Authoress Berry Julie

Chapter 29

He glanced up and the moment he did,the sight before him took his breath away .


She was dazzling in a beautiful red dinner gown, simple yet with a touch of splendour that only few couturiers in the world can achieve.
He could see why she was being boastful over her wear, this dress is so lovely, it also has a well embroided v-neck that exposed the swell of her creamy looking brea$ts.
He knew if this sort of dress were to be on sale, it’ll be sold out in minutes, he doubt if this sort of wear is even in the top one fashion store in the city.

A thin necklace with a diamond necklace laid on her neck elegantly.
She carried a plain black little purse and also wore black heels.

Ethan’s gaze trailed back to her face.
He has never seen her apply makeup and seeing it on her face now almost made him drool on the spot.
Her face is the most attractive part of her body, the make up was so simple but elegant ,he loved how her small lips shone with lip gloss.

Her hair was packed in a beautiful bun with curly tendrils framing her face, her natural long lashes flipped as she blinked her eyes nervously.

He felt his heartbeat increase merely staring at her.

“Dmn!” He cursed when he realized he has been staring for too long and too hard.

“You look…” He paused and sighed.
“ the dress not good enough?” Irish asked nervously wishing she hadn’t boasted that much but her mum had said the dress was good and she also knew it was good.
“Was it her make up?” She thought, her cheeks flushed already.
She swallowed hard, knowing she really tried hard to impress him.

“No! Your dress is actually the most beautiful I’ve ever seen” Ethan said and her face lit up immediately.

“Thank you” She smiled.
“And you look dashing, I’m surprised you could look this way. I’m sorry i mean no insult but…I’m just so surprised” Ethan said.

“I thought you were not satisfied with my look with the way you stared so hard at me” Irish said.
“Your look rendered me that way” Ethan said, making Irish’s cheeks go red, her cheeks was almost the same colour with her dress and she tried to prevent herself from grinning hard.

She was so happy he’s satisfied with her look.
Her boasting hadn’t been in vain after all.

“You look good too” Irish said.

“Good!!?” Irish screamed inwardly.
‘Good’ did no justice to Ethan’s look and she knew it.

He was dressed in a neat black tux which didn’t hid his perfectly built body. The black curly hair on his broad chest peeped seductively out of the white shirt cuff.
He wore a pair of well polished black shoes to match and his wrist shone with a diamond wristwatch.
His long, curly black hair was parted at his forehead giving his face a more handsome look and he smelled so nicely.

He looked simple but anyone who sees him will know he emanated from wealth.
The word “riches” was spelt all over him.

Ethan licked his already moist lips and Irish’s inside coiled.

“Thank you” He said and she nodded.
“Shall we?” He stretched out his hand with a smile.
Her heart danced in her chest and she heaved a sigh before taking his hand.
Her hand already in his gave her another burst of feelings she can’t even explain, but it felt so good.

His hand felt so warm against hers.
She rarely get to hold him this way .

“You guys don’t have to go with us” Ethan said to his bodyguards and they nodded.
He wanted to be free tonight, he would have told his driver to stay back too but he’s not sure he would be able to drive on their way back.

He wished they didn’t get to his limo so soon, he doesn’t want the feeling her hand gave him to stop.
It was just too good.


The moment they both walked into the party hand in hand, everything seems to stop,gazes flew in their direction and jaws dropped.

Ethan noticed how uneasy Irish is. He tightened his hold on her hand and she glanced up at him.
“Be at ease” He whispered and she nodded.
She loosened up after that even though gazes were still on them.

Everywhere gleamed brightly and there were so much entertainment.
One could tell immediately that the dinner party was filled with influential people, different expensive wears shone from different corners of the room,jewelries sparkled and Irene noted most of the ladies looked overdressed,she was surprised at the heavy make up most of them wore.

The host quickly rushed forward to welcome them.
He led them to a seat and made sure they were well comfortable.

The ladies rushed to their seat immediately the host left them and Irish glanced up,alarmed at the number of eyes staring down at her.

“Which fashion designer made your dress?”

“I want one”

“It’s so beautiful”

“You bought it from Ana’s fashion store?

“Wow! Just look at the Hem”

“Ana’s logo isn’t on it!”

“Who’s your fashion designer!!!!!?”
The ladies bombarded the stunned Irish with more questions flirting with Ethan in the process.

“Chill” Ethan said to Irish.
“I’ll answer them” He added, knowing Irish was too stunned to speak.

She do see most of these ladies in magazine’s cover. The are freaking wealthy!
And the surprise of seeing them in reality alone already made her mute.
Not to talk of the fact that they love her dress.
Her cheap dress!

“She made the dress herself” Ethansaid.
“Wow!” The ladies chorused.
“She’s a great fashion designer, what’s the name of her fashion store,we will love to patronize her” one of them spoke.
“Yes” The rest chorused.
Ethan cleared his throat and glanced at Irish.
“Levine’s fashions” He finally said and Irish stared at him in disbelief.
He knew about Levine’s fashions?
She remembered she told Arin about it,not him. Could Arin have told him?

“Levine’s fashions?” The ladies chorused.
“It doesn’t ring a single bell” one of them said and the rest agreed.
“That’s because it’s located in my house” Ethan answered.
“Wow! Really?”
“Yes, you can have her contact and place your orders” Ethan said.
“Harold, i don’t even have a machine!” Irish whispered to him.
“Let them have your contact, they are willing to pay any amount ” Ethan whispered back to her.
“But how will i?…” She was saying.

“She’s ready to give y’all her contact” Ethan interrupted her..
“What!” She exclaimed inwardly.
She glanced up at the waiting faces of the ladies and sighed.

She shared her contact before the ladies dispersed.
Most of them openly flirt with Ethan before leaving.
Irish’s so sure each of them are here with their partner yet they flirt openly with another man!

“Ethan,you shouldn’t have made me give them my contact. It’s true my Mother once own a fashion store and i should have a machine but…we sold everything already, nothing is left” Irish said.
They had sold their mother’s machines seven years ago to pay Arusha’s fees and some other bills.
“When we get home, we’ll know how to go about it. Let’s enjoy the party” Ethan smiled.

Ethan was well respected, different influential people got up from their seats to say hi to him. Most of them proposed business to him, he simply gave them appointments and told them they couldn’t discuss that here. He was so humble about the whole thing that Irish felt so proud of him.

She ignored the jealous gazes casted in their direction and slowly sipped her wine.

Catherine burned with rage in her seat as she stared at Ethan and Irish.

She had stood up with Morgan earlier to also glance at the couple whose their entrance caused so many gazes and seeing it was Ethan and a lady broke her heart completely.

She wouldn’t deny the fact that they both look good. Well.. Ethan is always looking good but who the he.ll was that lady.

She couldn’t believe it when Morgan told her it was Arin’s nanny.
She once saw the lady’s picture but she wasn’t this beautiful in it .

Catherine swore under her breath, wishing she and Morgan had dressed up more than this cause it’s so obvious that Ethan and the wretched nanny won the best dressed couple.
To think the blogs would carry it tomorrow gave her head ache.

She can’t just believe this!

The lady’s wear look so unique and she was so sure it wasn’t from Ana’s store.
Ana would have showed it to her first before selling it out.

Where the he.ll was Ana anyway!


“Hello!” Irish heard a feminine voice said.
She glanced up at the same time with Ethan to see a woman whose dress was so tight to the extent that it was almost choking her.

Irish shifted in her seat as she saw Morgan Harlow beside the woman.

“Hey Catherine Harlow” Ethan smiled.
Harlow? This Casanova even has a wife! How much he had hated Ethan after working with him.
And shouldn’t he at least say hi to his elder brother ? Ethan also doesn’t seem like he care, he didn’t even spare him a glance.

“Catherine?” Irish thought.
The name rings a bell.

“Irish, meet Arin’s mother” Ethan said.

She’s Arin’s mother?
Oh no!

“H.. hi” Irish said and the woman’s look almost made her shiver.
Her gaze was so penetrating that Irish felt it.

“Ethan,how could you bring a nanny to an influential dinner party. That’s an insult to the host” Catherine said.

“That’s an insult to the host? Even the host is cool with it,i don’t get why you’re bothered. You’re not the host” Ethan said and Irish was glad he put her in her place.
The look on her face was so bitter.
The words really got to her.

“You should leave now, more people will be here to say hi” Ethan said.

“I was not staying either. My husband, your brother, and i have to be on our seats too. So many people have been coming to say hi, i just thought it wouldn’t be nice to ignore my baby’s father!” Catherine said.
“Ohh…thank you” Ethan sipped his juice.

Irish saw the cold glance Morgan directed towards Ethan who wasn’t even looking at him.
She noticed they didn’t even say hi to each other, it shows they both have mutual dislike for each other.

Whatever happened between this two brothers is something serious.

The couple walked away and Ethan laughed.

“Why are you laughing?” Irish asked.
“Didn’t you see how overdressed they’re” He said.
“Ohh… yeah! And Catherine’s dress is almost choking her plus her makeup is too heavy” Irish said, shaking her head.

“Catherine has always been like that. She’s a party freak,she loves showing off and loves spending money on worthless things. ” Ethan said.
“Ohh…she looks like it. But…how come she’s …married to your….brother Morgan Harlow!?” Irish asked.
“That’s the path she chose for herself “Ethan shrugged.

Irish sighed wondering if Ethan knows how dangerous his brother, Morgan is.
She should tell him but..

“Let’s dance” Ethan stretched out his hand and Irish took it..

They joined the few people on the dance floor and started dancing to the waltz.
They weren’t the only ones on the dance floor but they were the only ones people were staring at.

Slowly, couples started joining in and the dancefloor was filled in minutes.
Irish smiled,she was enjoying the dance so much even if she had stepped on Ethan’s shoes severally.
The moment was magical for her as she stared into his eyes…
He was the only one she saw despite the dozens of people on the dancefloor.
He held on to her gaze and it felt like he was feeling the same thing as she was.

Their dancing steps slowed down and the next second,their lips were inches apart.
She wondered how that happened.
She wished she could pull back but her heart didn’t agree with her, it pulled her closer.


And just when their lips were about to touch, she felt something sharp pierce her by the side..



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