Chapter 31

They’v got home waved each other bye as they walked into their rooms.
Irish sighed as she dropped her purse on her dressing table.

She sat on the chair and started pulling her shoes, smiling all to herself as she remembered the kss and sx moment.

Her heart had almost stopped cause it was just so sudden, she hadn’t expected it.
If it had been when they were on the dancing floor that he kssed her,it wouldn’t have shocked her like it did in the car.


Never had a kss been so electrifying.
If any other person had kssed her, she would have pulled away but she didn’t even found herself pulling away from Ethan
She had leaned in more.
It wasn’t just a kss. The sx moment left he shocked, she couldn’t back out. Her mind say No but he body speaks under wise.

But why has he kssed her? Why had he sxed her? His daughter’s nanny? All of a sudden,out of the blue!?
Because he couldn’t resist like he said?
Or was he drunk?
Even if he was, she wasn’t and she could have stopped him.

This is so unlike her, having sx with her boss! He had kssed her though but how could she cheaply return the kss? And then allow him drove into her?
Dmn it.
She must be drunk too…yeah.

They were both drunk.

She yawned as she rose to her feet.
She fell into bed as soon as she finished cleaning her face and changing into her nightwear .



“Good morning Arin” Irish said walking into Arin’s’s room.
“Good morning Irish”Arin said.
She just finished bathing and was drying her body with a towel while waiting for Irish to come join her.
Dolly was sitting on top of her bed and she had dressed her with one of her clothes.

Arin didn’t know of the party they attended yesternight.

“How was your night?” Irish asked her as she patted Dolly and give him ksses, then brought out Arin”s body cream.
“It was just fine, thank you” Arin said.
“Did Javad got attacked?” Arin suddenly asked.
“Huh? What made you think so?” Irish asked, helping her into her underwear.
“His face looks bruised up and i noticed he’s hiding it beneath his face cap. He doesn’t want my dad to know?”
“Ohh…well, he got into a fight with Carl”. Irish whispered.
“Wow!” Arin exclaimed.
“You must promise not to tell Eth.. Mr Ethan you know the punishment for fighting right? and I’m sure you don’t want neither Javad nor Carl to leave anytime soon” Irish said and Arin nodded.
“Fighting isn’t a good thing” Arin said.
“Of course it isn’t.” Irish said.

By now Irish was done making Arin put on her uniform.
She was wearing her shoes when Ethan walked in.

“Daddy!” Arin smiled as he bent to hug her.
“Good morning princess” he kssed her forehead.

Irish was surprised he wasn’t dressed for work.
He was still in his nightwear.
She swallowed hard remembering the last night.
She watched him giggle with Arin and wonder how she was going to face him.

“You aren’t going to work today” Arin said.
“Yes” Ethan said, rising to his feet.
He couldn’t meet Irish’s eyes cause he knew what he did was wrong.
He had kssed her without her permission. And hadn’t stopped there, it could’ve been better if it was just a kss. She should have just slapped his stupid a$s off and pushed him away.
More like he took advantage of her. And sht! He hadn’t used protection.

Was he drunk?
Never for once had he tried to kss or sx approach any of his daughter’s nanny.
He just couldn’t resist Irish yesternight.

“Will you ride with me to school then?” Arin asked.
“You want me to?” Ethan asked.
“Yes dad, it’s been long” Arin pouted.
“Okay i will” Ethan said.
“I love you Dad” Arin said in excitement.
“But, we’ll be going in my limousine” Ethan said.
“The pink one” Arin stated and Ethannodded.

“Good morning Mr Ethan” Irish said after finally summoning courage.
“Good morning Irish, how was your night?” Ethan asked, finally looking at her .
The gazes locked for seconds and they both quickly looked away.
“It was great, thanks” Irish said as she made to pick Arin’s comb.

“I should go get changed, you guys should be ready by the time I’m done” Ethan said before walking out of the door.



“Dad, you’ll be driving all by yourself?” Arin asked as Ethan collected his car key from his driver.
“Yeah, y’all should stay back. I’ll be dropping Arin in school myself ” Ethan said.
“Are you sure you’ll be fine Mr Ethan?” Carl asked.
“Of course” Ethan smiled.
“Get in Arin and… Irish too”
“Huh?” Irish asked.
“What?” Ethan asked.
“ said everyone should stay back” Irish said, the thought of being alone in the car with him after dropping Arin made her heart beat faster.

After the sx last night,she does not think she’ll want to be alone with Ethan again.
She doesn’t trust her feelings.

“I want you to go with us” Arin said.
“Ohh.. okay” Irish said, getting into the backseat beside Arin.



“I’m so sorry about last night” Ethan apologised to Irish as they headed back home.
“I.. it’s fine” Irish said.
“I never meant to” Ethan said.
“You were probably drunk” Irish said.
“No, i wasn’t, i guess…i just couldn’t resist” Ethan said and Irish cleared her throat, blushing hard.

“Arin seemed so excited about you dropping her in school” Irish said, obviously changing topic, she wasn’t comfortable with the ‘Sex talk’

“Yeah, i rarely drop my daughter in school and when i decide to,she goes all excited,she loves being in the car with me” Ethan smiled.
He loves Arin so much.
“Ohh…so,you decided not to go to work today. Why??” Irish sked.
“I needed to rest and also apologise to you” Ethan said.
“Ohh” Irish drawled.
“Remember those ladies at the party?” She asked.
“Yeah,the ones i made you give your contact to” Ethan said.
“Exactly!” Irish sighed.
“I guess they’ve filled your phone with messages”Ethan laughed.
“Tons of them” Irish said.
“Don’t be surprised to find yourself trending after last night, so many other ladies that were not even in the party will want you to make the dress for them,so as I’m speaking now. Your contact is being shared worldwide” Ethan said.
“What!” Irish exclaimed.

“Yeah,so you should make that a business contact and get a more private one” Ethan said.
“But i don’t even have a machine!!” Irish nearly screamed.
She’s so frustrated by the whole thing.
“We’ll sort that out when we get home. I’m sorry if that’s making you so upset, i shouldn’t have made you give them your contact” Ethan said.
“No, it’s fine” Irish said.
“You sure?” Ethan asked.
“Of course” Irish said.



“Really?” Irish asked.

She sat in the kitchen with Gabrielle who just told her almost all the workers were peeping last night when she and Ethan left for the party.

“You were looking so stunning alongside Mr Ethan too”
“You were peeping too?” Irish asked.
“Of course” Gabrielle laughed.
“Wow” Irish laughed too.
“Don’t be surprised most of the female workers will be giving you a kinda new look” Gabrielle said.
“Well i don’t care” Irish rolled her eyes.
“That’s the spirit girl!” Gabrielle said and they both laughed.



“Hey sis” Arusha called into the phone.
“Arus,what’s up?” Irish asked, walking out of the kitchen.

She was helping Gabrielle to make lunch when Arusha’s call came in.

“I’m fine and confused as hell” Arusha said.

“Why?” Irish asked.

“Are you the lady beside Ethan Harlow last night?” Arusha asked.

“Yeah, Mum told you right?” Irish smiled.

“No! Sis, you’re trending. Your picture is everywhere!”

“What!” Irish exclaimed.

No! Sis, you’re trending. Your picture is everywhere!

“What!” Irish exclaimed.

“You mean you don’t know?” Arusha asked.

“I don’t know anything! I switched off my phone cause of the countless messages i was receiving and i only switched it on few minutes before you called.”

“Countless messages?” Arusha asked.

“Arusha, right now. I’m stuck!
“What’s wrong?
“I..i gave out my contact to some ladies at the dinner party who admired my dress and want me to make the same for them” Irish sat worriedly on the couch.

“Wow! That’s a good thing but Irishyou don’t even have equipments anymore. are you gonna do it?

“I don’t know too!
“You shouldn’t have shared your contact” Arusha said.
“I did already, i don’t know what to do.”

“How about you charge them and receive half of the payment, with eveything put together,you can get some equipment and”

Irish was listening to Arusha when she saw two unfamiliar men walked in, going towards the stairs.

“Arusha, I’m gonna call you later” Irish said, disconnecting the call.

“Hello! Who are you guys?” She asked, rising to her feet.
She walked closer to them and truly she has never seen their faces around here.

“Won’t you guys say something? ” She asked the bodyguards in the living room and just when one of them was about to speak.
Ethan spoke up, slowly descending the stairs.

“I invited them over” he said.
“Ohh…okay” Irish said.
“But…” She was saying when she stopped.
Inviting them over doesn’t mean they should just come in and not say hi to anyone and even proceed towards the stairs.
That’s unruly!

“I’ll be with Gabrielle in the kitchen” Irish said.
“Okay” Ethan said.
“Come with me to the garden guys” he added and Irish wondered what was going on.
Ethan rarely allow anyone into his garden, not even her.

She shrugged and walked into the kitchen.

“I’m so sorry Gabrielle”
“It’s fine, i knew you brother was on the phone”
“Yeah” Irish rinsed her hands in the sink.

She continued helping Gabrielle while she gave Arusha’s advise a thought.

That’s what she’s gonna do.

Not like she has any other choice.



“I want you to repeat the second story to me. It’s so interesting” Arin yawned.
She was laying on her bed with her blanket draped over her while Irish read bedtime stories to her.

“Okay” Irish said, repeating the second story.
She was halfway when she found out Arin already slept off.
She sighed and slowly rose to her feet and patted Dolly who laid on Arin’s leg.
They’ve both been so called that she can now says Arin is the owner of Dolly not her.

She had forgotten countless times that she’d had a dog.
She walked out of Arin’s room into hers and she deliberated if to change into her nightwear or just leave Arin’s robe on.
She brought more nightwear from the house but still loves putting on his robe.
It’s so comfortable on her body and the blissful dreams she do have while wearing this robe to bed is just so magical.

She shrugged and decided to leave the robe on.
Not like he’s gonna question her.
It’s hers now, he gave it to her already..


Irish felt so disappointed when she walked into the library and couldn’t find Ethan.
The fireplace was not lit and she knew Ethan might not be coming into the library tonight.

Is he going to start avoiding her because of the sex?

“Well..” she shrugged, moving closer to the fireplace.
She arranged some logs of wood into it and then lit it.

Ethan might still come, he can’t possibly be asleep by this time.
It’s not so late.
She’s just gonna read while waiting for him.
She selected a novel and went to sit in front of the fireplace.


“Wow” Irish yawned.

She was done reading the novel and Ethan isn’t here yet.
She stood up and put the novel back to it’s place before walking out of the library.

“What the…” She said after seeing the two unfamiliar men again.
They were staring at her like she caught them doing something bad.
And why are they looking so dusty.

“Irish, you aren’t asleep yet” Ethan said behind her and she turned.

She was surprised he was looking dusty as the men.

What’s going on?.


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