Authoress Berry Julie

Chapter 32

She was surprised he was looking dusty as the men.

What’s going on?

“Yeah..I’m not asleep yet, i was at the library” Irish said.
“Waiting for me?” Ethan asked, smiling.
“No” Irish lied.
“Yes” Ethan teased.
“Well…why you looking so dusty?” Irish asked.
“That’s something i can’t tell you for now” Ethan said.
“Why?” Irish asked with furrowed brows.
“It’s not a bad thing,so don’t be worried” Ethan said.

“Okay” Irish sighed glancing at the men once more.
“You should go to bed now, it’s so late already” Ethan said.
“You should too” Irish said.
“Of course i will. Soon” Ethan said.
“Goodnight” Irish said.
“Sleep tight” Ethan winked so cutely that Irish’s heart skipped a beat.

“Is she going to keep denying this?” She thought as she walked to her room.


“Good morning, good morning, good morning” Irish sang, walking into Arin’s room.

She didn’t see Arin but she knew she was bathing when she heard the sound of the running shower..

She opened her wardrobe and brought out her well ironed school uniform.
It’s a wonder that Ethan employed someone just to take care of his daughter’s wears.
It’s a thing she can do alongside her nanny duties.

She doubt if Arin would ever face any hardship in her lifetime.
Her father did already, he worked for her already.
The little girl now has everything at her beck and call .

She doesn’t pray her children suffers the same hardship as she did.
She’s also gonna make sure she works very hard so her children won’t lack anything and live their best lives.

And that starts now !

Once she drops Arin in school,she’s gonna start accepting every order on her phone, she’s gonna reply those text messages on her phone and bill the ladies.
Arusha’s advise is gonna work for her and that’s what she’ll follow.

But where will she place her machine and materials after buying them.
There should be space in her room but will Ethan accept such?

“I love that determined look” Irish flinched when she heard Ethan say behind her.
She turned to look at him and was surprised he was still in his pajamas.
“Good morning” she greeted.
“Good morning, you had that determined look on your face. What were you thinking?” Ethan asked.
“Ohh.. about the orders, i think I’m gonna accept them” Irish said.
“Yes! That’ll be so nice” Ethan smiled.
“I’m gonna collect half payment from each of them and use it in buying a machine and the materials I’ll need” Irish said.

“Why don’t we discuss that when you’re back from dropping Arin?, Ethan said.
“Seems you’re not going to work today, won’t you be the one to drop her?” Irish asked.
“I might go to work, I’m still quite busy for now”
“Ohh” Irish said.
“Doing what?” She asked.
“Never mind” Ethan smiled.
“Those men are still around?” Irish asked .

“Daddy!” Arin called, walking out of the bathroom.
“How are you princess?” Ethan asked bending to peck her forehead.
“Fine daddy” she smiled.
“Aren’t you going to work today?”
“I might, but I’m still busy for now”
“Busy? Doing what?” Arin asked.
“Working? On your laptop?”
“Ohh” Ethan hesitated “Yeah” he quickly added.
“You’re telling lies” Arin frowned.
“Yes!” Irish almost said aloud.
“Well…I’m actually working” Ethan said.
“What type of work? House chores?” Arin raised her brow.
“C’mon i’m not ready to tell you yet. You’ll see for yourself when you’re back from school” Ethan grinned.
“Ohh.. okay” Arin said drying her body.
“Good morning Arin, how was your night?” Irish asked.
“Ohh..I’m so sorry, my dad’s so huge. I didn’t see you” Arin said and Irish let out a short laugh.

“C’mon, you’re running late already” Irish said and Arin nodded.
“I will leave you guys to do your thing” Ethan said.
“Dad will you drop me in school?” Arin said.
“No princess, I’m so busy right now” Ethan said.
“Okay” She frowned.
“But I’ll come pick you” Ethan said, hoping that’ll soften his daughter’s hard look.
“Is that a promise?” Arin asked me.
“Yes” Ethan pecked her cheeks and she smiled.

“These two are so adorable” Irish smiled to herself as she picked Arin’s shoes.



Irish and Gabrielle looked up as one of Ethan’s bodyguards walked in.

“Irish, Mr Ethan wants to see you in his private living room now” He said and turned to leave immediately.
“I’ll be right back Gabrielle” Irish said, dropping her pen and notepad.
She was listing the materials she’s gonna get.

She walked out of the kitchen door wondering why Ethan wants to see her.

Ohh…he might want them to continue the discussion about her getting her materials and all.
She should take the notepad with her then.

She walked back into the kitchen and caught Gabrielle smiling to herself.

“Good memories?” She teased as she picked her notepad.
“Uh? You’ve returned so quickly?” Gabrielle asked.
“No, i came to pick this” Irish said.
“Ohh.. okay” Gabrielle said.

She watched Irish walk to the door and she smiled to herself again.
She would be so surprised to see what Ethan has for her.



“Hi Mr Ethan” Irish said, walking into his private living room.
“Ethan”He corrected and Irish smiled.
“Hi… Ethan” She said.
“Good, have your seat” he said, dropping the remote control beside him.

Irish sat gently, wondering what all this is about.
He rarely invite people to his private living room.

“So what are your plans concerning the huge orders you got?” Ethan asked.
“I thought as much” Irish smiled.
“Huh?” Ethan asked.
“Yeah, i knew you called me because of that. But why are we having this conversation here? ” Irish asked.
“That’s how i want it, it’s my house right?” Ethan smiled proudly.
“Yeah, it is” Irish agreed.

“So i decided to get the half payments and…”
“How much will you be billing them?” Ethan asked.
“Ohh..well i.. don’t know yet” Irish sighed.
She hadn’t even thought of it,all she thought was that she won’t like to charge them much.
“You don’t know the amount to bill them and you’re already thinking of half payment” Ethan laughed.
“I won’t be charging them much though” Irish said..

“Irish these people are not paupers, don’t charge them with a small amount. Most of them would call off the order because the amount you called for them is too small!” Ethan said.

“Yes, cause they’ll believe you’ll be using cheap and fake materials for them. They so much love and prefer expensive stuffs. So you should better know how to bill them” Ethan said.
“Ohh…okay. thanks” Irish said.

“Come with me” Ethan said, getting up.
“where to?” Irish asked, rising to her feet.
“Just come with me” Ethan said and started heading towards the direction of the garden.
The same way he had led those strange men to yesterday.

She followed him with different thoughts filling her mind.

They walked into the garden and she sighed.
This will be the second time she’ll be coming here.
She should visit this beautiful place more often.

Ethan led her to a small building which was constructed in the garden.
She saw it the last time and she had wondered who occupied the building.

“Go in” Ethan told her.
“Why?” She asked, surprised.
“Just go in” He said and she still remained on that spot.
“Com’on I’m not going to hurt you” Ethan laughed sensing her hesitation.
“I think you should go in first” Irish swallowed hard.
“C’mon” Ethan said and she took a step forward, she glanced back at him and caught him smiling to himself just like Gabrielle was.

“What’s going on?” She asked.
“You will know after walking into that building” Ethan said.
“Okay” Irish said and with a shrug, she opened the door and walked in.

The sight before her left her shocked and if she hadn’t held on the armchair beside her, she would have hit the ground.

“Everything in there is yours” Ethansaid to her and tears filled her eyes.

The little room she thought would probably be an unused place is now set up beautifully.
And the most surprising part is it was set up to be a fashion designing workshop!

She could sight working tools at every corner of the room.

Tape measure, threads,needles, a sketch pad,scissors! A card scissors, lightweight scissors and shear scissors which has always been her father’s favorite, even though she prefers lightweight scissors.
There is a weaving machine, embroidery machine, dress maker dummy and tailors chalk, pear Head pins and a complete set of sewing machine!

The wall paper displayed fashionable items.
Looking at it alone is a great motivation.

There’s a computer too!

She stood on that root for so long, dumfounded.
And when she finally got herself,she found herself screaming and jumping into Ethan’s arm.

She felt speechless for so many seconds and she just stayed in his arms not believing her eyes.
“Thank you so much but…” Irish paused to breath ” i can’t accept this” she added, pulling away from him slowly.
“W..why?” Ethan asked.
“T this is just too much, it’s i’ve done so much to deserve this.” Irish said.
“I understand you” Ethan smiled ” but do you have to do anything for me before i can help you?”
“No..but…!” Irish sighed.
“I don’t expect anyone to do anything for me before helping them. I do it cause i want to, i did what i did for you willingly, i wouldn’t let you give your contact to those ladies without having a plan. My plan started right from that party. So please,you need to accept it except you want my efforts to go to waste. ” Ethan faked a frown

“Very see I’ll see what’ll I will do about you Modelling for the top popular brands” Ethan said.

“Thank you so much Ethan,you’ve done so much for me. You pay me a lot and now this. I really appreciate your efforts and i promise to pay you back in every little way i can. Thanks so much” Irish wiped her tears..

“Aww. Stop” Ethan drew her close.
Her head was on his chest as she cried, mumbling thank you..


“So where do we start from?” Irish smiled, checking out her workshop after some minutes.
Ethan had left her to do the tour.

She’s so grateful.

Every thing she needs is here! Even more things she knows she can’t even buy herself.
She had planned to buy just few necessary things but Ethan bought so much.
She’s so happy and feels indebted to him .

She chuckled, imagining how shocked her mum and Arusha would be when she tells them .
She would have called Arusha immediately but he’ll be in school.

Gabrielle had said she would check on her later on.
She had told her she knew about the whole thing, she helped Ethan in the plan.
And Irish now knew why she had caught Gabrielle smiling.

These people are full of surprises.
Okay, first thing is accepting the orders.

She pulled the comfy chair closer to the table, grabbed a pen and a notepad.
She unlocked her phone and started accepting the orders with smiles on her face.



“How’s Irish?” Arin asked hoping into Ethan’s car excitedly.
Ethan hopped in after her.
He had come to pick her up like he promised.

“Irish’s at home” Ethan said, pecking her forehead.
He helped her pull off her backpack and then ordered the driver to start driving.

“Why didn’t she come with you?” Arin asked .
“Well..she’s busy” Ethan said.
“Ohh…with Gabrielle? Arin asked.
“No, I’m sorry i didn’t tell you this earlier, i wanted it to be a surprise though”
“Really?” Arin smiled.
“Yes princess”
“What is it?” She asked curiously.

“You know the little building in the garden that was once used to store flowers?” Ethan asked .
“Yes daddy”
” I furnished it into a fashion designing workshop for Irish” Ethan said.

“Wow!!!” Arin screamed in excitement.
Irish had told her how worried she was after giving out her contact to those ladies with no hope but now her dad just gave her hope!
“Thank you daddy” Arin smiled happily.

Ethan grinned, wondering the type of love that exists between Irish and his daughter.

“She was so happy right?” Arin asked.
“Yes she was” Ethan said.
“She’s working already” Ethan added.
“Really?” Arin smiled widely.
“I can’t wait to get home” She grinned happily.



Irish had went to get the cloth material after accepting the orders.
She jotted down their measurements and started cutting and sewing.

She so much love the sewing machine.
It gave her the perfect stitching.
She sew five dresses already and it just needs to be packaged and delivered.

Yes, she’s that fast at sewing.

Though she still have so much more to go but she’s up for it.

She smiled while at it.

Sewing again after so long brought so much joy to her. She wished her dad had seen her making it this big.

May his soul rest on!

Gabrielle had brought her coffee while she came to check on her and she had left to prepare lunch.

Irish had offered to help her but she declined, insisting Irish should continue with her work and Irish who has so much to do didn’t refused.

This is just like a dream.

Who would have thought she’ll be…sewing in her own workshop today!
It’s just so unbelievable, she would have argued vehemently if someone had told her that.

She really need to thank Ethan over and over again.
He made her life change for better just in few minutes.

Her clients are starting to transfer their bills to her and she knows that’s gonna go a long way in her mother’s surgery and her brother fees.

She’s just so happy right now.

“Irish!!! Arin called happily rushing into Irish’s little workshop.
“Ain,” Irish beamed happily, stopping what she was doing to hug the little girl.

She feels more happy to see Arin



Irish and Arin stepped into the dining room after Irish had dressed her up for the afternoon.
Ethan loved the way Irish didn’t neglect Arin despite how busy she is.

He had told her to continue with her work that he’s just gonna take care of Arin but she had refused and rushed to take care of Arin before he could persist.

“Looking good” Ethan smiled at his daughter who smiled back.
“Where’s Gabrielle?” Arin asked.
“She went to get the meal” Ethan said and Arin nodded.

“So, how’s work going?” Ethan asked Irish,who had wanted to go help Gabrielle.
“Great, thanks” she smiled, sitting back.
“Thank you so much Ethan”. Irish added.
“Stop it. You’ve thanked me more than i can count already” Ethan said.

“Ethan, Jessica is coming home” Gabrielle said excitedly, walking out of the kitchen.
“With your parents, and Sarah.” She added.


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