Authoress Berry Julie

Chapter 25

“I went to the grocery store” Gabrielle said after Ethan asked her where she was.
“You should have sent one of the maids or better still tell me to order whatever you want to buy” Ethan said.
“You know how much i like buying things myself. Is Arin still asleep?” Gabrielle asked.
“I guess. She hasn’t come down” Ethan said, he was watching a movie in the living room, he already dismissed his bodyguards.

“I should start preparing dinner” Gabrielle said, hurrying to the kitchen”
“Call one of the maids to help you”
“No, I’ll be fine by myself” Gabrielle said.
“You’re not allowing these maids do their work, they just clean the house and rest” Ethan complained.
“But cleaning the house is part of working too. I’ve been cooking for years without anyone assisting me”

“But you allowed Irish assist you without hesitation. Is it that you don’t like the maids or what?” Ethan said.
“Ofcourse i like them, i don’t just trust any of them. Remember Carrle was poisoned and we don’t know the culprit till now” Gabrielle said sadly.
Ethan sighed and dropped the remote control, wondering why she brought Carrle into this.

“Yet you trust Irish so much” Ethan said.
“You trust her too Ethan” Gabrielle said.
“Why do we trust her?” Ethan asked rubbing the back of his neck.
“I don’t know too, maybe it’s because she obviously has a clean heart”Gabrielle said.
“Of course, she’s worth the trust” Ethan said, thinking of Irish yet again.

“I’ll be in the kitchen Ethan” Gabrielle said.

Ethan rose to his feet and walked towards the stairs.

He’s going to have a nice time in the garden.
Boredom is killing him already…
Normally he works on his computer,sleeps or take a walk when he’s bored but he doesn’t feel like doing any of those now.

He just want to be alone and think.
He doesn’t even know what to think about but at least being in the garden would give him things to think about.
Looking at the trees and watching the butterflies fly are indeed beautiful.



“Beautiful!” Irish grinned as she walked into her mum’s room.
She left Arusha in the kitchen to check on her and she was so glad she met her knitting Arin’s sweater.
She had described Arin’s size for her and her Mum had been so glad to start knitting it.

The knitting wool is pink and white.
Irish know Arin would love it.
Her favorite color is pink.

“C’mon, I’m not done with it yet” Mrs Helen said.
“I know but it’s good looking already, it’s gonna be great when you’re finally done with it”
“Of course , i was born with this talent” Mrs Helen boasted and Irish laughed.

When she came home and saw her mother in the wheel chair she almost broke down. But her mother needed their support now.
They’ve both sit and talked about how life has been without eachother.
“You’re the architect behind Arusha’s boasting” Irish said.
“Of course my son inherited that from me” Mrs Helen laughed.

“Okay, dinner will be ready soon. You need to put this down”
“But it’s not ready yet” Mrs Helen shrugged.
“It will be ready soon”
” I’ll put it down once it’s ready” Mrs Helen said and Irish sighed.

She enjoys knitting alot.

“I knew you wouldn’t succumb” Irish pressed her lips together…
“Then why did you suggest it to me” Mrs Helen said.
“Mum, you can continue tomorrow, just take a rest before dinner” Irish said.
“I’ll take all the rest i want after dinner but for now, i should focus on this. That family has been good to you as you said and i should make sure the little girl’s sweater comes out nice. It’s a way of appreciation” Mrs Helen said.
“Of course i know mum but you’ve been on this since…. afternoon, it’s evening already” Irish said.

“Rish, go attend to dinner. You know Arusha would be on his phone and won’t even know when the meal starts burning”
“, that’s true” Irish said, hurrying out of the room .
Mrs Helen smiled after her and continued knitting.


“Why are you eating so slowly? It’s not like the food is not delicious” Arusha said, almost done with his own meal.
“That’s true, Irish what’s wrong?” Mrs Helen asked.
“Uh? Am i really eating slowly?” Irish asked.
“Of course sis” Arusha said.
“I will eat normally then” Irish said.

She’s really missing Ethan’s building.
She missed Arin’s non stop talk during meal, the laughter they shared at the dining, the…
And she really missed how she secretly glance at Ethan and sometimes catch him staring at her too.


“Is there another Harris in the picture?” Arusha asked, serving himself another round of meal.
” Uh?” Irish asked.
“You keep smiling to yourself and just now you blushed” Arusha said.
“Just shut up and eat” Irish said.
“If there’s another Harris in the picture, i won’t hesitate to punch him over and over again” Arusha stated.
“There’s no other Harris in the picture okay?” Irish said.
“Ohh Kay” Arusha shrugged.

“And, i almost forgot. I hope those tiny teens of yours didn’t step their feet into this house? Yes it’s been two days here but you can be such a flirt” Irish said.
“Well… they didn’t” Arusha lied.
“Like you would have told the truth” Irish said
“I’m telling the truth, you can ask Mum” Arusha pushed out his lips.
“Like you don’t know she’ll cover you up. You both are just….arrrgh!” Irish rolled her eyes.

“Does that mean I’m not allowed to date. I’m seventeen!” Arusha frowned.
“Ofcourse you’re allowed to date but not allowed to have tons of girls and keep making them cry” Irish said.
“They keep coming to me and… i don’t want to hurt their feelings by refusing them”
“Can’t you just choose the one you really like and let the rest of them go!This is not Singapore Arusha”Irish said.
“Well…i don’t really like anyone of them for now”
“Yet you keep having sex with them! That’s more like taking advantage of their feelings for you and Arusha you’ve not arrived at your legal age yet. What you’re doing is illegal!”
“I use protection” Arusha defended.
“Whatever!” Irish shrugged.

“I’ll be sleeping in your room till you leave” Arusha said.
“Are you pissed at me?”
“Okay I’m sorry!”

Mrs Helen watched their exchange, laughing.



“Hello” Ethan’s baritone voice pierced into her ear and her heartbeat increased.
She had been so nervous when she saw his call and it had took seconds before she could answer it.
Is he calling cause he missed her already?
Her cheeks flushed at that thought and she couldn’t help but grin.

“H..hi” She said calmly.

“How have you been?

“Fine, thank you.

“Well…Arin wants to speak to you” Ethan said and she felt disappointed.

He hadn’t called cause he missed her, he had,cause Arin wanted to speak to her.
What the he.ll is she thinking?
Why would he miss her?.

“You’re just his daughter’s nanny and nothing more!!” Her mind screamed at her.

Ethan left Arin to speak with Irish while he walked to the window, peering out.
Her voice had lit his bored heart.
He hadn’t only called her because Arin wanted to speak to her, he had wanted to hear her voice too.

He miss her presence in the library, dining room and all over the place.
Dmn! She’s only gone for two days,you don’t even think of other nannies when they go for a week!

He sighed, watching how people moved about in the street.
Arin was still on the phone with Irish and she was sounding so excited.
She doesn’t even sound this excited when she’s speaking with her mother.

Talk of the devil!

He saw Catherine’s car parked right in front of the building.
What the hell does she want! It’s not time to visit Arin yet but he was surprised and almost shocked to see Javad step out of the car and not only Javad …….

What the…..!!!


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