Authoress Berry Julie

Chapter 24

“Yaaaaay!” Arusha jumped on the bed excitedly.
“Stop jumping on my bed” Irish laughed..

His excitement went on and on while Irish just sat eating her cookies and watching him.

She missed this house like, so much, especially her room.

Though she can’t compare it to her room at Ethan’s but this still remains the best for her.
There’s no room that can ever make her feel comfortable like this one.

She had left Dolly with Arin, as Arin had pleaded with her to gift her Dolly as her buddy.

“Dam that’s enough” She said.
He was still jumping like a kid.
“Arrrhh!” She shook her head. “C’mon” she prompted and he stopped but he was still grinning hard.
She wondered where the love for Ethan came from.

“Do you get to touch him?” Arusha asked .
“Severally” Irish shrugged, memories from the library replaying in her head.
“Wow! You do touch Ethan Harlow!”
“Arus! It’s no big deal. Mr Ethan is a human too” Irish said.
“I know but, he allows you touch him?” Arusha asked.
“Of course and do you know what?”
“What?”Arusha asked.
“He doesn’t like it when one feel inferior around him, he hate it when you think you’re not worthy to be close to him. He’ll be the one to encourage you to move closer and relate with him like you would another person” Irish said.

“Woah! Like seriously?”
“Yes , i was surprised too. He’s so humble,treats his workers like families” Irish said.
“That’s so nice of him, it’s just so sad there are still some people who wants to hurt him?” Arusha said.
“Isn’t that how life is? No matter how good you are,not everyone would like you” Irish said.
“That’s true but i think people who are bent on seeing the downfall of others should be referred to a psychiatrist” Arusha said.
“Of course” Irish said.


“Oh…my” Arusha laughed out loud after Irish finished narrating the ‘ghost-knocking’ incidence to him.
“I knew you would mock me” Irish said.
“You get so scared easily, you didn’t even confirm if it was truly a ghost before screaming for help” Arusha laughed and Irish kicked him.
He laughed more, holding his stomach.

“I shouldn’t have told him ” Irish sighed, rolling her eyes.

“Thanks for the cookies though” She smiled.
Arusha had bought five packs of chocolate chip cookies for her.
He had been saving it up till she return.
“I know you would have been craving for it”
“Badly” Irish said, opening the fourth pack.
“You should keep some for later” Arusha said.
“I should but I’m not going to” She said, obviously enjoying the cookies.
“I should have just given you two today and then three tomorrow”
“You should have but you didn’t” Irish shrugged.

Arusha sighed and shook his head.

“What?” Irish laughed.
“You’re so impossible” He breathed before laying on his back.
“Ohh…i almost forgot. I need to tell mum to make a sweater for Arin” Irish said getting on her feet.
“Really? Have you guys gotten that close?” Arusha asked.
“Well…yes” Irish smiled, missing Arin already.
“Is the little girl spoilt?” Arusha asked, he had always heard rich kids are spoilt, rude, proud,this and that .

“She’s not actually spoilt,nor rude. Fun to be with. Just a bit of a talkative though” Irish laughed.
“Yeah, you’ll really like her when you meet her” Irish said.
“Woah,then what’s with those rules of hers?” Arusha asked.
“The thing is she doesn’t really keep to most of them, Arin breaks her rules herself”
“Then why did she made them?”
“So her nannies can know their bounds”
“Does she break the rules with the past nannies too?”
“I don’t think so” Irish said, wearing her footwear.
“She must really like you then” Arusha smiled.
“I guess” Irish said, walking to the door.

“Your phone is in your bag right?” Arusha asked.
“Yes” Irish answered as she walked out of the door.



“Dad, let’s call irish” Arin said, pulling Ethan’s hands.
He sighed, he just freshened up after returning from work and she won’t even allow him rest..
“Arin..” He was saying.
“Please Daddy” She interrupted him.
“She left just this morning” He said,though he won’t deny he miss her too.
“I know, just want to hear her voice” Arin pouted.
“She has not been with her family for days, give her time to warm up to them” Ethan said while Arin frowned and sat on his bed.

She kicked her legs in the air and Ethan sighed.

“We’re gonna call her tomorrow” Ethan said.
“Is that a promise?” Arin asked.
“Yes, it is. Now will you stop sulking and get on daddy’s back” Ethan smiled, knowing she can’t trade that for anything.
“Yaaaaay” she laughed jumping from the bed to his back.


“Gabrielle” Ethan called as he walked into the kitchen.
He was surprised not to find her there.
That’s unusual. Gabrielle is always in the kitchen.
“Well…she might be in the restroom” He thought as he opened the fridge for a drink.

Arin is taking her nap already and he’s just feeling so bored.
Irish would have entertained him.

“Irish again!” His mind scolded.


“She’ll be here soon” Catherine said.
“Javad will be here soon too” Morgan smiled.

They were seated in the massively furnished living room with bodyguards all over them like flies.
Catherine was busy with her phone, ordering expensive wears online.
“So cheap” She hissed, scrolling through a purple gown worth 450 dollars.
“The designer must be so poor” She laughed to herself, motioning her maid to pass her drink.

Morgan thought of the plan he devised. He can’t wait for it to be carried out. It’ll really wreck Ethan.

Their spies hadn’t been here yesterday cause Javad had said the new nanny was suspicious of his movement.
She’ll definitely know something was going on if he suddenly leave the building so they had made the meeting today after the nanny had gone..

“Boss Morgan” A bodyguard called, walking into the living room.
He bowed as Morgan glanced up.
“What?” Morgan asked.
“Your guests are here” He said and Morgan sat upright.

Catherine dropped her phone and smiled. “Finally”


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