actually told her he had something to tell her over the phone.

“Okay, go wait for me in my room, I’ll be quick with mum” she said.
“Okay sis” Arusha said picking her bag and shoes.



“Why didn’t you told me about Morgan’s offer? Have we started hiding things from each other?” Arusha asked.

They were sitting on her bed after Irish was fully settled.
They’ve just finished discussing about how life had been for the past five years.
She have really missed them and was happy they’re together now and will be seeing each other.

“ did you found out?” Irish asked .
“You haven’t answered my question Irish” Arusha said, he was so pissed Irish had hidden that from him but then he knew she can’t keep telling him everything going on in her life.

“Well…Morgan did made that offer but i felt there was no need to tell you since i didn’t agree to it” Irish said.
“Yeah, how did you found out? Did Ella told you?” Irish asked.

“No, she didn’t. Morgan summoned me back in Singapore” Arusha said.

“What!” Irish exclaimed, dropping the pack of cookies she was holding.

“Chill sis” Arusha said, he picked the pack of cookies and placed it on her bedside table.

“What? How? When?” Irish asked.
“There you go with your questions. Now,sit let me explain it all” Arusha said and it took a while before Irish sat back on the bed.

She knew Morgan was a dangerous man!
Why had he summoned her brother!


“What the he.ll!” Irish swore, getting to her feet once more.
Arusha just finished narrating the ordeal to her and she could swear she was afraid.
Everything is starting to get clear to her.

They want her out of Ethan’s life so he could be sad!
And they had probably scared her with that gunshot so she could leave.

What the he.ll!

“We need to report him to the police” Irish said and Arusha laughed.
“Police? He have them all wrapped around his fingers” Arusha said and Irish sighed.

She’s yet to tell him about the incidence, she doesn’t even want to.
Arusha would want her to stop the job cause he’ll think her life is being threatened and if she leaves! Morgan’s plan will be accomplished.

“Why does he hate Ethan Harlow, his brother,that much?” Arusha asked.
“I don’t know too, why does he want to hurt his fellow being, not just a fellow being but his blood brother!? Irish said in wonderment.

“What do we do?” Arusha asked.
“Do? Well..i think we should make sure i don’t leave Harlow’s building cause that’s obviously what they want”
“Exactly but what about the threat. I don’t want anyone hurting you” Arusha said worriedly.

“C’mon, it’s just a mere threat. The security in Ethan’s house is dmn tight. Do not worry Arus, I’ll be fine okay?” Irish said and Arusha nodded.

“So how was your stay in the Harlow’s building? I hope you weren’t treated badly?” Arusha asked.

“No. My stay in that Mansion was great! I never expected everyone to treat me that nicely. I learnt not all billionaires are the same. The thing is i can’t wait to go back ” Irish said, smiling happily.

“I’m glad” Arusha said.
“There are still more to tell but that’ll be later” Irish grinned.
“Can’t wait” Arusha said.
“Guess what” Irish said.
“What?” Arusha asked.

“Arin and Ethan asked of you and they told me to say hi”
“Wow!” Arusha screamed.

“Ethan Harlow knows about me?” He asked to be sure.
“Yes, he even asked me to say hi” Irish said.

“Yaaaaay!” Arusha jumped on the bed excitedly.
“Stop jumping on my bed” Irish laughed..

It was good to see her brother again, happy.
She had really missed them!.


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