Authoress Berry Julie

Chapter 27

Ethan stepped out of the library after he got tired of waiting.
Seems Irish isn’t joining him tonight.
He’s gonna tell her about the dinner party tomorrow.


Irish resigned to fate waiting for the pain she’s gonna feel once her body hits the hard ground.
She closed her eyes tightly as she felt her body hit the ground..

It’s hard but not as hard as she had thought and she could tell no part of her body is hurt.
She was surprised she could land this safely..and what the fuck!
She felt the ground breathing.

The ground is breathing!!

Was she dreaming?

Her eyes were still closed and they snapped open the moment she heard the voice she didn’t even think she could hear at that strange moment.

“Are you okay?” Ethan asked.

Irish realised she was in his arms and not on the floor!
No wonder she hadn’t sustained any injury.
She sighed in relief still looking into Ethan’s eyes.

He saved her!

Is it worry she could see in his eyes or he was truly looking intensely at her.

“Thank you” She said as he slowly put her down on her feet.
Her feet weren’t stable for a while and she had to hold the stairs rail for support.

“Are you okay?” He asked again and she nodded.
She didn’t know if the result of her heart beating so fast is because Ethan is so near or the fact that she had nearly broken her bones.

“Come, come have some water to calm your nerves” Ethan said.


“What really happened?” Ethan asked and Irish sighed.
She felt better after she had taken water and was now seated in the library with Ethan.

“I..i was coming to the library after i succeeded in putting Arin to bed…when i.. slipped, but how did you caught me? I never expected someone would come to my rescue” Irish said and Ethan smiled proudly, even though his heart had been in his throat when he saw Irish falling and he had made sure he was fast enough to prevent her body from hitting the ground.

“I was returning to my room when i…saw you… i didn’t even know where i got that strength and speed from” Ethan said .
“Thanks anyway, i can’t even imagine what would have happened to me” Irish said deeply bothered.
“My stairs is not always that slippery, i specially made it non slippery because of Arin. Did you had some.. things beneath your footwear or were you walking so fast on the stairs?”

“No, nothing was beneath my footwear, i think it has something to do with the stairs” Irish said,so sure of what she’s saying.

If something slippery was truly beneath her footwear, she would have slipped the moment she walked out of Arin’s room.
Ethan had gone back to the stairs to find what made her slip but he hadn’t found anything.

She was also pushed into the pool the other day, who wants her dead in this house?
She should leave but… she haven’t even gotten her mum’s surgery bills.

“I think someone might have mistakenly spilled water on the stairs” Ethan said.
“They should have cleaned it dry knowing it’s gonna hurt someone” Irish said.
“Ofcourse, I’m gonna call them together tomorrow but we aren’t even sure someone truly spilled water or anything slippery on the stairs ” Ethan said.
“Just let it go. ” Irish sighed.
“Sure” she shrugged.

“Are you feeling better now?” Ethan asked and she nodded even if she was still shaken by what happened.
“I actually thought you wouldn’t be joining me in the library tonight but…as fate would have it” Ethan said completing his statement with a smile.
Irish found herself smiling too.

“I missed reading in front of the fireplace and all” Irish said..
“Ohh…i would be sincere, i actually missed reading with you” Ethan said.
“Hmm…I’m flattered” Irish said dramatically and they laughed.

“So, I’m invited to a dinner party strictly for couples and it’s a must go for me” Ethan said.
“Ohh… don’t worry about leaving Arin in my care, i will take good care of her” Irish said.
“Of course i know but the party is.. strictly for couples” Ethan said.
“You said that earlier” Irish said,not really getting the picture.

“There’s no one to go with me” Ethan said.
Normally he would have taken one his staffs but he wants Irish to go with him this time.
“Ohh” Irish pressed her lips together.

“Yeah” Ethan said expecting her to offer to go with him. Other ladies would have jumped at the opportunity but she isn’t even saying anything.

“So what do we do?” Irish finally asked.
“I don’t know” Ethan said.
“You can ask one of your workers to go with you” Irish said.
“That’s what I’m gonna do” Ethan said.
“Ohh… okay then, I’m gonna take good care of…”
“Will you go with me?” Ethan cut through her words.
“Please” He added.

“Huh?” She asked, blushing terribly.
“Yes, i want you to go with me”Ethan said.
“Who’s go..nna…take of Arin?” Irish stuttered.

A billionaire is asking her to be his date!
She knows it’s just for a night but damn! She’s feeling tiny gymnasts dancing in her stomach already.
She’s feeling so honored.
Ethan had chosen her over hundreds of his female staffs.

“Irish, it’s a dinner party and you would have put Arin to bed before we leave”Ethan said.
“O..kay. I will go with you” She said.
“Thank you” Ethan smiled, concealing his excitement.

No lady can refuse him…he’s Ethan Harlow” He boasted to himself.

“So, input your shoe and dress size in here, and choose the make up artist you’d like to make you up. ” Ethan said, stretching his phone to her.

“No, i don’t need a dress nor shoes. I have lots of them” Irish said.
“Huh?” Ethan asked and Irish smiled.
“You’re probably thinking they won’t be beautiful enough for the party. I know a billionaire date has to appear stunning ” Irish said.
“Exactly” Ethan said.
“Well.., I’ve got beautiful dresses i made for myself that even most females would kill to own. I’m a fashion designer and when it comes to dresses…i rock. Mean reason I Model. I made the dress about two years ago but I’ve never wore it ” Irish boasted and Ethan stared at her in disbelief.
He was wowed.

He never know her to be this boastful and for her to have boasted right now, it means she’s so sure of what she’s saying.

She looked so proud when she mentioned being a fashion designer and a Model, that passion showed deeply in her eyes.

“And as for shoes, i have no problem with that too. Do not bother about inviting a make up artist over, i do my make up myself even if i don’t have the best equipment”
“Wow!” Ethan smiled. “What of your hair?”
“Leave that to me” Irish smiled and Ethan felt like hugging her.
“Thank you” He said.
“For what?” Irish asked.
“For being so different” Ethan said and she smiled.

“So,what day is the party?” She asked.
“Wednesday” Ethan responded.
“I’ll be going home tomorrow” Irish said.
“Why?” He asked.
“To pick the dress,shoes and other necessary things” Irish said.
“You don’t have them here?”
“No, who would have thought a billionaire would ask me to be his date” She said and Ethan laughed.
“A billionaire isn’t my name though” He said.
“But it’s the status you hold” Irish said and he shrugged.
“So you would go home after dropping Arin in school”
“I know you would want to spend some time with your mum but please be home before Arin arrives from school”Ethan said.
“Ofcourse” Irish said.

“Woah, time is far spent” Ethan said glancing at the wall clock.
“Geez! We should go to bed” Irish said.



“Bye” Irish waved to Arin as Carl led her to her class.
“Bye” She waved back.

They sat back in the car in silence, waiting for Carl.
Alex tuned in some music while they waited.


“You don’t wanna pass that street? It’s a shorter route” Carl said to Alex.
“Mr Ethan said to drop Irish in her house after we’ve dropped Arin” Alex said.
“Ohh”Carl said.

They were heading home after dropping Arin in school.

“Huh? I don’t think there’ll be a need for that” Irish said, she had planned to take cab cause she wanted to buy some foodstuffs along with her and Javad is gonna know her home address?

“Why?”Alex asked.
“I need to pick some things” Irish said.
“Ohh… okay then” Alex said, he reversed the car and took the shorter route.
“Or you’re so ashamed of anyone seeing how poor looking your house is” Javad laughed shocking everyone with his words.

“Are you crazy!!” Irish said in a shaky voice, deeply hurt by what he just said.
“Javad! That’s not a nice thing to say” Alex said.
“How could you say that! I Never knew you were this bitter” Carl said angrily.
“Keep shut man!” Javad said.
“Like you have a better house” Carl said and that got Javad riled up.

He unbuckled his seat belt and turned to punch Carl in the face.
Carl returned his punch and they started exchanging punches in the car.

Irish whose eyes were laced with tears by what Javad had said,started crying, begging them to stop.

Alex quickly brought the car to a halt and tried separating them but got punched in the face.

Looks like the both of them were unleashing the anger they’ve had for each other for years.

“I’m going to call Mr Ethan!” Irish wiped her tears, grabbing her phone with shaky hands.

Javad snapped it from her hand and tossed it out of the window.
Carl grabbed him by the neck and slapped him in the face.

Another round of fight started. They were both men with huge build and the car couldn’t contain them any longer, the door bursted open and they both fought out of the car. Alex was glad they weren’t on the highway,they were in a quiet street.

“Do something Alex!” Irish screamed when she saw Javad bringing out a small knife.

Oh No!!


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