Authoress Berry Julie

Chapter 28

“Do something Alex!” Irish screamed when she saw Javad bringing out a small knife.

Even before Alex could make a move,Carl was fast enough to jerk the knife from Javad’s hand. He tossed it far away and Irish sighed in relief.

But They were still fighting!

Alex who was trying to regain his sight from the punch he got,staggered out of the car.
He was determined to separate them this time even though his sight wasn’t balanced, he didn’t even know who gave him that punch between Carl and Javad, all he knew was that he went blind for minutes.
Would Carl do that to him?

Javad should be the one who did but what if it’s Carl.
Anyone can do anything when annoyed.

Alex pushed himself so hard between the fighting men and they all fell to the ground.
Javad and Carl stood up almost immediately to continue their fight.

They were both bleeding from the lips, with cuts on their faces, Javad appeared more hurt though.

Alex knew Carl is a very good fighter ,this isn’t the first time he would see Carl use his fist, he’s just afraid Javad might pass out soon with the way he was panting.

“Stop!” Alex shouted, he was still on the floor.
He couldn’t believe Javad and Carl were on their feet already to start another round of fight.

He knew they didn’t like each other but is it to this extent?
They were both prepared to give each other more cuts!

“I swear down, if you continue this worthless fight, I’m gonna call Mr Ethan and you both know what that means” Alex threatened, getting up slowly.
He wasn’t the one fighting but he felt so weak.

His threat made Javad and Carl stop and they both glared at each other, panting heavily.
Irish got out of the car and was glad to see her phone on the floor,not too far from the car.

She had thought Javad had tossed it far away.
She slowly picked it up and realised the front screen is cracked.

She sighed and turned to face the men.
Javad and Carl were still glaring at each other.
To think she caused the fight made her feel so terrible.

Carl got a cut on his cheek and a broken lip just because of her. She felt more terrible.
And to think Javad had brought out a knife to stab Carl…that thought made her shudder
He would have stabbed Carl if Carl wasn’t fast enough.

This man is truly dangerous like she thought.
Carl had a pistol in his pocket but he didn’t even attempt to bring it out during the fight.

“Both of you should just stop glaring at each other and get into the car” Alex said sternly and they both refused to move.
“Well… Mr Ethan shouldn’t be that difficult to call” Alex said aloud, bringing out his phone from the front pocket.

They all knew the penalty of fight is a sack letter! And no one taught the both of them to get into the car.


“Carl, I’m so sorr..” Irish was saying.
“No’s fine”Carl cut her short.

Alex was driving them to the hospital and the car had been in total silence until Irish spoke up.

“You don’t have to feel it’s your fault, I’ve been waiting so long for the day I’ll finally get to punch his damn face!”Carl said , obviously still angry.
“Ohh” Irish said, she was surprised Javad could be this mute.
She had expected a heated reply from him immediately Carl spoke but she hadn’t gotten any.

Should she say the fight took a toll on him?
She giggled silently to herself.


But she was so worried Carl sustained some cuts.
She knows It’s gonna hurt when it’s been treated .

“We’re not going to Mr Ethan personal hospital” Alex said.
“Why?” Irish asked.
“Doc Luc is gonna blow the cover and Carl and Javad is gonna leave!” Alex said.
“What?” Irish asked,confused.
“They both know the penalty for fight is a sack letter each!” Alex said.
“Whoa!” Irish exclaimed.


“Sorry” Irish kept mumbling as Carl’s cuts were being treated.
Javad’s was being treated too and he glared at her as antiseptic was being applied on his cuts.
He has been sending glares her way and she isn’t gonna take it any longer!

She glared back at him and hissed as she turned back to Alex.

Javad was surprised by her sudden retaliation but he didn’t show it.

“You both should better know the excuse to give Mr Ethan concerning your faces and get ready to pay the bills” Alex said,not so nicely.
“Look…i know you’re angry or probably disappointed but..” Carl was saying.
“You disappointed me buddy!” Alex cut him short.
“He punched me first!”Carl defended.
“Whatever!” Alex shrugged.
“I can’t just sit back and watch him punch me Alex, you know that and I’m sorry to have disappointed you. I never intended to fight”Carl said.
“It’s fine buddy, i understand you ” Alex said, and patted his back.

Irish was glad,she knew Alex was pissed at Carl and now they just settled it.
They both just acted like two lovers.
“I hope the cuts doesn’t hurt so much?” She asked.
“No” Carl smiled .
“I’m sure these little cuts means nothing to Carl, if he goes shirtless you’d see that he had gone through things worst than this”
“He has scars?” Irish asked.
“So many” Alex said and Irish shook her head sadly.

No wonder he hadn’t even winced when antiseptic was being applied on the cuts..
She had wondered what sort of being he was…


_Morgan Harlow’s building_

“What are you doing?” Morgan asked walking into the room.
“Watching more seduction tips” Catherine said not glancing up from her laptop.

She was bent on trying the second time.
She felt she hadn’t prepared so well and that was why Ethan had resisted her! She knows he wouldn’t even dare resist after trying out these ones she just watched.
She should have just done this the first time.

“Ohh..i forgot you’re planning to try again” Morgan said.
“Yeah” Catherine murmured.
“Have you ordered the dress you’re gonna wear to tomorrow’s dinner party? You know we have to look best” Morgan said.
“Ohh…yeah! I will do that once I’m done. You got your tux already?” Catherine asked.
“Of course and i just ordered the most expensive shoes in ‘ Anna’s fashion store’ ” Morgan smiled.
Anna’s fashion store is the top one in the city, and it’s well known that only the rich can afford it.
To top it all, Anna is Catherine’s friend and she’s gonna be attending the dinner party with her fiance too.

“Wow! No doubt we’ll be the best looking couple in that Dinner party” Catherine chuckled.
“Ofcourse, we are always looking the best in every party” Morgan said.
“Of course” Catherine’s said.

“What about the Modelling Company? Any progress yet? I’ve been so busy that I haven’t been checking in” Catherine said.
“Everything’s good. We’re still at the top 3” Morgan said.

She grinned when she saw Glady’s incoming call.

“Glady’s calling, i guess the plan worked out” She said to Morgan before picking up the call.

“Hey Gladys?”
“Hi Mrs Catherine” Gladys said from the other end.
“I know the plan worked out, she has broken her bones right? Which one? Her spinal cord?” Catherine laughed.

“Well …” Gladys drawled.
“What?” Catherine asked.
“The plan didn’t work out” She finally dropped the bomb.

“What!” Catherine exclaimed. “Didn’t you do everything as planned?”
“Mr Ethan saved her!” Gladys said.
“What…the” Catherine groaned.



“I need to return to the house before Arin get back from school” Irish said to her Mum who told her to wait till Arusha’s back.
He would have loved to see her..

“Ohh…that’s true. You’ll need to be there before the little girl’s back so you can take care of her” Mrs Helen said. She was so glad when Irish told her how much Arin appreciated the sweater.

“I spent enough time with you right?” Irish said.
“Of course” Mrs Helen smiled.

Irish had cooked,washed the dishes and cleaned the house during the few hours she’s been here.
Arusha would be so happy when he’s back, he was always frowning about doing house chores.

“Are you sure the dress and the shoes are beautiful?” Irish asked her Mum for the fifth time.
She doesn’t want to disappoint Ethan.

“Ofcourse Irish. That red dinner gown is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen and the shoes are just too great. Don’t feel less about it cause you made it. It’s beautiful and if it was on sale,it would be sold out in minutes.” Mrs Helen said and Irish beamed like a jolly panda.

“Thanks Mum” she said and grabbed the paper bag that contained the dress and shoes..

“You should tell Arusha i made lunch already, he just needs to microwave it and dish it out when he’s back” Irish said.
“Ohh, you’re leaving now” Mrs Helen said.

She has been enjoying Irish’s company all along, she was so bored and Irish had surprised her by her sudden show-up.
“Yes Mum” Irish pecked her on both cheeks.
“Okay, before you leave,get me my jewelry box from the wardrobe”
“Okay mum” Irish said and she quickly fetched the box.

She opened it in front of her Mum and watched her hands roam the box, definitely searching for something.
She wondered what she was looking for.

A grin appeared on Mrs Helen’s face as she finally found her tiny diamond necklace.

“Wow!” Irish exclaimed.


_Next night_

Ethan stood in the living room all dressed up for the dinner party, he was obviously waiting for Irish who was yet to join him.

He sighed nervously, not that he cares about how she’ll look tonight but he’s starting to get worried he hadn’t ordered a dress for her.
Though she had said he shouldn’t worry about the dress but this isn’t just any dinner party.
He won’t want the other women at the party to mock her wear.

He breathed out…why was he having this thought in the very last minute.
He heard the click of heels on the stairs and his heartbeat accelerated.
He quickly stared down at his feet.

Dmn it!

Why’s he being so nervous? This is just his daughter’s nanny. Why is he acting like he just meet his long time crush and was going to propose??

“Com’on Ethan!” He said to himself reassuringly and that gave him some courage.

He glanced up the stairs and the moment he did,the sight before him took his breath away


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